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  1. As codemonkey said, Z is elevation. When I fixed the game for a friend, it was trial and error to get it to work. In a couple of attempts, the change would give me a white screen on start. I knew that it was wrong from the start. I am hoping for a DSL for fathers day. I have hinted a few times. I am about to rip a few DS Lites apart to fix broken buttons and touch screens. Found a place for cheap parts.
  2. My daughter is just starting to look into programming. We picked up a copy of Beginning Programming All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies and they cover the different languages and how they are associated with other languages. The do mention Basic (VB Basic as well) but say that if you learn C++, you can move to almost any other language that is out there. Not only that, you now can work on different kinds of programmable hardware like Atmel's AVRs or embedded processors. GCC is a free and recommended compiler. The one point is if you know C/C++, you can get a job that pays more than many
  3. This is almost world wide but you did remind me of a common factor in what "grinds my gears." It is the Do it for the Children mentality of government and special interest groups. It is being used by all the above groups to increase surveillance of citizens and increased forms of spying on the public. Deep packet inspection of the Internet. Groups that do not have to answer to anyone like the Internet Watch Foundation that force ISP's to censor more and more. Laws that end up charging teenagers as sex offenders for taking erotic photo's of themselves. Even if they are at the age of conse
  4. I am the opposite. country, at least the modern country music is pretty close to the bottom of my tolerance list. Rock, metal, thrash, punk are all close to the top. Some Rap, Classical, hip hop, Jazz. Pop/top 40 music is about the middle of the group. I cannot listen to only one type of music to long or I just lose it. I wish I had my long hair from when I was much younger from time to time. Maybe when I retire I will grow it long again.
  5. Sat_Fool


    Just cut mine to a number 2 tonight.
  6. The Swine Flu is very similar to the 1918 flu that killed so many. It is following the same trend at present with a weak strain in the spring. Hopefully that is the only similarity. The 1918 flu returned in the fall as a major killer of young and healthy people. The way it killed was by the persons own immune system over producing antibodies and thus killing off the body. Sick and those with weakened immune systems were safer. What is scary about this flu is it came out of nowhere. The first figures made it look like a killer but on examining the figures, a lot of the deaths were not ca
  7. When I was trying to rescue a friends game, I moved the character into an invalid location, just a few pixels above or below the true elevation and the game booted with a white background. I wonder if the game thinks you are booting into the wrong location and actually booting at the wrong elevation? Just a thought.
  8. That is what I first tried. It would help if you had a reference to work with. I don't know enough about the workings of the game to say what will work. The problem is you have to get the correct elevation as well as the location. If you are in the wrong elevation, you won't be able to move or the game won't load properly. I did see something about getting out of the false Sinnoh and they were showing riding around on a what looked like a bike. See if you can retrace where you entered. I think the saving part is what screws things up. When the game boots, it tries to take the data an
  9. If they were reading only comic books, then it would be different than reading "1, 2, 3, infinity" (Search for it on Amazon). When my son was learning to read, having him read various pokedex books was great. He would spend hours reading. He needs exercise to help him keep his weight down, just like dear old dad. He does participate in sports every week and almost every day. Everything has to come in moderation and my kids have to learn that there are things you have to do because that is the way the world is. They need to know this before they start high school. If they learn it young,
  10. I don't know. If everything is white, I almost think you are not in the proper playing area. I don't play. I only help my kids and their friends out with the technical issues. I like helping others. One benefit of the NDS adapter is you can save your game and try different things to see if you can get it to work. It provides a backup so you don't make things worse than they presently are. It could be the best $20 you ever spent. As for the "False Sinnoh." There is a link that discusses it that I found with a google search for "pokemon second "false Sinnoh". Search for pokemon "false
  11. Hello Rinky. First, I don't know the whole family situation. I don't know your age other than you are under 18 (possibly in Grade 10). The dynamics of a family are very complicated. In this day and age, families are in major stress factors. Money is tight and in some cases, families are on the verge of losing everything. People are afraid of losing their jobs. I read today about a family that had to move into a mission and could only take the things that they could carry. One child had said to the reporter that he had to throw most of his toys into the garbage. I say this as a parent
  12. After having an issue with a game freezing due to a bad save, I have sympathy. I am using first person in this but it wasn't my game but a friends. It is just easier on my mind. The question is why are you having problems causing the freeze. In the case I was involved with, it was related to having Marley as a partner on Victory Road. It was causing the freeze. It wasn't as simple as moving to a different location because the game said Marley was still accompanying me. I had to lose Marley. I have an "NDS adapter" so I was able to work on the save file. I tried multiple things but non
  13. Great news. I will say "Two Thumbs Up."
  14. After spending and afternoon trying to rescue a game where Marley became stuck, I would suggest a way to edit any accompanying characters or break the association. If an accompanying character can be moved, it would be useful. ---------- Post added at 08:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:33 PM ---------- With the growth of Linux it would be nice to be able to run a native Linux application. Pokesav works with Wine on Linux. Support for Mac and Linux can be achieved using a cross complier such as QT or MinGW.
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