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  1. I agree. That's because I don't know the mechanisms of the game that I came asking here (I think most people do understand here). I think that if we can get over this problem, it could be helpful to a lot of people becaue I'm certainly not the first to get it. By the way, I've been in the 2nd false Sinnoh two times (seeking for its false Newmoon island): The first time, I got there and I could not save because the game believed that I was in the Pal Park, where you cannot save until you get out. I've noticed that riding in the Mystery Zone was like flying over all the game maps but without any collisions anywhere. I ever got in front of Cynthia three times, like if I'd finished the Elite 4, just because I happened to pass just right there. I also ever got to be halted by the waiter in the Seven Stars retaurent (it was closed) and there it transported me in Grand Lake, just in front of the restaurent. I think that I passed over a Pal Park area. The second time I reached the second false Sinnoh, I tryed to avoid the Pal Park invisible location by riding at the left of the first false Sinnoh. It worked, therefore it was all white. I explored around this gigantic spot of white to finally regornize some Calanave sprites. I then was able to get to Newmoon island (the music was Jubilife's, which means that I whould have gotten to the true place). I was at the good spot to get to the true one, however I think that the problem is that it was all white. I think that this is what have done that to my save. Normally, it should be booting whith background all black, which can be taken away by displaying the Pokédex (or any other screen). I then should be on the same very spot and in the true Sinnoh. This is how I understand the problem.
  2. Do that means that I should pick a location were there are the same stairs to get teleported there? I expect to find stuff talking about how to perform the tweak glitch if I search that. I got there by this glitch. Of course it is not a proper area! Therefore, not proper areas having the jubilife song (place where I performed the glitch) are usually «parallels» to the true areas. I got to Shaymin's island by tweaking and going there in the first false-Sinnoh.
  3. No, I got to go in the second false-Sinnoh, however, I was surprised to discover it all white. I travelled around and found what seemed to be Calanave city because of some sprites. I went to north and found the newmoon island, but with the jubilife music, so I stayed here, even if it was white and I saved in the stairs (not to be in a wall). Now, when I launch my save, I see nothing (normal) and I hear the 3 first notes of the Jubilife tune and then it freezes. I did not get any problem by the past by travelling in the Mystery Zone (I had everything I need to get out), therefore I'm really stuck. I don't think I have any problem such as yours with Marley. I just have an Ar at the moment. Must I buy your NDS adapter to save my savegame? I hope I don't need to. At the moment, changing the location by Ar is making the screen being white and making the game reboot. Can I do something?
  4. It makes the screen been white and then it reboots the game. I am happy that something happens, however I did not get back my game. =( (By the way, I used my own code because I have Diamond) Why is that doing that? Is that a good omen?
  5. I am stuck in the mystery zone but in a bad place: it freezes when I lauch the game with continue. Can I use Pokesav and/or my AR to make the game lauch at another location? Assuming that it freezes, I must edit the save BEFORE lauching the game.
  6. I don't think it worked: it still freezes when I lauch the game with COntinue.
  7. I used the tweak glitch. I always have been careful: I were reading web pages and watching a lot of videos vefore doing anything. However, it wasn't enough and I screwed my save. My question: Can I use Pokésav and an Action Replay to change the location where I am while or before it loads the game save? I don't want to start again yet, not before having tried everything I can do.
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