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  1. [sprite]115[/sprite][sprite]133[/sprite][sprite]143[/sprite][shinysprite]335[/shinysprite] Lots of fun normal types.
  2. No, it is not. The RNG numbers allow us to determine the approximate probability of obtaining a high offset, and allow us to shift those odds in our favor, but a Pokemon with that offset can still be obtained via a completely random catch.
  3. Is anyone else sick of the fact that the default Pokemon names are ALWAYS IN ALL CAPS? Characters finally have lower case letters in their names (we won't be fighting the League Champion LANCE in HG/SS), but the Pokemon are still spelled in all caps. Why? Is Game Freak unwilling to admit that it was a stupid translation decision and that having two Pokedexes that don't match up perfectly is a small sacrifice for fixing this annoyance? No one likes the capitalized names. No one uses them. Capitalize the first letter like everyone else in the world and move on, Game Freak! Seriously, how many times have you heard someone brag about their awesome SCIZOR?
  4. I really wish they'd boost the utility of the other Pokeballs. I mean, what's the point of having Pokeballs with higher catch rates for bugs, surfing Pokemon, weak Pokemon, etcetera, when even with their boosts they are still nowhere near as good a bet as a Dusk Ball or Quick Ball?
  5. Mew and Mew. Yes, I cheated. So what. I'm not going to waste those useless moves on my competitive team, and I'm certainly not going to have a Bibarel on my team (that thing just looks too dang stupid). So I use Mew. Personally, I think that as long as you have the HM, and a Pokemon that can use the move, you should be able to use it, you shouldn't need to take up a battle move slot.
  6. Yeah, and I just got my USB WiFi Adapter working, so I can actually trade now. I just wish they'd make it so trade item evolving (ie, with the Metal Coat) didn't consume the item when the evolution took place.
  7. I've actually thought about this idea for quite a while. The big problem is that it would require a massive shift in the battle system, as random encounters don't really work that well in MMOs.
  8. I don't think Exploud really fits in that set, but you're right, Purple is also overused. And not red Lugia, Shadow Lugia, from Pokemon . Go look for a pic of it online.
  9. Palkia has the best body shape, stats, and unique move, but Dialga has the best type combo and color scheme.
  10. 1) Psychic 2) Dragon 3) Ice
  11. [sprite]448[/sprite] Watch the power of Aura! [sprite]483[/sprite] Best type combo in the game, and a nice color scheme. [sprite]376[/sprite][shinysprite]376[/shinysprite] Scizor and Steelix are fun too, except that I have an intense hatred for Pokemon that require trading to evolve due to not being able to trade for years.
  12. Yeah, I prefer the original Rayquaza as well, but I know a lot of people like the way the black one looks, so I mentioned it. Mew and Umbreon are the only shinies I like more than the originals. Too many of the shiny color schemes aren't coordinated properly. There are a lot of overused color trends as well. Although some of my favorite shinies are the blue Ice Pokemon, since they are just a lighter version of the originals [sprite]378[/sprite][shinysprite]378[/shinysprite][sprite]471[/sprite][shinysprite]471[/shinysprite][sprite]144[/sprite][shinysprite]144[/shinysprite]. They are the one group that didn't get changed drastically to the point that they look terrible. There is one other Pokemon with an alternate color scheme that's better than the original one: Lugia. Shadow Lugia is still one of the most awesome looking Pokemon in the game. Pity I can't trade it off .
  13. A downloaded Wonder Card uses spreads that are determined by the game's RNG, so you should always have the proper seed for the day, and thus you would never get the impossible spreads. Those are only a factor if you manually edited the Pokemon. So would changing the date in your DS change your RNG spread too?
  14. Factory is definitely the hardest. I think I'm going to give up on that one. Too much stupid luck. Arcade is the easiest. The slots are really easy to manipulate, and when you hit the team with devastating effects like paralyze, the battles are a cinch.
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