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  1. Which baby pokemon do you find the most adorable? I personally have a lot of hearts for Pichu (BABY PIKACHU!!!!<3333) and Happiny (its....name. and its like a little girl :3).
  2. LOL! A thread about vivillon's dex number!!! XD I don't know how to answer, honestly. But I can't help but laugh a little. Well, i'll just add this much; Pokemon has over 800 monsters now. Sadly.....one is going to have the devil's number :/
  3. I love Mew! She's cheerful, pink, and CUTE! :3 And I think she's more useful than Mewtwo is too cuz she can learn any kind of move.
  4. I really liked what they did for Jirachi in Jirachi Wishmaker. How it wake's every thousend years, and find's a best friend, and that 3rd eye thing. And the way it grant's wishes being all different from a genie's. It has no limit, and it uses psy powers, instead of makes stuff out of midair. So you gotta be even more careful what you wish for! Its all just really neat to me. That whole movie is a huge favorite of mine And Jirachi is one of my all time favorite pokemon too.
  5. I started a new file on explorers of sky a few days ago. My partner is a riolu, and I named it "Corni". Yep :P
  6. I love your name!!! :3 Welcome to the forum. I'm quite new around here too. The people here seem nice, and the conversations here seem pretty calm in energy. I like it here. I hope you'll like it here too! :3 Your Diance avatar is super cute too She is my favorite kalos legendary.
  7. CorniFan


    Post about your dreams in this thread :P Last night I had some random, strange ones. One had to do with Butterfree/Dragonfree (an online pokemon fan that mods on serebii forums) having "MewKitty" (someone who owned a site named 'mewshangout') as one of her actual identities. I recall having random dreams about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic last night, too. Totally forget how they went though :/
  8. CorniFan


    Talk about fashion and clothes you like here! But, please, be nice if someone's taste is uhhh well some type you don't take to well :P I like girly girl clothes (dresses, skirts, bright colors). Fashion styles i've shown interest in the past have generally been of the 'kawaii' variety. I've always really liked lolita fashion; My favorite sub style for it being Sweet Lolita. Which is themed all around cuteness X3;; And has the best colors and lovely sweet themed prints. I could kind of see Korrina wearing it too. Its perfect looking.
  9. First random thread for the off topic board I have thought of today lol I have two favorite colors and they are pink and yellow :)
  10. On topic of gen 3 nostalgia, from my post in another thread here, I shall make a thread stating which pokemon from gen 3 send back the most warms and fuzzies for us. Also known as 'nostalgia'. Hmn... For me, Jirachi's a big one in this catagory. It's literally the inspiration of my oldest fan made pokemon username: Jirachu (Jirachu+Pikachu). On top of that, I used to be so determined to get one, even when I couldn't get the bonus disc, I would DREAM about catching Jirachi, and I got ultra excited when I got a card of one. And I watched Jirachi Wishmaker's movie SOOO much. I even would listen to/sing the song from that film years later. Jirachi is also likely a Pokemon i've drawn a lot. Blaziken, Skitty's line, Plusle, Minun, and Latias are also pretty nostalgic and I might get more so into why if I can remember so better. But Jirachi? Yeah.....Jirachi is special :3
  11. I think gen 3 can be very nostalgic for people. Maybe part of why is 2004 xD And seeing my adventures around pokemon forums it may of inspired some people... I duno. Don't take my word for it, please. Just my aspie ponderings. Also, I guess hoenn was pretty light hearted. The evil teams for that gen weren't so dark/scary as some other teams IMO. Also, we gotta remember that mudip meme.... Ahhh, again, only this is how I view it.
  12. Yep! It ish me, Jirachu, from good old pokecommunity (and also the old owner of a pokemon forum that sadly is no longer online called "The secret Pikachu hangout!!!!"). The net has changed so much since 2004. I still remember the days of people like Toto, dark butterfree, MewKitty, Moonlight, and my old crush on Ash...Ahhhhh~Where the kioplies has many of these people from the good old days gone?! xD Oh well. At least there's still me And....a bunch of new people to play with! Yesh....*purr's* And these days honestly have been pretty good too. I ain't complaining! Never :3 I do wish there was more to talk about on this forum! But it is a cute little place, and the people here so far are nice. I rather like it here anyways. Also; Clubs! I can join clubs xD I saw those on another part of this site. Thank you for the warm welcoming everyone~*bow's adorably* (trust me, i'm a pretty feminine korrina fangirl, really haha. being cute is fun! :33) EDIT: Needed to fix some stuffs...>w<;;;
  13. I felt like adding a little life here with a new thread. :) I've had a good spring. Dealing with some stuff, relating to my autism, can be hard, but I have my crush on Korrina, still making me happy, and i've been super thrilled over all the flowers and longer walks with my dog! I love spring!
  14. I honestly can't vote. I just want to see all the Johto balls in general come back some day. xD The whole 'having them made from apricorns for you' theme was epic too. I suppose it could make the game more overly easy, though.....but maybe they can find a way around that Just the idea of each of your Pokemon in different looking balls? That alone is exciting in and of itself. At least, it is to me...
  15. I like N. He's just a confused, innocent soul, that doesn't even know what he's doing wrong but when he learns the truth its just so heart rendering.... (i have heard a rumor that korrina is going to be a villain in pokemon the movie 22, from a friend, and i have a feeling her character is gonna have similarities to this type of character overall...)
  16. Beautiful looking! :D I enjoy the emerald greens you've used.
  17. So, yeah, I found a fun new Pokemon forum, while randomly surfing Pokemon pages in general, and made sure I joined I'm actually a long time Pokemon fan, I got into the franchise around the age of 12 (i'm a young woman now; haven't really bothered stating my age in my profile, not yet, though). You can call me CorniFan (my name here); Or "Jirachu" (my pokemon forum username i've used in general for years). Korrina is my most favorite Pokemon character ever and I have a serious crush on her (and trust me I daydream about her a lot too lol). I don't seem to get picked on for liking her too much, dispite her being female, not real, ext, thankfully. I have aspergers syndrome too so she's my 'special interest' right now that seems to keep me feeling calm and happy nowadays For years before I became a Korrina fangirl (which is a more resent thing, mind you) I have had depression a lot; due to my autism and general confusion about the world. I'm glad I finally found something that helps me. But, outside Korrina, I really do enjoy Pokemon in general; The battles, the cute characters, the music, the stories, the gameplay, ext.....its all just so awesome to me. Pokemon is my most favorite franchise ever really And being into Korrina in general has helped me feel more 'in touch' with that again too I hope we can all be friends and I enjoy it on here a lot! (and, yes, i've watched her anime arc several times now x3)
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