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  1. Excuse me , When I changed the language, a bug about gender occurred in 20180417, I have a legal male Incineroar in chinese , when I change the pkhex language into japanese , the Incineroar changed into no gender . and I also get a male Nihilego
  2. what did 6 ivs or 5 ivs mean ? is it ivs vvvvvv and vvvvvx ?
  3. Hi, I'm new!


    if you want good battle-used pokemon ,You can check these two Battle Pokemon and team I collected POKEMON ULTRA MOON: BATTLE KING EDITION - 957 Pre-Loaded Pokemon 1.0.7
  5. 20180319 has strange marking

    when I used showdown->import set from clipboard , the pokemon always has strange marking , like this
  6. Alolan Raichu Choice Scarf

    yes , and one pokemon set still need to adjust according to the whole team ,A team is a whole
  7. Alolan Raichu Choice Scarf

    Raichu-Alola @ Choice Scarf IVs: 0 Atk EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Ability: Surge Surfer Modest Nature - Thunderbolt - Electro Ball - Psychic - Hidden Power [Ice] and because of it high speed , I think Electro Ball Is a suitable move , But I always think Focus Sash Is a better item
  8. Alolan Raichu Choice Scarf

    sorry , what does " a competitive set " mean ?,,,,
  9. Alolan Raichu Choice Scarf

    you mean a pk7 file ? 026-01 ★ - 雷丘 - E25F27730B55.pk7
  10. Saves

    you can try with batch editor , but not each pokemon can be legal shiny
  11. [ORAS REQUEST] Event Shiny Beldum

    It is too hard to find it , A level 11 to 20 Caterpie , not a level 2 Caterpie ...
  12. [ORAS REQUEST] Event Shiny Beldum

    Well, i mean , a 11 to 20 Caterpie ,anyway , i have found it and already trade it
  13. [ORAS REQUEST] Event Shiny Beldum

    These PM is too much, I can't find it . put a Caterpie which is between 11 to 20
  14. [ORAS REQUEST] Event Shiny Beldum

    okay ,trade on GTS and give me a screenshot
  15. [ORAS REQUEST] Event Shiny Beldum

    yes i can change , and what OT and TID/SID Should I Change to