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  1. like normal+ghost , bug+dragon , fire+grass , posion+steel , fire+fairy , dark+fairy what have not exist yet
  2. Excuse me , how to require a PKM equals a shiny PID in batch editor , or not shiny , i mean , i want to batch edit only the PKM which is shiny , but =PID=shiny or =PID=$shiny whatever did not work ,Is there any way to achieve it ?
  3. In my case, the way we promote emotions for each other at free time is usually to have a meal together or go singing together, but these are all spend a lot of money. The cheaper way is to play game together. We often play LOL , so technology maybe did not make us alone , but make us in other way .
  4. I will never give up my dream and keep asleep~
  5. you can do it by yourself ,but other people can not trade it to you because of its illegal
  6. power to live forever ,,,,,,, which have infinite time,,,and never grow old,,,,,,,,,maybe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, which in chinese "长生不老"
  7. Amazing works ! but maybe shiny lugia and hooh which from GSC is batter because of its hidden ability , and a pokemon which did not use physical attack maybe should have 0 IV_ATK anyway , it is a nice work
  8. That's cool, I will let my grandson play for me
  9. Well, someone may has already done it , check this one POKEMON ULTRA MOON: BATTLE KING EDITION - 957 Pre-Loaded Pokemon And if you like Pokémon Battle, you can also check out my game save file, I usually play rank battle doubles and VGC mode battle Battle Pokemon and team I collected
  10. Excuse me , When I changed the language, a bug about gender occurred in 20180417, I have a legal male Incineroar in chinese , when I change the pkhex language into japanese , the Incineroar changed into no gender . and I also get a male Nihilego
  11. what did 6 ivs or 5 ivs mean ? is it ivs vvvvvv and vvvvvx ?