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  1. I had fun making a secret base in my sapphire :) I used to have all the items for it on my old file, and i used to like going down the slide in my base X3; It was a nice way to entertain myself when I was younger and just wanted to play pokemon all day haha
  2. I own soul silver myself. :P
  3. Thanks a ton *goes to edit my profile now*
  4. Even though I know a lot how these games play already, it was fun reading a whole report on how they work and stuff xD Nicely writen
  5. Yeah, I would like that very much too. xD; Talking to genderless people really confuses me o_O;;; EDIT: Thank you! :3
  6. Talk about things you find cute here :3 Like animals, or cute Pokemon, or Sanrio characters. I'm a very feminine woman, so I generally enjoy looking at cute things pretty often. Sanrio and My Little Pony are two frachises besides pokemon that I really like. I enjoy cute anime a lot, too :3 I've been watching Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Hen, Hugto Pri Cure, and Pri Chan with my brother. All three of those anime have adorable characters^^ I find the Pokemon anime super cute and 'kawaii' too :3 I also find my dog very cute; especially when he poke's his nose in my face or wear's dandelions on his collar X3;;;
  7. Lets talk about our plans for the following season. I just hope I can enjoy it and not get too yucky from the heat xD; I plan on trying halo top ice cream, though, and hopefully i'll finally be enjoying rainy days for once....
  8. I was not rich either ^_^;; Actually, me and my family were always pretty poor, and we never were able to afford cable till I was like a teenager. I owned a lot of dresses as a kid because dress making was something my grandma used to do; and she was very skilled at it too :3 EDIT: I think she only did it as a hobby after I was born, though. But she still had a job at making a little money now and then off of her paintings Cuz my grandma painted too. Yeah, she was a pretty amazing person, I guess... Also I have a brother too. Probably, if I didn't have a brother, I may of never ended up into gaming as I got older......but i really really don't like thinking of stuff like that :x I have my good reasons.
  9. I have a whole post about how i got into Pokemon and stuff on my Korrina fan page...I would link to the page its on, but, i'm scared to a bit 'cuz my age is mentioned on my site. And I still worry about people misjudging and bullying me for my age due to my crush on Korrina (even though i believe that liking a fictional character IS harmless and well....doesn't mean the awful stuff people can think it means at all >_<;;; but some people are pretty stupid.....and i'm still kinda sensitive to being picked on and stuff too sadly :< trying to get past it, mind you, but......well, i don't wanna get into the details. either way, being judged doesn't feel good. i'm sure we can all agree on that!!). But I will say some stuff from my page in this post best from my memory as I can. I didn't 'start out' liking Pokemon; I was first a Pokemon hater. Yep, its true. I couldn't stand Pokemon during the craze....the whole thing just seemed.......scary to me. And I prefered watching Digimon. I may of tried to dislike Pokemon to 'please' my parents (or so i thought), but I think if that was fully true, I woulda showed I 'liked' it more than I did. I tried to dislike Digimon too. But that never worked. I think I REALLY didn't get the whole 'pokemon craze thing'. Or many other crazes, really.....it just seemed like people got all freaky during these things O_O;;; yah know?! No point in being 'cool' if someone gets hurt...yeah......and i know my mom has told me she's had scary encounters during the craze, too. I wasn't just being delirious. I ponder time to time how I really ended up a Pokemon fan overall. I wonder: Is it a desire to face my fears, to face the unknown? POSSIBLY. I seemed pretty into the whole idea of Pokemon AT VERY FIRST WATCH, too....it seemed so cute and interesting to me. It was the craze and its, well, crazyness that turned me away. I didn't like scary things as a kid. I was a timid, girly, sensitive person. Who couldn't even stand wearing pants for like a second of my entire childhood. I'm dead serious...(even now, at the age I am, I still have a pretty much real distaste to the idea of wearing pants overall and STILL don't tend to wear them, like, ever. yep...). Anyways, I did dream about Pokemon a lot as a kid, from what I remember. I would say, considering the feelings I felt towards the entire craze, those dreams were 'nightmares' to me back then. Even if i'd be thrilled to bits to have dreams like that again now. I don't seem to ever dream about Pokemon stuff anymore....and I crave pokemon stuff like you wouldn't believe nowadays. Yeah.... Anyways, 'cuteness' was what drawn me into the series. Afterall, i've always been, well, sensitive and girly (and pants hating). I disided to give Pokemon a shot again when I saw my brother get Pokemon cards one time when I was, uhhh, well around 12 or so? Yeah. I saw his seel card and found it too adorable to really feel...threatened by, I guess. o.o I started playing Pokemon games the following years. I loved it. I only used cute Pokemon at first; But now i'll train nearly anything. The pokemon craze, that once scared me?...Still scares me quite a bit! But it also fasanates me. One of my most favorite pokemon now is the terrifying MissingNo., and I ended up with a love of catching him on my brother's pokemon blue game after awhile.... I guess...Pokemon appeals to me. Cuz I wanna be braver! And less sensitive!!! ^___^ I get it now. And Korrina? She's into battling (fights in general, outside pokemon, can be quite scary to me a lot of the time...unless its in something cute like pretty cure....), she roller skates (i was always afraid of asking my mom if i could skate as a kid.....true story!), she kinda has that 'preppy' style to her (preps scare the heck out of me). She, like Pokemon, represents my desire to face my fears. And get stronger. This post....is inspiring me so much.....wow, just. Wow....
  10. What I liked about their return: -Jigglypuff returning. YAAAY! :3 I love that ball of pink xD She's funny lol -The Mega Evolution battle was epic -Seeing the alola gang in kanto was pretty cool i can't deney it -Honestly....kanto in general is nostalgic :3 I'm not much of a fan of misty and brock overall though. They don't quite appeal to me like the newer companions do and can get annoying at times. Though I probably like Brock more than Misty since at least he can be kind of funny....while Misty could just be mean/boring IMO. But, kanto nostalgia, ash's old friends with MEGA pokemon (one even of a FEARED pokemon!!!! i respect that, if i respect anything about misty....), and seeing jiggs again? Those things were all worth it :)
  11. I LOVE SYLVEON!!! Its pink and girly like i am xD And its probably the cutest one overall Along with unevolved eevee (since sylv isn't on the list, eevee will get my vote)
  12. All Kanto Pokemon, huh? I agree those 10 are indeed cuties though
  13. E is for Espeon!!! :3
  14. Another nostalgia themed thread for me. Back in the days of 2004, me and other people I knew around Pokemon forums in general used to make Pokemon sprite edits a lot :3 It was fun. Did any of you used to make 'recolors' (pokemon colored different colors) or 'splices' (pokemon parts mixed together) of pokemon sprites too? If my old photobucket still shows my images at all, I would enjoy to share some of my old stuff. You can find it scrolling through the pages. I'm a little scared to look, though.....seeing photobucket just do away with all my images is gonna hurt a lot cuz those images meant a lot to me for years Photobucket got eviler than Team Rocket in its more resent days.....
  15. Talk about pokemon websites that bring back nostalgia for you here :3 Mewshangout (its no longer online...) and The Cave Of Dragonflies (which IS still online and still updated pretty frequently) are two pokemon pages i used to visit loads and loads xD I'd get more into my memories of those sites but I feel a little timid about it right now I guess *shrug* Oh well.
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