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  1. Problem with pkhex

    okay never mind i found out why
  2. Problem with pkhex

    I tried to add a torterra into my pokemon diamond using pkhex instead of pokegen because you cant make pokemon non-shiny with pokegen. Anyway, I edited the torterra pkm file and saved it to my diamond and pearl..However I checked all of the boxes in the pc and torterra wasn't there..I definitely did put it into box 2 but it wasn't there..does anyone have a suggestion?Torterra_Diamond.pkm this is the pkm file i used
  3. Need help with PokeGen for No$gba

    oh wow it worked thanks a lot!
  4. Need help with PokeGen for No$gba

    okay I will try that
  5. Need help with PokeGen for No$gba

    did I send the right files?
  6. Need help with PokeGen for No$gba

    okay 1015 - Pokemon - Diamond Version (USA) (Rev 5).SAV
  7. I am new to these forums but I download a lot of great stuff from here, including pkhex and pokegen. I tried to edit a sav file of my pokemon diamond which I play on No$gba. When i try to open the sav file, it keeps saying that the file size is unsupported. I changed the SAV/SNA file format to RAW but it still won't work...Please help me..All I wanted was a Torterra..