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  1. I would catch a shiny beldum, as those are so annoying to catch. What would you do with 1000000 PokeDollars (I would buy the bicycle in cerulean bike store, lol)
  2. What size is the file? It should be 512kb for it to work on PkHex I think.
  3. But hey! I think any crush of mine is fictional, because I'm never gonna get her anyway...haha just kidding..maybe..
  4. Muslims have a bad reputation mostly because of ISIS probably..Muslims are actually very good people that never lie (only the real muslims don't lie) or kill people. The muslims terrorists are not real muslims.
  5. RedArrow23


    Even if you have autism, that doesn't mean you're not normal..so never get depressed over it
  6. I would take it and permanently put it on your team What would you do with a Charizard that doesn't like you?
  7. I'm a little bit embarassed to say this, but, I had a major crush on Mallow for a while...
  8. RedArrow23


    I once a had a really random dream. The earth was dominated by cats, and they all had guns that shoot potatoes smeared with mayo. Can't remember the rest.
  9. Red, blue and hot pink . Yes, I know i'm a male.
  10. Do any of you also hate it when people call Pokemon that get a little more attention 'overrated'? i mean, this really makes me mad. why can't people like all Pokemon and treat them equally? I see many people calling Charizard, Greninja and Lucario overrated. Just because they are popular, used a lot and well-liked by people doesn't mean that they are bad right? Everyone has a right to express their opinion, but some people just express their opinions to annoy others. So let me know what you think. Oh and as Taylor Swift said "Haters gonna hate".
  11. Yeah i probably would if they were interested, I practically memorised the Pokedex. btw..isn't everyone supposed to have kids?
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