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  1. The old time Oak question LOL But yeah this forum doesn't seem to state peoples genders :3 So i'd like to know who's male and who's female and who's trangendered ext. It'll help me imagine what voices to give each of you in my head as i read your posts better. I'm female. :3
  2. CorniFan

    Shiny Pokemon

    Thats fine too :3 Lots of pokemon have such pretty shinies^^
  3. CorniFan

    Shiny Pokemon

    I wanna see images of shiny lucario and shiny jirachi next please! :D
  4. What a nice looking shiny Butterfree has!! :3 Thanks for showing me this EDIT: Oh, wow, i found out that the shinies are mentioned in your sig XD How do I give myself a sig? o.o Also, Lilipup is soooo cute^^ Its name is really cute too Great choice!
  5. .....They sure gave her a RATHER attractive pose in the games...
  6. She needs a hug!!!! *hug's her tightly x3;* Oops, i didn't mean to hug TOO tight now...please stop crying lady korrina!!!! *give's her a riolu plushie to help her feel better*
  7. CorniFan


    *drooldrool* dang this is good lookin' ?
  8. Yep, its a Hawlucha. Korrina had one in the games though so it still fits in this album!!! :P cuz i sayz it does lol
  9. I didn't draw this picture. The girl in the image with korrina has my hair color but my hair is waaaay shorter and also I tend to like to dress a lot more girly girl and sometimes I wear make up lol
  10. CorniFan


    Lucario is Korrina's best pal (besides me that is!!!! :3)
  11. CorniFan


    Seriously her face in this image makes me laugh xD
  12. CorniFan


    From the album: Korrina

  13. From the album: Korrina

  14. CorniFan


    From the album: Korrina

  15. CorniFan


    From the album: Korrina

  16. CorniFan


    From the album: Korrina

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