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  1. Hello! I am a young girl who likes to discuss pokemon, 11 to be exact, and...thats it. I like controversial stories such as the backstory of pokemon, and other topics too like...god. XD Anyway, my favorites are: Team plasma Pokemon Y (That was my childhood ;-;) And I hate: Alolan exetutor You still there? Wild shiny Xerneas ran!
  2. Giovanni-Make money off of pokemon. Archie/Maxie- Expand the sea/land depending on your game. Cyrus-Wants to gt rid of the universe to create a new one. Ghetsis-Wants to free pokemon from civilization and rule the world. Lysandre-Wants to destroy the world and make a new, like Cyrus. Guzma-Make money off of Pokemon. Honestly, Team Plasma wins it for me. Ghetsis and the teams goal was different from others and I think that freeing pokemon from civilization isnt exactly evil. Of course, he manipulated N and his daughters, crowning N a "king" and betrayed his team in gen 5's sequel, and of course, the most controversial, trying to kill a 10 year old girl/boy. But hey, its better than making money off of pokemon.
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