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  1. Good post! :3 There were a few colors I didn't know yet so thanks for sharing this with me :)
  2. CorniFan


    I had an amusing dream a few nights ago about me reading an online Pokemon fanfict and in the fict was this boy who was a Pokemon trainer. And the boy's name was Korrina. I kid you not. I actually dreamed about that o_o;
  3. Thanks for following me! :D I like your ho-oh av. Is he your favorite Pokemon? Did you like the Pokemon movie he was in? (Pokemon I choose you the movie btw <3)

    1. LEGOanimal22


      Sorry for the late response, I don't check on this forum too often.

      Thanks! I actually made that avatar a few years back. I haven't seen the movie he was in. The only Pokemon movies I've seen are the Black and White films, with Victini.

    2. CorniFan


      Its fine. I'm glad you commented back! :3 Whats your favorite pokemon game?

  4. Fun line up!^^ I like Mario and Kirby games too
  5. Out buy the priciest clothing store in kalos lol (aka lumiose's clothing store. ARE THEY SERIOUS WITH THOSE PRICES....) What would you do if you met a real live MissingNo.? :P
  6. Its amusing to read about people who started playing pokemon at a much younger age xD
  7. The Highlights Kalos: -Korrina -The new fairy type :) -The Pokemon for that region were pretty neat in general -I like that its based on france since french stuff reminds me of my grandma and makes me feel closer to her (she's dead now btw) -Its a really pretty region in general :3 -Really catchy music throughout the whole games -Quite possibly the coolest starter lines in pokemon are in this region -THE START OF CLOTHING CHANGING IN THE POKEMO WORLD -Custom trainers in general are awesome -The professor of kalos as well as Korrina is also pretty cute -Your friends calling you a nickname was cute and entertaining -Poke Amme!!! -Being able to battle online wherever you are in the game for once -Korrina again. And her anime arc -Korrina even gives you a free lucario -MEGA. EVOLUTION. -Super Training is also pretty neat. Theres likely other things I like a lot about kalos too. :3 See? Not just Korrina~ xD
  8. I don't own pokemon colosseum but i love the music in the game. I also used to think Wes (the main guy of the game) was really hot when I was a teenager.
  9. We first had final fantasy 8 in my house, so I voted that one :P
  10. I played one of my brother's pokemon ranger games on time under a 'quick save' file for awhile (till I lost the whole game and then my whole file was done for xD) It was a fun video game :) I think my starter partner in the game was a pachirisu.....it was a version where you could get more than one starter, i think?
  11. I feel really happy for you
  12. CorniFan


    My crush on Korrina has been a helpful tool for my autism. I used to be extremely mentally unwell before getting into her. I rather not get into the details :( But she makes this world feel happier for me now :)
  13. I like spring most Its full of cheer and hope and isn't overly hot like summer is and easter is such a cute holiday and I love all the flowers blooming around me. Summer is easily my second favorite right now I think though. I really like that this summer hasn't been seriously hot yet :) Also, I like eating frozen sweets in the summer. Hmn, maybe i like spring and summer equally now...
  14. I won't give up getting him to like me in the end. I want to be friends with every pokemon i meet! :3 What would you catch with a Master Ball?
  15. Thats okay! I think she's cute too personally xD
  16. Okay, I re-read your post. I guess you weren't really dissing my crush at all, and I flew off the handle a little...maybe you just are saying people in real life may not understand? I guess I still don't always understand your posts o_O; Oh well. No one said I was perfect....
  17. I didn't really understand your post at all....But i don't go around telling people about my crush on korrina in real life. Remember I have autism too. It works differently for all people. For some people on the spectrum, yes, a fictional crush may be the one thing that gives them comfort. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have Korrina in my life and my feelings for her I would end up in a hospital or something. Thats just how my autism seems to work right now. I prefer not to see it as a 'bad' thing, though. Because I LIKE being a Korrina fan girl, even if it IS a bit of an annoying 'life or death' thing for me in some context. For me she just feels happy and interesting and fun, all flaws aside. Okay? So please don't get critical about my liking her if you still wish to have me as a friend....Not meaning to sound harsh, just telling things as they really are. I don't care if i'm weird for how I am either. People only thrive if they can be themselves about things. Especially if it keeps them from generally going around hurting other people.
  18. Got it! Thanks! :) (gave you a 'relieved' like, cuz this was a struggle of mine for years)
  19. OMG she's so adorable here and hot as well i just need to hug her X3;
  20. CorniFan


    An album for my favorite gym leader :3
  21. The second post was nice to read. I didn't know what to say about the first one, but i'm happy to say it didn't trigger any meltdowns (i used to meltdown over the idea of bullies A LOT in the past.......even when i myself often was one as a result of my phobia of the idea >_<;;; ).
  22. I like cuteness. I do prefer kalos to alola though. Afterall, Kalos has Korrina xD I'm glad to have been complimented by you for my crush on Korrina. Thanks for that :)
  23. Thanks. I'm glad to know you want to be on my side. I just want to be a friend to people. I never mean to harm anyone. I remembered to login today to check on you before you get triggered again :) Its nice to login to this forum anyways. Its an interesting forum.
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