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    From the album: Korrina

  2. From the album: Korrina

  3. CorniFan


    From the album: Korrina

  4. CorniFan


    From the album: Korrina

  5. This album is for adorable stuff and somehow the album cover is sapphirepearlshipping related which is epic. I'm sure many people will want to upload cats to this album xD If it lets people other than me upload to it.
  6. Kadabra. I see Trixie from My Little Pony using this pokemon!!!
    That was supposed to be an image....
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I may add mostly legendary images to this club but here's a snoozing pikachu for the sake of cute :3
  8. Thanks for your opinion :) Lucario is a very good Pokemon to use in battle. His typing is amazing too. Fighting/Steel! Thats pretty lethal xD
  9. :) Wanna check out the threads I made in the hoopa club? They're fun Also, I love your avatar. Cute smiling pokemon+pink flowers=EPIC WIN :D Do you like my avatar, too? Korrina is my favorite Pokemon character/gym leader/current crush. :3
  10. In this thread we talk about kittens and post pictures of kittens lol
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