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  1. Hey Rosieplier check out my new topic "lycanaroc, lycanaroc and lyconarac"

  2. Is this still continued? I really want to edit Gates To Infinity, but I can't find any editors.
  3. Anyone know how to fix an error? Error: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0X8007007E).
  4. So before I clear up space on my computer, does this support .bin models, like Ohana did/does? I've been using the GARC .bin models with Ohana, and I don't want to convert them all..
  5. Yo where do I post shit about Pokemon Moon model files? I don't wanna get banned pls

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    2. Rosieplier


      I have this guide on GBATemp about a/0/9/4 models and crap from Sun and Moon. I just dunno what catagory it goes in here

    3. theSLAYER


      Hmm, if it's a guide, I say post it until 3DS rom and research.

    4. Rosieplier


      Danke. I'll keep your advice in mind, I'm too busy to do it right now rip

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