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  1. After some digging I was able to find where the model and animation files of Pokemons are located as well as being able to view them using SPICA. Links to posts which helped to locate the models and animation files in USUM: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-usum-pokemon-star-a-fully-featured-pokemon-sun-and-moon-sequel-mod.495253/page-15 https://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-ultra-sun-and-ultra-moon-pokemon-models-textures-and-animations.490365/ After figuring out that pk3DS can unpack the animation files, I was able to swap animations around with ease. Since I enjoy having
  2. Is anyone else having issues editing a Pokemon's abilities in USUM? Not matter what I change it to in the editor, it just doesn't change in the game.
  3. Is there a way to swap pre-existing animations in files? Just as an example with the image below, exporting 'Motion_13' and import it into 'Motion_12' etc.? Does the Import button actually work?
  4. Back in the day of editing BW & B2W2, changing the 'Effect' would change the 'moves' animation. Now in Gen 6+, editing the 'Effect' in pk3DS no longer changes the animation of the 'moves'. By editing the flags of 'moves' in ORAS, I was still able to change the behavior (e.g letting Ice Burn and Freeze Shock etc. to be completed within 1 turn), but move animation itself would still not change. Within Gen 7, editing the flags no longer gives me the ability to complete 2 turn moves within 1 turn but instead only having minor effects such as whether the move makes contact, or whether the move
  5. What does 'Effect' do in the Move Editor? I thought it changes a moves animation but it doesn't. Any way to swap attack/move animations with this tool? (or could someone point me in the right direction?)
  6. Nevermind I have found it, the B2W2 Pokemon Battle Sprites are in a004.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, do you know where the Kyurem form sprites are located? I couldn't find it in a051. Is it located elsewhere?
  8. I know in Gen-VI and forward, Attack-Moves like Freeze-Dry has their own effectiveness against certain types, can this be done or be applied to a Attack-Move in Generation V games? If so then how? All help is appreciated!
  9. I use Console Tool by Low Lines (http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=8407.0). Sorry if you meant something else. Currently I have the idea to use PPNFR to do this job.
  10. Hmm, lets say swapping the Sprite of Kyurem-White or Kyurem-Black (B2W2) into Kyurem of BW. Also thank you if you could do this for me!
  11. Hello guys, I need some help on ROM editing. The games I am focused on would the Gen-V Pokemon Games (BW/B2W2). Here are the following things which I need help on editing: Pokemon Abilities and their Effects: For example for Speed Boost, every turn the Pokemon's Speed would be raised by 1 stage, however is there a way which I can edit this Ability to raise the Pokemon's Speed by 6 stange after 1 turn? Perhaps to go even further, combine effects of other abilities into 1 ultimate ability. e.g Change the ability of 'Victory Star' to have the effects of Speed Boost, Download, Mold Breaker an
  12. Helo again, I looking for a script or overworld flag script that does not remove keldeo if faint until it has been caught. Do you think you can help me with that? Thanks
  13. Welcome Pokemon Black 2 A The Game right now is still in indev state but soon it will be completed, more things will be added as progress through. Only Available in Black 2 ATM White 2 Coming Soon Features: VS Hilbert and Hilda at Nuvema Town Mewtwo was made for a test but you can find it in the Entralink Forest Play as Trainer Gray (optional), including Overworld Sprites (but finishing, soon will be finished), Mugshot, Flying sprite, PWT Sprite. Exception of Trainer Card Sprite Catch the Resolute Form Keldeo Catch Victini at Liberty Garden Going to be featured in the future: New npc
  14. Hey guys I made some hacks in Pokemon Black 2 and I'm going to call this rom Pokemon Black 2 A. This ROM now includes: New trainer battles at Nuvema Town New Pokemon Battle (Keldeo, Victini etc) New Sprite for male trainer, I name him Gray Annoying Pokemon Breeders that re-battle you (most) has been removed. Each time I update I will submit the narcs that you can replace using NitroExplorer. Download: Coming SOON!
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