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  1. Sorta want to be able to use Kecleon as the leader in gates to infinity. Powersaves was able to make Victini the leader and he was useable in dungeons, so why not Kecleon? How do we edit our saves with savedatafiler to change the species of the pokemon? I was able to change the level of the pokemon, but no stat changes.
  2. In a video, I saw an egg in battle (Made by HoodlumScrafty) before rom hacking was possible, how would you be able to put an egg in battle? And also, how would you make a fake mega as shown in this video? (Not sure if you can do this without a gateway)
  3. Is there any flags for unlocking all the badges and also if there an option to unlock everything on the map?
  4. Scires just so you know, for me this exploit works 50/50, it works half of the time. Besides that, I love the exploit.
  5. Doesn't work on 9.4 3DS XL. I have another 3DS I formatted yesterday and I am on 7.2, before the format, I backed up a 9.2 nand, can I restore to that without a brick?
  6. Gateway 3.0 came out, can you backup your save from oras and maybe edit it in pkhex and restore it using powersaves?
  7. Well unreleased pokemon can't be traded over Wi-Fi, so you're saying with this method we can?
  8. You can do this with unreleased pokemon?
  9. So I did all the steps for partially decrypting my save file, but when I finished using xorfiles with the keystream and the backup and then I used hxd to get a rid of the bytes that were above 0x9c, I opened it in Pkhex and all the boxes were blank, including the party and battle box, too. What did I do wrong? Edit: Also, do you need to have a specific destination for xorfiles?
  10. I know there is no way to inject pokemon yet, but when is the estimated time when we will be able to? (Take as much time as you need)
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