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  1. There are some things that are fixed. Assuming it's treated the same way as Mew, it should have 5 perfect IVs. If it's treated like regular Pokémon, it'll have 3. If it's untouched (no battle experience), the Nature should always be the same (because it's determined by the experience it has in the original VC game at the time of transfer). PID/EC, as far as we know, is untraceable.
  2. I'll usually catch some I already have if they show up during the main story and I want to use them. However, I tend not to be too thorough, as I know I'll be bringing everything over once I can.
  3. They do work. However, they have major limitations. If you're playing on an emulator, then it's even easier: just send your save file to your PC and edit it directly with PKHeX. If you're bent on using AR codes, you have to download an older program (PokéGen) and get the old .pkm files for these events. PokéGen can then generate AR codes. However, the hassle is a lot bigger than just editing your emulator save file in PKHeX.
  4. Codes are not the ideal way to do so nowadays. If you can extract your save, just use PKHeX to inject the .pk4 files from the event gallery on this very site.
  5. .pkX files are individual Pokémon files, extracted from your save with save editors such as this own website's PKHeX. The X in the name represents the generation format, and you can import them in any way you would in a main game title. For example: a Gen 5 game can import pk3/ck3/xk3, pk4 and pk5 files, while a Gen 7 game can import everything below pk7 (with the exception of pk1/pk2 files containing event Pokémon unobtainable in the Virtual Console versions). If you have a way of extracting the save from your DS Game Card (for example, a hacked 3DS), you can then use PKHeX to edit your save at will, including obviously the extraction of pk4 files and injection of pk3 and pk4 files, in the case of a Gen 4 game.
  6. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services have been shut down for DS games. There are private DNS workarounds, but you'll have to set those up and ensure whoever you're trading with is using the same one. Furthermore, if you're on this website, it may just be easier for you to download the desired .pk4 files from here and inject them with PKHeX, assuming you have a way of extracting your save file.
  7. System transferring to another 3DS that's still hackable would technically work
  8. Just to clarify, since you don't seem to know, from your wording, save files and save states are different things. Take this into account when following @theSLAYER's instructions, and keep backups of your original save files in case you mess up.
  9. Pokémon can only have one Ability by game design. No amount of save hacking can change that. That extra box is the Ability Slot, I presume. It tells the game what Ability it should give the Pokémon upon evolution, if it's not constant throughout its evolutionary line and the evolved Pokémon has more than one possibility, for example.
  10. @Darwfer Your Feraligatr nicknamed FERLAGATOR is in Box 1. There were two possible IV spreads with that PID/Gender/Nature. I went with the first one. 50/50 chance of being the same one as the original. EVs and Ribbons are zeroed out. You can either use PKHeX to edit them to your liking or just EV train it again and try to earn the Ribbons. Met date was set to December 1st, 2010, plausible for Heart Gold. It will get reset once you transfer it up to a newer game. POKEMON_D.sav
  11. There is a "3DS Hacks Guide" you can easily find on Google (with that title) that will guide you through the steps of hacking a 3DS, including installing a handful of recommended apps that include a good save dumping app (Checkpoint). It will tell you what to check for in your console and help you determine what you need to do for that model and system software (usually called "firmware" in hacking circles). It's technically possible to do it with a DSi, which has no risk of being banned, unlike the 3DS, which you can still use online and thus get banned for hacking, but the 3DS is not only easier to hack, but it also has the better save dumping apps available. If you have an old 3DS that you don't use online anymore, then it's a win-win scenario. Read through the guide and see if you have everything you need. If you do, start following it until you have a hacked 3DS with Checkpoint installed, then use Checkpoint to extract your HeartGold and Diamond saves. When you get there, post the saves here and I'll comb through them to try and find the Feraligatr. EDIT: I may not be able to do so in the next two or three days, but I eventually will.
  12. Action Replay will get you nowhere. However, Gen 4 Hall of Fame does store the most important unique data (PID). You need either a hacked DSi or 3DS to extract the save (if you don't know how to do it, I can help you, but it will take a while), or a physical NDS cart save dumper (I don't know if they even make those anymore). That Feraligatr can then be recreated as faithfully as reasonably possible by starting a new Heart Gold save (maybe even on an emulator), picking Totodile, then using PKHeX to edit that Totodile with the relevant info from Feraligatr's Hall of Fame Entry: OT, ID and PID (which determines IVs, Nature, Shininess, Gender and Ability slot — all of which are possible to figure out with RNG manipulation tools). As far as I know, it's impossible to recover Ribbon data, so you'll just have to give it whatever Ribbons it would be logical for it to have. Moves and EVs are obviously never set in stone. Met date will be wrong, but it will be reset upon transfer to newer games anyway. This will obviously not be exactly the same thing as restoring an old copy of that Feraligatr, but it will be close (we should be able to figure out everything that is unique to that Feraligatr, with only non-fixed data that can always be changed anyway being left undiscovered).
  13. OT names aren't changed by Bank/HOME at all. Pokémon names are changed only if the name is recognized as the species name in all caps (for example: PIKACHU gets changed to Pikachu, but PIKADUDE remains PIKADUDE). EDIT: I mentioned the HOME tracker because that's a telltale mark that it was at least hacked into Gen 8 (it's impossible for a previous Gen Pokémon to reach Gen 8 without a HOME tracker).
  14. That Mr. Mime is definitely legal (that is, entirely within the limits of what is legitimately possible). However, in order for it to be entirely legitimate (that is, not modified at all, obtained entirely through normal gameplay), a chain of unlikely (but still possible) things would have had to happen: Someone playing a Gen 2 game with the OT "Ash" (unlikely because people usually use all caps in those games) and ID 31121 (just as likely as any other ID, just the case at hand) "Ash" catches or breeds a Mr. Mime and nicknames it a censored word (unlikely unless it's on purpose) They train it up to Lv. 50 They trade it to a Red Version (why would they?) They Transport it into Bank from said Red Version The lowercase OT and the censored word nickname, while possible, are extremely unlikely, especially the latter. So, while that Pokémon is entirely possible (and, as such, legal), it's too "unlikely", so I would suspect a legal hack. Question: it has no HOME tracker. Did you zero it out yourself?
  15. Although legal, it's most likely hacked, though. While it's entirely possible that it was Rare Candied to exactly Lv. 50, and a Gen 2 tradeback is most certainly possible as well, I highly doubt anyone would have nicknamed it a bad word just to get the standard species name in Transporter. Unnicknamed Mr. Mime are, along with Farfetch'd, victims of a programming quirk that recognizes their default names in English Gen 1/2 as nicknames, and so they are rendered as MR-MIME or FARFETCH D on transfer, whereas this Mr. Mime is, well, "Mr. Mime". The only way to get these from the VC games with their default names is by triggering the censor. The same happens frequently in French names that were rendered without diacritics or ligatures in earlier games and now have them. Also, OT names are usually all caps in Gen 1/2, I doubt someone went out of their way to use "Ash", which is this Pokémon's OT, and not "ASH".
  16. It's a long shot, but it's technically possible to have this Mr. Mime. You need to catch/breed it in a Gen 2 game with the OT ASH and ID 31121, nickname it something that will trigger the in-game Gen 7/8 censored words blacklist, trade it to a Red Version game through the Time Capsule, train it up to Lv. 50, then make it go through Poké Transporter.
  17. I actually opened a Silver version save I had lying around with only a starter and it checks out. Those are the values it's supposed to have. It may or may not be different for wild or hatched Pokémon, but at least those are possible values, and it lines up with the info I had that those fields were supposed to be Crystal-only.
  18. I could be wrong, but I think met level, location and time of day are Crystal-only values. As such, if you're editing a Gold version save, it should be (None), 0 and (None), respectively.
  19. Well, there goes my hope of making them transferrable to other games somehow. Guess I'll have to keep a main-series-caught living dex handy. Thanks for checking, and sorry for derailing the legality errors topic!
  20. Hah, I guess that solves it. I had actually entertained that thought, but I couldn't test it without a CFW Switch or sysbot handy, and I dismissed it because met locations are usually reset on Gen transfer. So I guess that, for once, previous Gen (LGPE, in this case) met locations are retained in Gen 8? I thought they were replaced with "Kanto region" or "Pokémon GO". Do other past Gen Pokémon keep their met locations in Sword/Shield?
  21. Yeah, I tried that with a Shiny Cresselia I had in GO (moved it into Sword and back to HOME), and I noticed only two changes: the GO username, which showed up in the initial mobile HOME summary, is no longer there, and it now obviously shows up as having last been moved in from Sword. However, the GO icon is still there in the Switch app, and it still won't let me move it into my Shield version (which has never had a Cresselia in it).
  22. Adding insult to injury, these restrictions do not apply if it's a Gen 1 Pokémon (+ Meltan/Melmetal) sent through the GO Park. Apart from having the Let's Go OT instead of the HOME one and having less restrictions on caught balls, I find no easily visible difference between GO Pokémon sent in that way and those sent directly (although, to be fair, I haven't tried sending a Gen 1 Pokémon through the HOME Transporter in GO). Has anyone determined what could be flagging this?
  23. I opened your save file in PKHeX, exported it again, changed the extension to .sav for it to work on my emulator, and it loaded up as a Pokémon Red save. I saved it again in-game, and it works. I don't know if it'll work with your Green hack, but you can at least salvage the playthrough itself. Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).sav
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