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  1. As for legality, yes, every Pokémon should be legal. However, actually transferring them up to present games might be a harder task, since 4th Gen Pal Park won't recognize them. There are, obviously, ways around this, but they're usually complicated. I can try and explain them to you if you need it, though.
  2. Meaning 9 different scenarios (Wii, GameCube, emulator, each in PAL, NTSC and PAL60), of which 3 (the emulator ones) have only an academic purpose, while 6 are actually related to actual possible legit gameplay. I can help in a few months, but this is gonna be a LOT of work ? EDIT: PAL60 isn't supported, but NTSC 480p is. However, that should not be any different from 480i regarding timings, so we're down to NTSC/PAL on GC and Wii
  3. And let me throw another spanner into the gears while I'm at it: there may be differences between PAL and NTSC versions due to the 50/60Hz video modes, which affect timings. EDIT: I'm not sure whether the PAL version supports PAL60, but if it does, then it may be different from both PAL and NTSC.
  4. Regarding the Wii: I was always under the impression (and said so earlier) that on actual backwards-compatible Wiis there was no emulation going on for GameCube games, just a CPU underclock. Is this not the case? If so, two playthroughs are in order. In two or three months, I might be able to do a Wii test, but I can't do it on a GameCube, so if someone has the setup and can do ir earlier, it would be much appreciated.
  5. So the question is whether Box's inbuilt emulator will produce vBlank interruptions, which are more easily detected in stationary encounters. Does this justify a Ruby playthrough on a GameCube/Wii? Some edge case legality checks could benefit from it, no?
  6. The possibility was raised (based on anecdotal reports) that Box's inbuilt RS emulator, in and of itself, even running on actual hardware, might produce mismatches due to programming oversights by GF/Nintendo. EDIT: saw your second message now
  7. Sorry, I don't see what you're getting at. You mean that we could test it on a GC emulator, eliminating the need for actual hardware, or that testing isn't necessary at all?
  8. The thing is, as I said earlier, the behavior tends to differ between emulators. There have been reports of mismatches on VBA, but from my (admittedly limited) testing on other emulators (namely mGBA on Windows and John GBA on Android), that doesn't happen. I can upload my stationary PKM files from a Leaf Green playthrough I did on both of them (syncing through Dropbox so I could play on the go and at home). Box may have a behavior that's similar to VBA, or a different one altogether, so testing may be warranted.
  9. I would seriously laugh out loud if this produced some Pokemon with mismatched PID/IVs in the way VBA does (mGBA and John GBA apparently don't, from my latest Leaf Green playthrough). And I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry if someone's precious shiny legendary got flagged as illegal in recent games because of this oversight by Nintendo, in case it does happen.
  10. My point exactly: they don't have to. When you're using the emulator, it saves to a physical cart.
  11. Oh, and regarding "legitimately transferrable to Gen 3 games": we're not really talking about a transfer here, unless you mean the special gifts you get from that game, but rather a Gen 3 save played in Box's built-in emulator, right? EDIT: which would be stored in and dumped from an original R/S cart, which would be in a GBA that's connected to the GameCube at all times during play
  12. There shouldn't be any difference. A Wii running in GameCube mode is virtually the same as a GameCube (same CPU architecture, underclocked to match the GameCube speed when running GameCube games).
  13. The Game Boy Player isn't involved whether it's a Wii or a GameCube, IIRC. The games connect through a GBA-GameCube cable, and they work the same in a GameCube and BC Wii.
  14. There's no Wii version. He means playing the GameCube version in a backwards-compatible Wii, which should be exactly the same as playing it on a GameCube.
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