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  1. Updates are constant, but there are only release versions when they feel it's stable enough and/or there are significant changes. You can, however, manually compile it from the PKHeX github yourself with all the latest commits, if you have the tools and knowledge.
  2. Thank you very much, that's exactly what I wanted to know. No local logs at all, server logs unknown, then. I hope they don't log it at all
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but I can't find anything better. I've heard talk that Sword/Shield logs your online activity to a more detailed degree than previous games. What I'm trying to know is whether it logs your trades and/or trade attempts, just to know how far I can push sysbot usage on my main file, for example. So far, I've only had it do a mock trade (canceled after showing a Pokémon) to dump a file for a legality check. Does this sort of stuff get logged in any known save blocks (for example, a list of everyone you've interacted with, regardless of whether the trade went through or not)?
  4. I haven't checked your files, but the usual problem is the move Dizzy Punch. Since (I think) the Japanese version doesn't have that, the hack checks in Bank don't account for that possibility. EDIT: if you want the Pokémon to pass through simply for being shiny, just make it forget the move.
  5. I do get your concerns. I worry about the same thing when making edits. However, at least in Generation 2, the number of Rare Candies in your bag is a single byte value that doesn't get checked anywhere else. And the game doesn't log which or even how many items you've used on a Pokémon. So, if the Pokémon itself is never modified and you've never used any items that couldn't be legitimately obtained (and Rare Candies can, even if they're, pun not intended, rare), then the Pokémon is 100% legit. I'm sure there are other ways to cheat and make the game give you more EXP per battle, though, if you really want it to be that way, since it will save you the trouble of going back and adding more Rare Candies when you eventually use them all, and it's faster for lower levels.
  6. If you're dumping a save with Checkpoint, might as well just open it in PKHeX and add a ton of Rare Candies
  7. Indeed I don't, since I barely use Discord at all. Moving to PMs then.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. However, I'm not familiar with Sysbot. I'm reading up on it, but it seems to require a hacked Switch, which I don't have (or else I would just dump the save). Am I looking in the wrong place?
  9. Hi! This may be a weird request, but I have a Raichu that I caught in a Max Raid that I wasn't hosting myself and the little (big ) rat just seems too good to be legit. So, I'd like to take a look at the .pk8 file to see if the Raid was RNGd or outright hacked. And, if so, it the Raichu is at least legal. However, I don't have a hacked Switch, so I need to trade it to someone so they can extract it and trade it back to me. Would someone be willing to help? If there's any service (like Pokécheck back in the day) that I could use on a legit Switch without any significant risk and that I don't know of, just point me in the right direction and I'll do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  10. In that perspective, you're right. It's no different from doing that. But it still requires hunting them in a Gen 2 game. And injecting the save into your VC game or PKHeXing the mons to a Gen 7 game and then injecting that one would yield the same result
  11. In Gen 2, shininess is related to IVs, so you can have a chance that's as high as 1 in 64 if you're smart with egg groups or manage to get a shiny Ditto. And by injecting those saves in the VC version of Gen 2, you can transfer up to Gen 7/8 (just not 3–6).
  12. I actually replied to you on your other thread with information that answers this question too. Read that one and ask if anything's unclear.
  13. Gen 1 and 2 don't count for Gen 5 because there's no legitimate way to get Pokémon from a Gen 1/2 game into Gens 3–6. They're only importable from the VC versions to Gens 7 and 8. For Gen 8, which is what you need, everything that hasn't been "Dexited" is available to you, you just have to be mindful of how they're supposed to reach your game. Namely, HOME trackers and the like. I'd import everything that's from before Gen 7 into Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, then move it into Bank, then HOME. Gen 8 mons could be passed off as having been traded to your game directly without first visiting HOME, so they should be imported directly into Sword/Shield (I don't know if there's any trade record that needs editing, since I haven't dabbled in Gen 8 save editing due to lack of a hacked Switch). Pokémon that are meant to come from Pokémon GO or Let's Go should be imported into those games, then transferred to Sword/Shield through HOME.
  14. Take all your Pokémon from Bank and into Ultra Moon, back the save up, and open it in PKHex to check for legality. Most Shiny Living Dexes have some illegal Pokémon. Not necessarily hacked, but RNG manipulations in emulators and the like tend to give unexpected results due to emulation inaccuracies. I think there was a case of an RNG'd Shiny Registeel that came up in these forums a few days ago because of that.
  15. If you have any means of extracting your save, it would probably be best to use a save editor (Platinum being a 4th Gen game, you have a lot of options, but PKHex is usually a good option for any gen).
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