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  1. Just tested this out myself before posting. Working as intended. OP was just extremely lucky that a clean Level 5 and a Level 100 one would have the same Nature. My bad.
  2. I believe there is an error, though: if Met Level is 100, the Nature should always be the same (since it's based on current EXP and there's only one possible value for EXP at Level 100 for each species). PKHeX doesn't seem to be checking for this edge case.
  3. It's very hard to tell, especially if it was made shiny in the VC save before going into Transporter in the first place. Most Gen 1 Wild Pokémon can't be shiny, but since the game doesn't record a lot of data and Transporter sets the origin game to whatever VC game it was in right before Transporting, most could technically pass off as Gen-2-bred shinies. There's pretty much always an edge case that makes them technically possible.
  4. Now that's something I hadn't thought of. I spent hours fighting weak Pokémon with a Mew that could've been avoided
  5. There are some things that are fixed. Assuming it's treated the same way as Mew, it should have 5 perfect IVs. If it's treated like regular Pokémon, it'll have 3. If it's untouched (no battle experience), the Nature should always be the same (because it's determined by the experience it has in the original VC game at the time of transfer). PID/EC, as far as we know, is untraceable.
  6. I'll usually catch some I already have if they show up during the main story and I want to use them. However, I tend not to be too thorough, as I know I'll be bringing everything over once I can.
  7. They do work. However, they have major limitations. If you're playing on an emulator, then it's even easier: just send your save file to your PC and edit it directly with PKHeX. If you're bent on using AR codes, you have to download an older program (PokéGen) and get the old .pkm files for these events. PokéGen can then generate AR codes. However, the hassle is a lot bigger than just editing your emulator save file in PKHeX.
  8. Codes are not the ideal way to do so nowadays. If you can extract your save, just use PKHeX to inject the .pk4 files from the event gallery on this very site.
  9. .pkX files are individual Pokémon files, extracted from your save with save editors such as this own website's PKHeX. The X in the name represents the generation format, and you can import them in any way you would in a main game title. For example: a Gen 5 game can import pk3/ck3/xk3, pk4 and pk5 files, while a Gen 7 game can import everything below pk7 (with the exception of pk1/pk2 files containing event Pokémon unobtainable in the Virtual Console versions). If you have a way of extracting the save from your DS Game Card (for example, a hacked 3DS), you can then use PKHeX to edit your
  10. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services have been shut down for DS games. There are private DNS workarounds, but you'll have to set those up and ensure whoever you're trading with is using the same one. Furthermore, if you're on this website, it may just be easier for you to download the desired .pk4 files from here and inject them with PKHeX, assuming you have a way of extracting your save file.
  11. System transferring to another 3DS that's still hackable would technically work
  12. Just to clarify, since you don't seem to know, from your wording, save files and save states are different things. Take this into account when following @theSLAYER's instructions, and keep backups of your original save files in case you mess up.
  13. Pokémon can only have one Ability by game design. No amount of save hacking can change that. That extra box is the Ability Slot, I presume. It tells the game what Ability it should give the Pokémon upon evolution, if it's not constant throughout its evolutionary line and the evolved Pokémon has more than one possibility, for example.
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