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  1. I wanted to add that I tried several Pokémon from HG/SS with Met location "Pokétransfer" (Mewtwo, Dialga, Palkia...) and I confirm that in the last release, the "Encounter" has no effect at all in the legality: you can put whatever you want and the Pokemon will still be Legal. I'm kinda sure this is not working as intended but well I'm no expert in this so, as always, I report the issue and maybe you can investigate it, or give some info about it. Thanks!
  2. I am using OmegaRuby savefile, I noticed with the new update the Encounter of Pokemon coming from HeartGold/SoulSilver (Mewtwo, and Legendary Birds from Kanto) are Legal, no matter what I choose. Don't know what is correct. I downloading this: And by default the Encounter is (none), the old PKHeX allows only (none) as Legal, meanwhile the new version accepts every type of Encounter and it still flags it as Legal. I attach the pics of the Old vs New PKHeX Any help/clarification? Thanks!
  3. Uhm I downloaded from here And it's Timid by default, but even if I change the Nature and boost it up to level 100, the exp is still "1059860". Now maybe I have some confusion in my head and I read that different Nature = different exp on VC, but well in few words, I can mess around with Nature and Level from that specific .pk7, and it will still be legal, and the exp won't change.
  4. Not sure if it's working as intended, but I downloaded the VC Mew from here (there were two files, one redirecting to another, but basically the same thing) and when I changed the met level (just for test) I got no Illegal warning. Again I'm not sure if it's something that needs a fix but well I attach the files, maybe you can check it better! Greetings original.pk7 100.pk7
  5. Yep dont worry I have some trusted vendors on my fav list, not those general chinese vendors that have 40 copies available, but the ones that occasionally put random used Nintendo and/or games for sale. I kinda snipe them, and yes Im very carefully with the repro cartridge, sounds arrogant but I bought many games and I constantly google for confirmation, and I still have to find something that really makes me think "is this repro or not?", they ALL have some flaw somewhere that can be easily spot, specially once opened! Ty again
  6. Yep the price is quite high, but I think it worths its value. It should be around $40, I just need to find the cheapest vendors They usually sell Nintendo stuff at reasonable prices, so there might be a chance ill find a JAP Emerald that isn't too expensive!
  7. Okay, thanks a lot for the clarification! Illtry to buy from eBay a real JAP cartrdige and do it there to be sure it will be legal 100%
  8. I want to add that I didn't try anything particular, I was just chasing mew in the wild, not looking for particular frames and such stuff, I just wanted to catch a regular mew in that place, didn't matter about the shiny-ness or IVs, I was just reseting hoping to fing a good nature.
  9. So I found this topic And I tried to play with the savegame with VisualBoyAdvance, the character was already in the Faraway Island, I just needed to catch Mew. I tried several attempts in order to find the correct nature and so on, and I discovered that PkHeX flags illegal the Mew after he uses "Transform". I attach you the relative battery saves from VisualBoyAdvance, one captured after the Transform move (flagged as illegal), and another captured after 2 tries while he was still in its form. I don't know if this should be fixed, but I just wanted to show this. Please
  10. Hello! I was messing around with PkHeX and I noticed that the new version doesn't flag the Pokemon Illegal when the Relearn Moves are not filled. Maybe the picture explains it better Now I understand that the old version (left) wants me to put "Rapid Spin" on Relearn moves, but on the latest update it isn't needed, I can put "Rapid Spin" and it doesn't flag it as illegal. I don't know exactly the correlation between egg moves and relearn moves, but in Gen7 as far as I know, Kabutops can learn Rapid Spin only by breeding So I don't know which version of PKHeX should I trust? Bec
  11. I saw some posts online here and there, regarding Illegal mons, and also this Didn't dig too much because I don't even own a Switch, nor a SwSh game, so I can't say for sure that a permaban will occour, but its always better to stay safe
  12. Oh thank you so much, it was indeed the "modify PKM info", I had to check it! I successfully imported all the mons and the errors disappeared! I got only the yellow triangle with Pokemons with old moves like Hidden Power, and the red triangle (illegal) on Pokemon that are not present in SwSh. All good! Again, big thank you! I was so afraid of messing things up and getting banned in a possible future, I heard the ban from HOME is permanent so yeah I wanted to be sure.
  13. Yes no problem I attach here Zapdos .pk7 and .pk8 By the way, while doing this, I noticed a thing, I was doing the "Data>Load Boxes" from SwSh (so I could see all the pokemons), and they gave me all the "Incorrectly transfered from older generation". But if I drag and drop one by one, they don't give any error, just like this Zapdos attached here. I cannot drag and drop 800 pokemons to check them individually, so thats why I used "Load Boxes", but apparently its the wrong method to "import" into Sw-Sh. EDIT: Sorry if I made you upset, it was not my intention, I apologi
  14. Oh sorry I thought Sw-Sh has a full DEX. Im having troubles finding a pokemon with that issue (moves, relearn mvoes) that exists in Sw/Sh, I just tried with Raticate and Fearow and few others but I realized they are not in SwSh, so I guess I can ignore that problem? The pokemon that exist in SwSh (Tried Charizard, Gengar, Zapdos ) give only the "Incorrectly transfered from older generation", so I guess they are ok? I think at this point the answer is simple: they are flagged as illegal because they don't exist in SwSh. Correct me if Im wrong.
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