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  1. I saw some posts online here and there, regarding Illegal mons, and also this Didn't dig too much because I don't even own a Switch, nor a SwSh game, so I can't say for sure that a permaban will occour, but its always better to stay safe
  2. Oh thank you so much, it was indeed the "modify PKM info", I had to check it! I successfully imported all the mons and the errors disappeared! I got only the yellow triangle with Pokemons with old moves like Hidden Power, and the red triangle (illegal) on Pokemon that are not present in SwSh. All good! Again, big thank you! I was so afraid of messing things up and getting banned in a possible future, I heard the ban from HOME is permanent so yeah I wanted to be sure.
  3. Yes no problem I attach here Zapdos .pk7 and .pk8 By the way, while doing this, I noticed a thing, I was doing the "Data>Load Boxes" from SwSh (so I could see all the pokemons), and they gave me all the "Incorrectly transfered from older generation". But if I drag and drop one by one, they don't give any error, just like this Zapdos attached here. I cannot drag and drop 800 pokemons to check them individually, so thats why I used "Load Boxes", but apparently its the wrong method to "import" into Sw-Sh. EDIT: Sorry if I made you upset, it was not my intention, I apologi
  4. Oh sorry I thought Sw-Sh has a full DEX. Im having troubles finding a pokemon with that issue (moves, relearn mvoes) that exists in Sw/Sh, I just tried with Raticate and Fearow and few others but I realized they are not in SwSh, so I guess I can ignore that problem? The pokemon that exist in SwSh (Tried Charizard, Gengar, Zapdos ) give only the "Incorrectly transfered from older generation", so I guess they are ok? I think at this point the answer is simple: they are flagged as illegal because they don't exist in SwSh. Correct me if Im wrong.
  5. Yeah I just picked one randomly (Fearow), but the problem happens on almost every other pokemon, the "relearn moves" always flag as illegal if blank? Here is the Fearow by the way 022 - Fearow - 709797C79117.pk7
  6. Thanks for the reply! I am more concerned about Pokemon that has literally legal moves (and they exist in SwSh, not like Hidden Power), and Pokemon that have empy relearn moves flagged as illegal. Whats the deal there? (See the Raticate example) I would do some test with HOME and stuff (as soon as I get a Switch) but again, Im afraid of getting banned or something...
  7. Hello to everyone, this is my first post. I used to lurk here but well now I registered so welcome to me! I read guides and watched YT videos about creating or modifying pokemons with PKHeX and I learned how to create a perfectly 100% legal mon in both Gen6 and Gen7. So I been able to finish my dex on both generations without using illegal stuff. Now I probably get a Switch for this Christmas and I'm not sure if I will install a CFW or something, but out of boredom, I tried to drag'n'drop my pk6/pk7 files into a blank Sw/Sh savegames, and they almost all flag as Illegal. The mai
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