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  1. yes, I will work a lot to restore my sav file. I remember that I captured all 251 Pokemon, but in this sav file appeared that are missing two Pokemon to capture. Maybe it is "normal" . Which tool/software do you advise to edit and restore all glitch present in Pokemon Crystal? Thanks
  2. It works! I used an other GBC file, I was using the GBC take from my original game and i don't know why, it doesnt' work. Thank you really! I'm happy! I have only one question: I bought the bennvenn's Joey jr to backup my sav file and gbc game, so why the gbc game present this problem? I read that it is a good tool to make backups. Finally, if I want to learn how to read the hex file, what I have to do? Are there some guides where I could study this amazing things?
  3. Really, thanks for the answers! @Shady Guy Jose: thanks for advices, and for .sav file. I tried to load with my emulator but there is always the same problem. Why this? For you that save file runs normally? @SkyLink98: Thanks but also with your sav file I have always the same problem: glitch and after white screen. Maybe I wrong something? I Would like to edit my hex file, but I'm not expert, I never do that so I ask you if there are guides where I could learn this. Thanks
  4. Please Help me, I bought a tool to store my save file of Pokemon Crystal (Italian version: I'm Italian, sorry for my bad English ) with more of 400 hours of game, but it is too late: the battery was drained and the file save was damaged. Searching online I saw that is possibile to recover data using different software or tool, so I tried different solutions. This is the result: Using of PKX Delta v4.5 Using this software, opened the .sav file and I obtained this: Even if some glitches are present, the Pokemons, ASH and objects are there! So I tried to save this .sav file obtained by PKX Delta but it wasn't works loading it with emulator. After I opened always the original game file .sav with an other save editor: PikaSav. Initially I obtained an error, that I fixed "forcing" the load of the sav file, in fact there is the possibility, using this software, to load it with the option: "force .SAV file". I obtained this My old Pokemon are still there! So I saved this file, and then I tried again to load this new .sav file with the emulator. Now there is the possibility to select the "Continue " tag. Selected this tag, the game tell me to set the day and hour. The game starts, I see Ash and Pokemon centre, I'm the happiest boy in the word, but only for just one second, because after this, all the screen presents a lot of glitch and after, the screen become white, sound stop, and I can't do anything. I tried to open start menu but it wasn't worked. At this point, after crying, I saw online that is possible to edit .sav file using hex editor. I tried to search how to modify it, but I don't know from where to begin, please could you help me? Below an image go the .sav file opened using hex editor (notepad++) and I attach the original .sav file, before to modify it using PikaSav. I don't know if I could attach also the Italian ROM, if I could do it please tell me this, in mode to help you to help me
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