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  1. This is absolutely stunning. I thank you for this effort you did, sadly I wont be able to play it because I dont have a gateway or anything like that, however I'm thrilled to see Youtubers put their hands on this. Again, thank you, and please continue!
  2. You guys, no. All you gotta do is have a fateful encounter hoopa. Aka, not found in tall grass. That will trigger the event. Literally, a mod replied. Gods, this should be closed lol
  3. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?5787-Username-Change-Request-Thread&p=198791#post198791 Really. It's on the front page of the forum, a simple search and you'd have it.
  4. I think they look really nice already Keep it up!
  5. Why does it matter? Arent we hacking here anyway? lmao, honestly, if you've got issue sharing your legitimate files for hacking purposes, feel free to keep them.
  6. @ElseSomeone Oh dang, no, please share it asap!
  7. There's this https://github.com/smealum/regionthree/ where you can play games w/o updates.
  8. no there isnt. not much to say, datel just doesnt support it
  9. Whitelist it. If you're unsure how, google is your best friend.
  10. Cali

    help God Stone

    I quote which means it may not be in there, or it is. Seems like it isnt.
  11. That'd be interesting indeed, to make a higher difficulty nutzlocke challenge rom..
  12. works on 9,5 and you most likely got the memories wrong. Edit existing pokemon, use serebii for info.. That's the easiest way to make legit pokemon
  13. Most likely, I would try to put it into the daycare and see if they can still breed etc.
  14. Bad egg? As in you take enough steps but it will not hatch? Make sure you save EXACTLY as the following steps of Ram2Sav. I'll link ya my file so you can edit to your likings. https://hostr.co/brvAGdRJgWmK you can download it.
  15. How to make a egg using pkhex explained by a blonde so dont get your hopes up too high 1. Get the latest version of PKHeX. The devs of this app are such cool people they make a new version once every couple. Just do it. Click here for the thread Otherwise its possible that you wont be able to read bin files. 2. Import your save by using RAM2Sav. You could also do that with all the others, but this one allows you to export pretty much all possible data of your savefile, which some you'll need for your eggs. Here's Ram2Sav. Make sure to read the instructions very well, to avoid confusion. This one will be the easiest, on the second page of the thread there are both QR codes, so much easier to search those webpages. 3. Once your data is in PKHeX start creating the egg, here are the parameters of a egg. "Main" tab Nickname Box will be checked, inside of it there it will say "Egg". Exp at 0, level 1 No held items When marked "As egg" put a reasonable number as hatch counter, I have 40 on my example Dratini. (probably doesn't matter though) If you want it to be extra legit put in your region info. **Example** ------------------------------------------------------ "Met" tab Origin Game: Set it to whatever, doesn't matter really but it'd be best to the game you plan to hatch it on (with the matching ID's) Met location: (None) Ball: Poke ball Check here if you're not sure. Met level: 1 Met date: Will always say 01.01.2000 but the met date is when it'll hatch, so leave it be. DON'T check fateful encounter, but check As Egg. Egg Met Locations is in Day Care Helpers and set it a few days ago, in my case its 30.01.2015 **Example** ------------------------------------------------------ "Stats" tab Press control and click on randomize to set them to 31 in every stat. Do not give it EV's Do not give it contest stars either.. it can't have them yet (Maybe theoretically yes, but not in reality) **Example** ------------------------------------------------------ "Attacks" tab Look your Pokemon up, see what moves it gets at lv 1. Put them in, in the same order put them into the "relearn moves" tab. If you have egg moves, put them under the lv 1 moves, and if you have more of them overwrite from the top. (Put the same into the relearn tabs) **Example** ------------------------------------------------------ "OT/Misc" tab Drop your Egg off somewhere by right clicking a spare spot and press "Set". Look for your TID (Trainer ID) and SID (Secret ID) on a Pokemon you caught/hatched yourself once you got it, go back to egg and fill them in. Do not put anything into Latest Handler **Example** ------------------------------------------------------ Now onto the memories. Hatch counter 20, Affection 0. Select the "The Pokémon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn’t seem to be able to remember..." One. ------------------------------------------------------ There, now drop it off again where you want to have it in your PC and follow the rest of the steps of Ram2Sav If you've got any questions then shoot
  16. I'll make you a nice step by step.. give me 30~ minutes.
  17. What I think you did wrong is enter with nintendo illegal pokemon, like with a perma diancie or something of that sort. (cover legends are usually banned from battle facilities)
  18. If you get a pokemon traded and suddenly it has your own OT and all ID's, it might have complications. Editing eggs (or hatchlings) like that is so much safer.
  19. I'd put some extra hours and make every single of them legal, because honestly that's what all people look for. (and make sure to mention to change current owner to their own name)
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