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  1. It doesn't work for me. As you can see on the screenshot, the RaidCalc give me the seed and it's all correct (EC, PID, IVs...) but the specie and the items not. I try with the github's txt for violet seeds and didn't work either.
  2. I try use 3DS Builder for rebuild a .3DS instead rebuilt directly a .CIA with HackingToolkit3DS, but the program stop work. And if I try rebuild a .3DS with pk3DS, I got that message.
  3. I use the HackingToolkit from Asia81, and I try rebuilt a Pokemon Y CIA without use pk3DS, and works. It's when I use pk3DS when my CIAs doesn't work. Maybe I should do something before use pk3DS after extract the files from the .3ds? This is what I get in the folder I use, then I just open pk3DS and select that folder.
  4. Just rebuild again the .cia, and install it without re-encrypt. Same error.
  5. Hey, I need help. I had Luma and I try to use PK3DS, but when I randomize, I get that What I did wrong? I extract the game, rebuild into .cia without modify anything, reencrypt it with D9 and works, but if I use pk3ds not. And if I disable the arm11 exception handlers, endless 3ds logo bucle. Edit: This it's what I use:
  6. @StarsMmd I'm actually playing a randomized nuzlocke run, but as starter I get Walrein and Lombre. Usually with the randomizers we got the option of remove trade evolutions, but in Colosseum we can't get evolution stone. Could you put an option to remove stone evolutions in colosseum?
  7. Hi bro, I try patch with a lot of Stadium USA 1.0 roms, but I can't make it work. Could you help me a bit? Thanks for your work
  8. Oh, I understand. Thanks a lot Another question, can you put in the personal editor a "Form Editor"? Let me explain. I'm trying do custom megas using Pokemon with alternative form like Floette or Gourgeist, but its so boring swap so many files for do this. Its possible edit for example Floette AZ to be an Alternative form of another pokemon without need swap models and stats? Thanks for your attention ^^
  9. Thanks for the hard work ^^ A question: How can I edit Unown Form's stats? I want to modify a few Unown to add custom megaevolutions in their model and stats (For example, use Unown E and F to put Espeon and a MegaEspeon)
  10. Hi, I need a bit help ^^' I will try add new megaevolutions to my game, but I just can add it if the Pokémon had an alternative form (Like Deoxys, Pikachu, Rotom, Giratina...) Can I add alternative form to any Pokémon? Like Espeon. If not... Can I extract an unown form for example, and add this entry to Espeon?
  11. With Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, if I use the Title Screen option, works great, but with Pokémon X, pk3DS crashed Im using a PAL game. Anyone knows how do it?
  12. All the text changes are made into the English version, Right? If I put Neo Pkm Y in Spanish I don't gonna see any change? Then I gonna download the Lite version ^^ Thx for the work
  13. I found in offset 6A if I put a FF, my gold go up and shows fake 20000, but when I spent something go to 99999 real gold, and my jewels become 15. I try play just one stage, but there are so many variables in the sav
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