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  1. hello there would anyone kindly guide me to the appropriate thread about whether or not we have found a way to look into the powersaves .bin files I am currently trying to pull the pokemon from my old powersave backup that i made of my now bricked Pokemon x and y im aware that pKhex can do some things for ORAS atm but i was just wondering if there was any way to explore the Datel Powersaves Backups yet
  2. So im pretty sure my cartridge has bricked but for some reason even though my 3ds wont read the cartridge my Power saves dongle still can. Could anyone explain to me what this might mean?
  3. Well i have found a way to do the pokeshifter mode but it is alitle tidious but just get the clean rom and cahnge you sav file to the clean roms name and just use a japanese retail card and your good and when you want the patch version back on just change the .sav fle name back simple and sweet
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