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  1. Hi again! I was checking your .SAV file using PKHex and I found interesting that there's a Tranquill appearing on the "Misc" section and I was wondering if you remember where is that Tranquill in your game? can't find it on any of the PC boxes, the party or the daycare... I was thinking that maybe it was sent to sleep to the DreamWorld? but just guessing
  2. Both examples shown were for Pokemon BW... In the end, I was able to fix the "bad hack" and the red square doesn't appear anymore... but that Pokemon appearing on the Misc box for the other file remains a mystery lol... could it be a Pokémon that was sent to sleep to the DreamWorld but was never woken up? lol
  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for the prompt reply. And just out of curiosity: what exactly would appear on that box under normal circumstances? I happen to have another .SAV file that I downloaded from the internet and it has a Pokemon in it, but can't figure out what does it mean?
  4. Hi! I recently was playing with a Pokemon Black .SAV file to try to make the game think I visited the DreamWorld. I was able to do this by editing the file with a Hex editor, however, now the Misc box under the "Other" tab on PkHex appears in red: Any idea why and how can I get rid of it? Or what exactly is supposed to go in that box on a normal/non-edited file? Thanks in advance!
  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how helpful this was!
  6. Hi! This may be an impossible request... but does anyone have a .sav file of a Pokemon Black that legitimately visited the Dream World before it was shut down?
  7. Hi! i'm new here and i've recently started fresh on Pokémon Black 1 and I was wondering if anyone knows a way that i can make the game believe that i have visited the dream world since it's shut down? Any information is appreciated!
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