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  1. I decided that i wanted to make my own, it involves a dark story, lots of mythology and alchemy to make a beautiful story Randomized: Tms Wild encounters Crazy strong trainers The texture edits will be similar TyranitarTubes Sun/Alpha Sapphire Randomizer Crystal Onix,Ruby Steelix AZ Florges Kanga. Jr Demigods Helix/Peeko Fighting Alakazam (Mega too) Primal Dialga/Palkia Argentum Lunala Master Ball Electrode Fallen Eevee And More To Come I am currently looking for Texture editors Story makers Game testers (Anyone) Discord: https://discord.gg/jHd9hEa
  2. The Did the drag and drop but when i open the game it sayed the same stuff not welcome to ultranova or this game was created by Dio Vento
  3. How Can i install the custom banner for i can see pokemon Penumbra moon when i go into my games folder
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