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Found 14 results

  1. Once I click ‘unlock shaymin event’ on pkhex,there is only a shaymin standing on road 224 and cannot be in battle. I just wanna change the name on the white stone(the one you wanna pay gratitude to)on road 224,please tell me how to restart the event(or just change the name on the white stone)with any save editors besides PKhex,thanks a lot!
  2. Apologies if this has been answered in the past, but how do I edit my save data so that it shows I received a mystery gift at a certain date? I am aware that I can trigger mystery gift events without it being recorded like that, but I would like it to be recorded too. I have the wonder records tool in PkHex, but I require WRB8 files which I cannot find anywhere.
  3. So i playing pokemon brilant diamond and i want to trigger shaymin event using pkhex but it isn't working. i tried to trigger the event manualy and by the fuction called "misc edit".i'm pretty sure i did everything right. Maybe someone have idea. Does anyone know why the event trigger is not working for me ? to avoid unnecessary question , yes i have unlocked national pokedex and I meet all the requirements. BD version ; 1.30
  4. Does anyone here dabble in pkhex for bdsp? I traded some pokemon from pokemon go to BDSP and I can't change their nicknames. Anyone with modding software can trade and send back with the right nicknames? Thank you!
  5. Hi, asking a question r/t using pkhex to evolve a feebas caught in BD to milotic. With the prism scale not available, what is the max beauty stat needed to evolve feebas to milotic? Or max level needed of feebas?. When I attempt I get flagged with error messages stating beauty stat needs to be >= 24 but when entered it states it needs to be >=7. Just having some confusion. Thank you in advance
  6. Hello, I don't really know where to ask this, but I would like some clarification about these records in Trainer Info, on what they are recording. What are DENDOU_CNT and TAMAGO_HATCHING ? I assume the last is for the number of egg you hatched, but mine is on 155 while I only hatched 2 eggs? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, what's the maximum number of entries the hall of fame keep a track of? It's 30, like the original games?
  8. Good afternoon, Recently I've decided to run a shiny only randomized Nuzlocke for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. In order to do so; however, you need to find software in order to make your Pokémon encounters 100% shiny. I found the software PkNX for switch that I thought would work to help randomize my game while increasing shiny odds. Simultaneously, I am using the Yuzu emulator which has save files that are in a .BIN format, which is unable to be read through PkNX. Ultimately; my question is, is there a way I can make Yuzu read files that are in the same "File" format as the picture on the right? Is there a converter I can use online? The PkNX does not read .BIN files and I was wondering if there was a way I could change that.. Or is there a program where I can do all these things in order for me to increase shiny odds while randomizing my game? P.S. - I have tried PkHex and PkHax. If there is a way to randomize and increase shiny odds through this program, then please let me know because I don’t know how! Thank you for your time, sorry if this was confusing!!
  9. I did get the national dex by using PkHeX rather than the usual method of seeing all pokemon but I did capture Heatran legitimately. I continue facing the second match teams but not the third match teams. I am not sure if that national dex cheesing ruined something but I cannot face the updated team even after beating the elite four four times.
  10. Hello, i have some .pk8 files (BDSP) to be genned with but i dont have access to hacked switch or else can someone helped me gen it and trade it for me? Big thanks
  11. Hey all, Been using PKHex for a minute, PokeGen before it, yada yada yada. However, I haven't used it since maybe gen 5 and I'm having a bit of trouble. I have my original Diamond save, extracted from the cart, loaded in PKHeX. With it, I can extract the specific handful of Pokemon I want to move over. It saves them as .pk4 files. When I use PKHeX to load up BDSP save, and then try to open to .pk4 files, it naturally gives me the error: "Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size. This could be caused by loading a different generation Pokemon file on an unsupported generation or your file is corrupt." Which is true. It is - I guess through the sheer power of technicality - a different generation. How can I bring my gen 4 Pokemon from the original Diamond into my current Brilliant Diamond save? P.S. I do have multiple hacked DSes and 3DSes and a single hacked Switch and a single unhackked one, so I understand my options are limitless unless there's simply no non-Nintendo-official way. As I understand it now, one option I have is trading them from Diamond to Black, from Black into Pokemon Bank, from Bank into Home, and from Home into Sword or Shield, export that save, export the Pokemon, then import them into BDSP. But I do not want to do all of that. I feel like there (hopefully) is an easier way. Thanks!
  12. Heyo, I'm new to this so sorry if there's any mistakes. I've been looking to get ahold of a shiny turtwig just to play through the game with. If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it!
  13. Hi Folks, would someone be able to trade me a 6IV Ditto for personal breeding. I can handle the rest of the legwork but these Ditto make it much easier and faster. Thanks
  14. Can you edit BDSP Underground Flag with PKHEX? Can't I edit the BDSP Battle Tower win record to PKHEX? If you take Underground Flag 50 away, it seems that one star will be added to the trainer card. If he wins 100 Battle Tower titles, he will likely add one more star to his trainer card. I can't play multi-play, so I can't take away the underground flag. Do you have any plans to update the Battle Tower records and underground flags so that they can be edited into PKHEX?
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