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  1. Version 1.6.0


    The purpose is to try to obtain all the non-submited and missing Shiny Zigzagoons using the Berry Glitch Fix cart. All Zigzagoons are in boxes 14 and 13. Zigzagoons colected so far: Version 1.0.0: Seed 0B with PID D385A5E8 Seed 17 with PID E8D19EBD Seed 1B with PID EFEA9984 Version 1.1.0: Seed 9A with PID 914BE724 Seed C3 with PID 1A0E6C67 Version 1.2.0: Seed 0C with PID 154C6326 Seed 16 with PID A70BD167 Seed 27 with PID 05367358 Version 1.3.0: Seed 19 with PID 6C5E1A30 Seed 24 with PID 3FE3498F Seed 26 with PID C370B51B Seed B4 with PID 3F6F4901 Seed C0 with PID 54BB22D6 Seed C1 with PID 9681E0EC Seed C4 with PID 5BD42DBD Version 1.4.0: Seed A0 with PID 1BF16D9F Seed B8 with PID 468830E0 Seed C5 with PID 9D9AEBF3 Seed CB with PID 28405E2D Seed CD with PID ABCDDDA1 Seed CE with PID ED939BFF Version 1.5.0: Seed 22 with PID BC56CA3C Seed 9B with PID D311A57A Seed B3 with PID FDA98BC4 Version 1.6.0: Seed C7 with PID 2127574E Seed C8 with PID 62ED1484 Seeds that are still missing: Missing_Shiny_Zigzagoons.sav
  2. Version 1.1.0


    All 386 legal Living Dex Pokémon ordered by PokéDex number in boxes 1-13. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Deoxys (Spanish Aurora ticket obtained with the Gen 3 Event tool by suloku) obtained from my copy of Pokémon FireRed. Groudon obtained from my copy of Pokémon Emerald. Latios obtained by activating the Eon Ticket event with the Gen 3 Event tool by suloku. Jirachi obtained from an emulated copy of Pokémon Channel. Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Charizard, Pikachu, Articuno, Latias and Latios obtained from the Spanish 10ANNIV distribution ROM (as used by Nintendo in Moviplaya 2006). Mew obtained from the Spanish Aura Mew distribution ROM (as used by Nintendo in Moviplaya 2007). Celebi obtained from the Pokémon 10th Anniversay Journey Across America 2006 dsitribution event (got from this web, thanks to @GalosAlan10 for uploading the big Celebi save file). Shiny Zigzagoon obtained from the Berry Glitch Fix ROM. POKEMON_SAPP_AXPS01.sav
  3. 385 - JIRACHI - A924CA6343FC.pk3POKEMON_SAPP_AXPS01.sav Finally I was able to do it, so I upload the Jirachi (a new one) and the whole save
  4. The Jirachi in the post was a test in a save file from the Internet, later I got another Jirachi for my own save file, but I can't upload it now Basically I used vbaM 1292 and Dolphin, in both I put their PAL Bios. I downloaded a Channel save file because I didn't want to wait 7 days. And in Dolphin selected as port 2 the GBA Rom and Jirachi was inyected into my save file (Sorry for bad English)
  5. I was able to get a Jirachi from Pokémon Channel in emulator, can I upload it or is it considered fake?
  6. So is there any way to change the Altering Cave on E or RF/LG?
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