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  1. 385 - JIRACHI - A924CA6343FC.pk3POKEMON_SAPP_AXPS01.sav Finally I was able to do it, so I upload the Jirachi (a new one) and the whole save
  2. The Jirachi in the post was a test in a save file from the Internet, later I got another Jirachi for my own save file, but I can't upload it now Basically I used vbaM 1292 and Dolphin, in both I put their PAL Bios. I downloaded a Channel save file because I didn't want to wait 7 days. And in Dolphin selected as port 2 the GBA Rom and Jirachi was inyected into my save file (Sorry for bad English)
  3. I was able to get a Jirachi from Pokémon Channel in emulator, can I upload it or is it considered fake?
  4. Plz I need those two saves, they don't have to be 100% completed or anything, just having completed the Elite4 with your team.
  5. So is there any way to change the Altering Cave on E or RF/LG?
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