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  1. i should have clarified better it can happen for both games
  2. pokemon colosseum played on an emulator can cause RNG frames that prevent shadow pokemon from being shiny but can cause PIDs to have mismatching natures/stats
  3. Could be a Bug in XD Pokemon Generating or PKHeX is buggy with XD otherwise its been edited.
  4. Simple PID mismatch with Nature and Stats. Its Nature and Stat Combo are Invalid Either an error in generating the pokemon or it has been edited. These PID sets are only valid with those stats: Bold ♀ : A7180A54 Rash ♂ : 5CD5C7B9 Rash ♀ : 1F76906 Timid ♀ : 81F7E906 Hardy ♀ : 27188A54 Quirky ♂ : DCD547B9
  5. PKHeX is marking my Swampert that i transferred from sapphire to ORAS illegal after i got a contest master ribbon. It keeps saying the OT affection should be 0 but in order to have the ribbon it needs at least 20 or the ribbon is invalid like i have read on other threads. I'm using the latest build as well. Is this supposed to be marked illegal or is this a bug?
  6. first off my apologies if i posted this in the wrong thread but i was wondering if there was a RAM tool/code that could change my trainer ID & secret id (Trainer Card) for my pokemon x game. about a couple months ago i was using powersaves and sadly it fully bricked my game. I was able to restore my old pokemon from a past file dump i had using the new XY/ORAS Ram injection code to a new cart but the only problem is i want to be able to have my old trainer id instead of changing the id of my pokemon to match the new id from my new save. Is there anything that can help me change it.
  7. My First Shiny was the Shiny Zigzagoon for the berry glitch fix for Pokemon sapphire at a Gamestop but even without that i found a shiny Onix in Pokemon diamond after that i found a shiny Amoongus on my black version but i accidentally made it faint.
  8. all im trying to do is get it past the random wifi match check thats it. I can get rufflet past it but not braviary
  9. the whole point is to have a legit shiny braviary
  10. Im trying to make a legit shiny Braviary for my pokemon black game so i can use it over Random Matchup i fill out everything on pokegen even the PID genererator but whenver i try to use it on wifi it keeps telling me that it cant participate considering it illegal i dont know what im doing wrong can anybody take a look at the file and fix it or tell me what im doing wrong [ATTACH]6944[/ATTACH]
  11. Are you using Action replay export feature or just editing your save file.
  12. im am using Grovyle's Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor v1.4 beta 3 I am having trouble converting AR codes from japaneese to english as it can only make japaneese codes. i change the line B2110DC0 00000000 with B2111880 00000000 that changes the code so its usable for the US version but when i put the code on my AR and boot it up my game just resets. If anybody knows what im doing wrong or if anybody knows another solution please let me know!!!
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