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  1. *double facepalm* No. It has been said many times before... QUESTION - ANSWER - QUESTION - ANSWER -
  2. Yeah, I hope too, because I don't want my 3DS to be bricked just to edit my save files of X/Y... And there's no tutorial on Google on how to decrypt save files after hacking the 3DS anyways...
  3. Not working at all for me... Is hacking the 3DS is a must for decrypting Save files, or can some Windows programs do it?
  4. Hi, a friend of mine has a small problem. The Re-Battle Legendaries codes he has are all working, exept for two - Lugia and Ho-Oh. No matter how many times he press the trigger buttons, they don't come back at all, which is dissapointing. Every other legendary codes are working, though. So, wouls it be possible for someone to create a code to re-battle Lugia & Ho-Oh for both versions? Thanks.
  5. Yes. Just get the most recent version of PokeGen, then when you go to the ''Met'' tabs, you can choose the ball it was caught, and HG/SS balls can be found and selected. However, if they get transfered to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, they will revert to normal Poké Balls. Hope I helped.
  6. Unfortunately, my AR DSi does not support save files, unlike the older ones, so I cannot make a save file edit I would need an AR code for that, but no one has ever found one. However, Explorers of Time/Darkness has a ''Hero Pokemon Modifier'' code that would change the player's Pokemon into ANY other Pokemon, including Kecleon, Purple Kecleon and even the Purple Celebi (future). If there was a code to edit the 1st Pokemon into another for Red/Blue Rescue Team, it would be great, though, for example, if I wanted a Kecleon, the original Pokemon I would replace should have the same friend area
  7. Dunno if this is the place to ask, but, I have both Red and Blue Rescue Team games that I got seven years ago. I was able to recruit a Kecleon in my Red version very early and easily... but no success with the Blue one. It's been SEVEN YEARS since I tried recruiting that Kecleon in Blue Rescue Team, so I went to search for some codes, but all so-said recruiting codes ain't working at all... Has a code ever been created for easy recruiting in Blue Rescue Team? :confused:
  8. I don't think it's allowed to talk about passing hacked mons as legit in these forums, but I could be wrong... Maybe because all IVs are set to 31?
  9. Pretty much what it says. Which Snagger do you like the most, and why?
  10. I just finished a battle with a passerby on Pokemon X. However, he used a Floette I do not think I saw before. Her flower was bloody red with trianglar-shaped petals and the body was white and navy blue rather than white and aqua-green... I went to my Pokedex to see the form, and it was called an ''Eternal Flower Floette''. Just what was that!? Is there actually a 6th flower that Flabébé and its evo line can have, but that one being ''secret''? I just do not know. :confused:
  11. Even though ProjectPokemon does things like AR codes, they DO NOT support online cheating. No wonder why this Skarmory didn't passed through the Bank.
  12. Sadly, no... or at least not yet.
  13. Both Mega Stones CANNOT be traded away. Even if they're in your PC, the game will say that the problem is in your party even though it isn't... Please stop asking for them (as said in both the thread's title and OP)
  14. Nice tool! But I do have a question - can the dumped box data be used to edit the savefile? Just wondering.
  15. Apparently, one cannot trade the Latiasite and Latiosite to another cartdridge, like the Blazikenite...
  16. If it's really gonna be on the end of February, them I guess it MIGHT come out at my birthday But yeah, I wouldn't use that for online trading/battling. I got scammed of my FireRed Zapdos and LeafGreen Moltres for a HACKED shiny Gyarados and Skarmory (caught in Safari Balls...from Unova...same OT/person, because of the lack of seeing Pokemon stats in Gen VI before the trade), though I got the two legendary birds back from the Sea Spirit's Den I was pretty mad for getting hacked Pokes in exchange for LEGIT ones that took me a hard time to catch, especially the ones in X/Y at the Sea Spirit's
  17. It now works as Codejunkies added a few codes for both games, but it doesn't seem to reckognise my X version at all Problem solved, this thread can now be closed
  18. VBA is too stubborn to take the .sav file while no$gba gives a ''FATAL'' error when I try importing the .sav file... what can I do now?
  19. ''HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.'' I saw that when I clicked the link of the Encyclopedia Pokemon Save File Editor from UniqueGeeks given in that thread you specified MediaFire fails for me, and my anti-virus software just let a shout about a ''malevolent file being blocked from downloading''.
  20. Unfortunately, it didn't worked at all... Plus, the GSV I extracted had a new game, unlike my real-life cart does, for some reason.
  21. Hi there. I have a GSSP. The only GBA Pokemon Game it backups the save file is LeafGreen for some reason. But, neither VBA nor A-Save have the option to import or export .GSV files, so I can't edit my save file at all... I do have an ARv3, but this one has no hole to plug an USB port, so I can't extract my save files from it. Does anyone knows a way to convert .GSV to .SAV and vice versa? .SPS to GSV would work very fine to me as well.
  22. That's great! But... how do one extract .3gpkm files from the GBA games?
  23. OK, I'll share the rumors I've heard. For example, there was a rumor about a guy cloning his Zygardes with MegaStones, and sending them to random people on the GTS who were giving out Growlithes and Vulpixes, so someone thought the Zygarde he ''received'' was a glitch and posted a Video on YouTube named ''The GTS Zygarde Glitch'' even though it's fake, because I never received a Zygarde for a Growlithe or Vulpix (BTW, both his Vulpix and Zygarde had the same OT and Trainer ID, so, yeah...FAKE....) Video got removed for some unknown reason. Another rumor about cloning was cloning Pokemon/Items
  24. So yeah, I heard rumors about cloning Pokemon being possible in X/Y, but I dunno how to do it... And I have a few questions about that. 1 - How do one clone Pokemon/Items? 2 - Can the Pokemon/Item one's trying to clone be permantely lost during the cloning process? 3 - Does Patch 1.2 affect the cloning? Thanks for answering.
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