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  1. As the title says, I am unable to create a Shiny Dynamax Adventures Legendary without getting an illegal flag about PID mismatch. Are they Shiny Locked, or I'm doing something wrong? Just wanted to know...
  2. Which Squirtle Squad Discord? I have seen quite a few bearing that name, so I am kinda lost...
  3. I see. Thanks for everything, guys. I thought the mistake was on my side ^^'
  4. Ok, I will try. I'll give news after I try it EDIT - None are working... The SysBot I use says there is no such event and also claims Melmetal has no G-max form AND can only be obtained years ago by Pokémon GO... What bot do you use?
  5. Hi! I am looking for someone who could gen these 3 Pokémons for me, as people claim that SysBots are unable to trade them, flagging them as "illegal" despite being extracted from their Wonder Cards by the staff here at ProjectPokémon. The files include both birthday Milcery and the G-Max Melmetal. Could anyone help with this? I'd be very grateful if someone can. 809 - Melmetal - GMax.pk8 868 - Milcery - Ribbon.pk8 868 - Milcery - Star.pk8
  6. How do I use Sysbot? Is it on your Discord server? I don't have a hacked Switch... EDIT - Can Sysbot send me the Singapore Birthday Milcery and G-Max Melmetal or not yet?
  7. As the title says, I am looking for someone who could dump all of Alcremie's forms on their save file, then trade them to me. I know it's one big request, but the café battles never give me any sweets...and that alone feds me up. Or I could use a bot, but the one I used was taken down, so I'm kinda lost here... could anyone help? Thanks in advance. alcremie_forms.zip
  8. Hello. Just saying PkHex flags the Melmetal HOME gift as Illegal and can't even be traded online... Same for the Birthday Milcery Wondercards. Is it because PkHex is not updated yet? Or do they can't be traded at all? 809 - Melmetal - GMax.pk8
  9. My ID number in Shield is 538095. Is there a way or a tool that can "decrypt" the ID number so it can be used in PkHex? Just wondering because I am stuck somewhere in the game... Thanks!
  10. Well, me neither... I made a similar thread with .pk8 files generated by myself, but don't have the ways to get them in my game. I also sent you a PM about my requests as well.
  11. Ok. Since my parents don't allow me to go on Discord thanks to morons eons ago, I will wait until someone volunteer to inject them, then trade them to me. Thanks! 144-01 - Articuno - 3F7A59BD96CE.pk8 145-01 - Zapdos - 7E53BC604FDF.pk8 146-01 - Moltres - 49F0E88ED3FE.pk8 894 - Regieleki - CEBAF445ED10.pk8 895 - Regidrago - E915C473ECFE.pk8 896 - Glastrier - F157AF3155DA.pk8 897 - Spectrier - B16224E82FC6.pk8 898 - Calyrex - B2D4E7B4C76C.pk8
  12. Thank you! How does SysBot works though? Just downloaded it, but I have no clue... EDIT : I need CFW for SysBot... and I can't because I have a Switch Lite...
  13. Hi, it's me again. A pal of mine is requesting that someone make us in PkHex at least 2 of each new Legendary Pokémon from the Crown Tundra (Calyrex, Glastrier, Spectrier, Regieleki, Regidrago and the Galarian Birds) since we don't want to get scammed on eBay (they are SELLING their hacked mons for lots of money!). I will wait until someone can volunteer to create the mons, then I will post the files here and activate my Nintendo Switch online Membership Why at least 2 of them each? First I want 1 of each in both my Shield game and HOME, and secondly, we can only have 1 horse or Regi
  14. Mine is WDCNQAZYGWXD, name is Tokoyami and sprite is Hilda. I'll be waiting.
  15. Sadly I do not have any more friends on HOME. The Pokémons I requested were given by me by a guy in another community, but he got banned for some reason, so I can no longer reach him... Maybe we could try together if it still works
  16. No, there is a Friend code option in which I give you my Friend Code and you accept my friend request. Then, we both choose "Friend Trade" in the app. Then I send you any Pokémon, and you send me a Melmetal. Yep, it can be done even from distant places.
  17. I got most of my wanted Pokémon from my other thread a few days ago, but I am still lacking a Melmetal. Does anyone out there have a Melmetal they don't care about or something. I do not mind if it came from PkHex, however the trade would have to be done in Pokémon HOME via Friend Trade. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi! I am new here in this sort of forum section. I need those 15 Pokemon in my non-hacked Switch Lite's Pokémon Shield to complete the Dex as well as having some G-Max Pokémon that I can't have due to the lack of the Nintendo Online Membership. HOWEVER I could activate my 7-day trial to get these Pokémons into my game along with their items. Otherwise we could do a HOME Transfer with only 10 Mons out of 15 due to the daily limit. Please PM me or reply here if you can fulfill my request. I'll make 15 Alolan Pokémons for you in exchange ( I can transfer Pokemon from USUM, so if you need some Mon
  19. I recently lost my ORAS save files, so I got one on YouTube. The thing is, I can't seem to edit the original Trainer's name for my Secret Base, which is "@$$h0l3" (way to go for bypassing Nintendo's bad language filter, youtuber) My OT, ID and Secret ID were successfully changed with PKHex but not my Secret Base's Trainer name. How can I do this?
  20. Ok. Long time no see. I had both a Pokemon Black and Pokemon White game saves on LEGITIMATE cartdriges that were 100% done (exept Legendaries), but I lost those save files when some sort of glitch occured. So my request is a Pokemon Black save file that has been saved at the Elite 4 (before Reshiram, so no HoF), the main character can be of any gender, name etc... since it can be changed via PkHex. However, Tornadus musn't be roaming yet, Zorua and Zoroark not triggered and no Legendaries caught. I found the perfect one for White on some file-sharing place, but there was none for Black... Just
  21. I recently bought Pokemon X D - Gale of Darkness at a pawn shop and extracted my save file with my Wii. However, when I try to save my file in any way (Just want to edit my money and PokéCoupons as well as filling the Memo) the software crashes, closes on its own and corrupts the save file by making it totally empty. I tried different versions, but no success... What am I doing wrong? Colosseum works fine, but X D is not working AT ALL. EDIT : I downloaded a random save file, and much to my surprise, it WORKS. But I wanted a save file from the beginning of the game BEFORE snagging
  22. Hi! I'm somehow back because I have a question. I found this somehow very useful My Pokemon Ranch editor on 4shared that wasn't on PP.org (I believe the creator name is Artemis?) I no longer have Pokemon DP so I can't have my own ranch at 100% so one of my friends lend me a save file... but there's one catch ; even after following all the steps in the ReadMe.txt when I open my savedata.bin with the editor, nothing occurs, so I can't edit the Pokemon inside the save file. Can anyone check it out? I included the software, my data.bin and the decompressed files in the uploaded files below. Hopefu
  23. Is there any QR codes for Alolan Sandshrew? Just wondering...
  24. I might not know on how some people managed to get the games before the release date, but I was wondering on how the four Deities can be caught or obtained. Are they gifts? Or roaming Pokemon? Something else? Just curious because I am exiced to get Tapu Koko when the games will be out.
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