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  1. Beyond the Deoxys, Meloeta, Dancie, requests above Im trying to get magearna. Im not 100% that I will be able to even obtain them to tranfer to Pokemon HOME I am hoping it is because they did appear on Pokémon GO so possibly an option. I have approx 25 more pokemon that aren't drastically rare that I need to also collect to complete my HOME national living dex, the ones Listed above are the rarer and challenging to acquire. Im only beginning to learn to operate PKHeX, and would prefer not to make mistakes, especially when attempting to acquire all 4 forms of deoxys and if any I listed can be shiny and not shiny locked by the game that would be preferred as well. I know using Smogen for proper builds that are compatible, as a guide for avoiding red flags is part of the process, but beyond that Im still making sure to read all the info for using PKHeX still. Any help would be appreciated, I didnt see any info on the discord bot system that would allow for requesting them using the simple bot trade method when trading to HOME? Thanks everyone Reaper
  2. Hi team, So recently we have had an outbreak of people hosting loads of new legendary dens online. I personally caught a Verizion and Mewtwo an hour ago. I was wondering... Can someone provide me a step by step process on how to edit the pokemon inside the den to the illegal ones? I use PKHEX and create all the dens I want at the moment, but how to turn one into a Mewtwo? Or a Squirtle?
  3. This is my first time here I was editing my diamond save file using pkhex, it was working just fine until today it decided to corrupt I have linked the save file as follows: all i edited was my kadabra to alakazam and now i have linked the bak file, just removing .bak isn't helping too Edit: using 1015 - Pokemon Diamond (v05) (U)(Legacy).dsv.bakfixed it
  4. Hello I'm new here hope this is the right section As you can see by the title I get this message when I want for example a certain pokemon in my party or lobby. I can't choose anything else besides met at lvl 0 because I don't want the game to think it was from an egg. Is there a way to fix this problem and having the net level as I wish ? Ps: I'm using pokemon ruby 3rd gen and leafgreen Thanks
  5. I’ve yet to see anyone attempt to answer this, but here goes: in Pokémon Let’s Go you are able to catch Large or Small Pokémon. When placed into HOME, these values are retained. Then, when transferred to Sword or Shield, the height is reverted to the average height of the species. When placed BACK in HOME, the new average value is what’s maintained, and the Pokémon no longer has the original LGPE height value. My hypothesis is that the values are reset back to zero in SWSH, but I have no verifiable way to test this hypothesis. Would anyone with the proper tools to research this be willing to help me? The chain would go something like this: >Catch a LGPE large/small Pokemon >Transfer to HOME >Transfer to SWSH >Record its size value in PKHEX >Transfer back to HOME >Transfer back to SWSH and record again in pkhex taking note on the height/weight values.
  6. all i did was clone and change nature what did i do wrong?
  7. (Went on a nostalgia trip after realizing I had lost my X/Y cartridges and downloaded them on my homebrewed 3ds, fiddled around with the save after playthrough.. for context.) I just downloaded PKHeX yesterday after being a slave to Powersaves for God knows how long and after playing around with some of the features and genning some 'mons I have grown curious about the Appearance feature under Trainer ID. I don't see much discussion about the feature but would like to know what each of the values entail, and if you can really remove items (such as your hat) like it proposes. I've attempted different values and combinations but they all end up resetting my character's Appearance to default. Also saw this on yt and was intrigued.. OP said he was fooling around with PKHeX and ended up with an invisible avatar in-game and on their PSS icon. I've seen this in the GTS and Passerby's way back when the game was first released but haven't seen many as of late. Always wanted to try this but don't know how, or if it is even still possible in the software. It would be nice if there was some tutorial out there so I could play around with it offline without causing any commotion. Anyways, let me know if any of you can help ^-^ It'd be cool even if I could just walk around Lumiose in my pajamas for a bit lol. Meo
  8. I read a bit into this before joining, but after not finding much I figured I would join and try explaining my problem here. I love the PKheX project and been using it to play the games on my 3DS, but ran into one problem, on both Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon I get the corrupted save message when trying to give myself all the clothes with PKheX, I’m using the latest version and I can’t seem to figure out what the problem may be, if it may be I’m just trying it too early in the games. Thanks for the help, guys! I specifically did it after getting to the first Poke Center before the trainer school in both games.
  9. i used PKHeX to add some mons to the pokedex that i couldnt find so that way i complete my pokedex, i left those mons without weight so they appear in the pokedex with 0 height and 0 weight also my pokedex says im a full star member and i have 99,999 research points, is this normal? i got the shiny charm with my full perfect pokedex but now when i go to any map, i can only find one shiny if most, i can be hunting for 2 hours in an outbreak and no shiny will appear, so could there be something wrong or is just bad RNG. Thanks for your answers, sorry for any grammatical errors in the post english is not my first language
  10. I DON'T KNOW ENGLISH SO HELP ME WITH GOOGLE TRANSLATOR Hello I have the following problem when I want to legalize the pokemon as if I had captured them in Pokemon Shield. The only way it shows me to legalize is that they have been born from an egg, but I want to legalize them as if I had captured them on the routes. Any solution?
  11. Hello there, Thanks for all the hardworks for the legend arceus and we really appreciate that, good job! One small thing I niticed when I editing save with pkhex is the item issue, since arceus has limited pockets that unlike all other generations, will it be possible that move "Give All" function to the inventory box? When I checked "Give all" I found only limited number of items have been successfully added to my inventory due to the pocket limitation. If we can do "Give All" function in the inventory box instead of "sort" that would be perfect. Therefore you don't need to manually add items one by one. Just my personal thought and I will be very appreciated if you take this into consideration, thanks!
  12. Hello there! I'm working on a script to track Pokémon's progress from a save file. I'm not very knowledgeable about save file manipulation, but PKHeX already does it extremely well. Is there any way to use some of the multiple functions PKHeX has using the command line? Specifically dumping all of the boxes a save file has to a .bp8 format or adding .bp8 files into the save? I know you can do this already using the regular program, but is any way of doing this using the command line? I'm new to the community, so I'm sorry if I'm doing something out of line. Thanks to everyone who reads this in advance! Edit: if there's a more straightforward method you know of that doesn't make use PKHeX, please let me know as well!
  13. So when loading in Pokémon from gen 7 in a gen 8 save file I realized that the size is set to 0 and 0 because gen 7 didn't have size scaling unlike gen 8 Pokémon so I tried to edit the gen 7 Pokémon to have sizes id like in game but it just came up with the error "incorrectly transferred from past generation" why? can you not make transferred Pokémon larger smaller weigh heavier and lighter? I wanted to change the sizes of the Pokémon knowing that home will be compatible with legends arceus I wanted to mess around the sizes and just found it odd that you cant change the sizes despite the feature being available in gen 8.
  14. Hello support, Could anyone point me in the right direction to edit the hall of fame in BDSP. Kind regards, DJ
  15. Im trying to use pkhex for pokemon Y and it says Attempted to load a unsupported file type/size this could be cause from loading an unsupported generation. main - Copy
  16. When I edited my save file in PKHex, I exported the file to both bin files in my save file in the root of my SD card. After restoring the save file using JKSV, nothing changed in my Brilliant Diamond game. I've seen other people on Reddit have the same issues. I'm not too sure if I need to have the latest version of the game or not. I just assumed you didn't.
  17. Hi. new user here, long time lurker. i made my account in hopes of getting some assistance with a newbie question. i was using PKhex and wondering if there was a way to add future generation mons, at least to the player party. that’s probably a really easy answer for most, but i’m technologically illiterate, so i’d appreciate any patience given . if this post in any way isn’t within any rules i’m unaware of, or isn’t appropriate for this specific topic, i do genuinely apologize and will delete immediately (as far as i can tell, this is the most appropriate) thanks in advance!
  18. I did get the national dex by using PkHeX rather than the usual method of seeing all pokemon but I did capture Heatran legitimately. I continue facing the second match teams but not the third match teams. I am not sure if that national dex cheesing ruined something but I cannot face the updated team even after beating the elite four four times.
  19. Hi guys! Please, someone have the last version of pkhex for swsh with the last events?
  20. Hey all, Been using PKHex for a minute, PokeGen before it, yada yada yada. However, I haven't used it since maybe gen 5 and I'm having a bit of trouble. I have my original Diamond save, extracted from the cart, loaded in PKHeX. With it, I can extract the specific handful of Pokemon I want to move over. It saves them as .pk4 files. When I use PKHeX to load up BDSP save, and then try to open to .pk4 files, it naturally gives me the error: "Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size. This could be caused by loading a different generation Pokemon file on an unsupported generation or your file is corrupt." Which is true. It is - I guess through the sheer power of technicality - a different generation. How can I bring my gen 4 Pokemon from the original Diamond into my current Brilliant Diamond save? P.S. I do have multiple hacked DSes and 3DSes and a single hacked Switch and a single unhackked one, so I understand my options are limitless unless there's simply no non-Nintendo-official way. As I understand it now, one option I have is trading them from Diamond to Black, from Black into Pokemon Bank, from Bank into Home, and from Home into Sword or Shield, export that save, export the Pokemon, then import them into BDSP. But I do not want to do all of that. I feel like there (hopefully) is an easier way. Thanks!
  21. hi the pkhex tells me that if I want to put other pokemon I have to convert them to pb8
  22. I ask this because I'm not sure if the "roamer PID/IV correlation" meant anything. Is it the same PID system as older games?
  23. In fire red there are flags for “defeat voltorb” and “defeat electrode”. I’ve noticed that the “defeat voltorb” flags are for the electrode in the power plant but I don’t know what the “defeat electrode” flags are for. I noticed one was checked around seafoam island and the other after I finished Lostelle and the Hypno. Does anyone have an idea? If this question has been asked before can anyone lead me in the right direction? I haven’t found anything yet.
  24. Below is my current seed for a perfect shiny Ralts T^T I checked the raid list and it confirms that my next encounter must be a shiny!! But when I entered the Max Raid, Ralts wasn't shiny Am I doing something wrong? Thank you to everyone who replies. IF YOU KNOW AN ADMIN OR EXPERT, please feel free to tag them Edit 1: IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION that for Dentype Common, the Shinys still appear. But when Dentype is Rare, they don't.... maybe that's a bug or there's something that I'm missing.... Edit 2: One more thing. I have only cleared the first gym. Read somewhere that the number of rarity stars for dens goes up when you get more badges. That COULD potentially be the reason.... like, maybe I'm not yet qualified for 2-5 star dens so the shiny seeds won't work when I try to make a shiny rare den (which is 2-5 stars) p.s: DANG IT I KEEP EDITING
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