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  1. Hi there. I have a GSSP. The only GBA Pokemon Game it backups the save file is LeafGreen for some reason. But, neither VBA nor A-Save have the option to import or export .GSV files, so I can't edit my save file at all... I do have an ARv3, but this one has no hole to plug an USB port, so I can't extract my save files from it. Does anyone knows a way to convert .GSV to .SAV and vice versa? .SPS to GSV would work very fine to me as well.
  2. That's great! But... how do one extract .3gpkm files from the GBA games?
  3. OK, I'll share the rumors I've heard. For example, there was a rumor about a guy cloning his Zygardes with MegaStones, and sending them to random people on the GTS who were giving out Growlithes and Vulpixes, so someone thought the Zygarde he ''received'' was a glitch and posted a Video on YouTube named ''The GTS Zygarde Glitch'' even though it's fake, because I never received a Zygarde for a Growlithe or Vulpix (BTW, both his Vulpix and Zygarde had the same OT and Trainer ID, so, yeah...FAKE....) Video got removed for some unknown reason. Another rumor about cloning was cloning Pokemon/Items
  4. So yeah, I heard rumors about cloning Pokemon being possible in X/Y, but I dunno how to do it... And I have a few questions about that. 1 - How do one clone Pokemon/Items? 2 - Can the Pokemon/Item one's trying to clone be permantely lost during the cloning process? 3 - Does Patch 1.2 affect the cloning? Thanks for answering.
  5. A friend of mine told me to buy a ''3DS Powersaves'', claiming this is THE AR for 3DS Games that can also backup save files. But even after doing everything correctly, the software still tells me to insert the game in the Powersave hardware...It doesnt recognise Pokemon X/Y at all as well as other few games...we think I got scammed 25$ for a non-working thing, and when I tried to call the company on their website, I got told the phone numbers were for USA residents only...:mad: Does anyone has the same problem as I do?
  6. Thank you! By the way, I just noticed the Rebattle Landorus code I have isn't working...
  7. By the way, can someone do a 100% Catch Rate code for Ruby/Sapphire, FireRed/Leafgreen v1.1 (NOT 1.0!!!) and Emerald with the Master Code that must be used to activate those codes? Searched everywhere, the ONLY 100% catch ratio codes for R/S/E I saw turned the balls into Master Balls, so they didn't stayed as Safari Balls in the Safari Zone AND the only ones working are for GameShark SP ONLY. If anyone do so, please also post the Master Code. Thanks.
  8. Exactly what the title says. A friend of mine is asking that question to be sure on how the Mewtwonite X/Y can be obtained, since he plans on using Pokemon Bank to get his own Mewtwo rather than catching it in the Unknown Dungeon... So, can the Mega Stone still be obtained even if Mewtwo is defeated rather than caught? :confused:
  9. Hello. I'd like to request Re-Battle codes for Kyurem, Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion, since no one had done them yet. (I think no one did them, since I searched everywhere with no results...) Victini, Reshiram/Zekrom, Tornadus/Thundurus and Landorus have already been done, so I don't need to request them. (The ''Re-Battle all Legendaries'' code does not work on both my Black and White, as the Legendary isn't in the room even after pressing SELECT+A, so I need a code to re-battle those 4 Pokemon.) Could anyone makes such codes, please? Thank you
  10. Hi everyone! I'm TokoyamiTheDark, and I'd like to spend a good time with all of you. Project Pokemon seems so interesting! So I joined the community to have fun. Well, I'll check the other boards meanwhile.
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