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  1. Ok here's the method for rare spawns (Charizard/Dragonite but not Pidgeot): -after the league revive an Aerodactyl -on route 2 catch 10 pidgey in a row -ride then your Aerodactyl -Dragonite an Charizard will often appear, you have 1,88% to find the lv3. Unfortunately it doesn't work for the Pidgeot and it took me 4 hours to get it! Also found a lv9 Poliwhirl near Bill's house, the method is kinda weird and cool, all you have to do is to wait the game generating wild pokemon because the pound is very small and there's no Sweet Scent in the game. Should have to cross check again for new ones maybe.
  2. Got almost all except flying ones (Pidgeot/Fearow/Charizard/Dragonite) and Beedrill (Let's Go Eevee exclusive). Don't use lures to hunt them it'll increase the wild level encounter which is clearly not what you want! If you find any method I take, it's almost impossible to get the Dragonite and Charizard without one. Plus, if someone started a collection of GO underleved and want to make it public I have some.
  3. Got a Sludge Wave Gengar today which means we're only looking for the Present Pikachu (without cap). Note that the upcoming Go event will allow you to get all CD event moves again, which is a good news!
  4. Both were released in 2016, you're right for the lack of Bluetooth. What make me think it was not totally planned is exclusive moves. Was it a technical limitation of PGO or GF didn't check them ? It cool be interesting to know how transfer works technically to understand where the problem is. @Kaphotics said moves are retained during transfer but deleted when you catch the Pokemon, the location and date of encounter are also kept. So why this rewriting?
  5. In my opinion GoPark is actually the second worst 'thing' of Pokemon history after the lack of compatibility between gen 2 and 3. Deoxys event in Ranger3 was also a shame, Mew events in VC and in Let's Go too but it was nothing compare to that.
  6. With Let’s Go release GF and Niantics teased us a lot about Go Park and the connectivity between Go and Let’s Go but without giving us exact details on how it will work. Now the game released we know: -it’s a transfer which means only one way from Go to Let’s Go -moves are not retained (which is the first time in Pokemon history!) -somes IV are some are not -OT and original Pokeball are not kept -but the encounter date yes -the level is kept which in fact is not a good thing Which is … at least problematic, especially if you compare it with PalPark or DreamWorld from gen 4 and Gen5 respectively. In PalPark all datas were safe except a little oddity with new abilities and cheated Pokemon over lv100. In DreamWorld at least you had your moves kept too. The reasons for GoPark failures? -Technical difficulties. Go was developed at the time by Niantics with its own system without thinking about a connectivity with main games (at least in first time-before Meltan idea) so we can assume it can be hard to read the datas and recreate them. -Lack of time. They wanted to give us that opportunity for Let’s Go in order to reunite players from Go with main game players, especially because it’s 2 different types of gamers. So they did it without thinking of consequences it’ll have. Think about underleved: unlike shinyhunters it’s still a niche, GF rarely give us tools to help us (White Flute in ORAS was the only exception in fact) and if lv1 Gyarados in B2W2 or lv9 Salamence didn’t exist I would tell that GF doesn’t care about. Now with GoPark you can have every gen1 Pokemon at lv1 except the legendary bird and Mewtwo. Where is the challenge? It’s kinda disturbing that GF prevented it for Dream World at the time with the level-cap but didn’t for GoPark. But we know now that Dream World was an idea in gen3 that they only did in gen5 so there was time to think about. -GF restrictions. In my opinion the real issue, if moves are not retained it’s mostly because some moves are not in the games and GF didn’t want to add them in order to balance the game. -Money With the transfer uncomplete people will hesitate to do it and so won’t send all their Pokemon to Let’s Go and buy extra spaces in Go waiting for maybe one day … How to fix it? -No more restrictions in gen8. With all moves coded in that generation there won’t be any reason to not keep the attack from Go to GoPark. For legacy moves you can do events in Go like you did for Snorlax in July 2018 to give them again. -Keep the initial Pokeball by using ParkBall like in PalPark and do an update in Go that will set a flag on Pokemon depending on the Pokeball it’s caught (Pokeball 1, Superball 2, HyperBall 3, PremiereBall 3). It makes sense to revive that forgotten Pokeball for the occasion. -Set a level-cap in gen8 like in Dream World. Don’t allow underleved to occur. People won’t care if the hidden level of their Go Pokemon are not kept. Like I said I’s a hidden feature which is not the case for the attacks. (ex: all Salamence in GOPark will be at least at lv50). -Keep the Original Trainer or create one if it’s not possible. And you what do you think about?
  7. Found lv13 Seadra in the wild. And the gift Persian is also underleved too. I'm feeling so bad for Underleved, I hate you GoPark you destroyed my work and my passion. Do you think we should collect Go Park Underleved?
  8. Forgot lv3 Kakuna/Metapod in Viridian Forest and lv3 Charizard/Dragonite in Route 2 !
  9. Ok here's all the underleved I've seen so far: lv3 Pidgeot/Pidgeotto Sky encounters Routes 11 ...** LV33 Rapidash route 17 lv17 Raticate route 9 lv13 Raticate Route 11 lv18 Dragonair route 10 lv3 Fearow sky encounter route 10* lv7 Tentacruel Route 4* lv13 Dugtrio diglett tunnel lv18 Golbat rock tunnel lv18 Graveler rock tunnel lv3 Butterfree(pika)/Beedrill(evo) viridian forest** lv41 Rhydon Victory Road Comment if I forgot some. 6 are 'exclusive' to Let's GO if GoPark doesn't count!
  10. Ok, apparently the Burmy exclusive move was deleted too, don't know for the MimeJr. Got the Rhyperior today. Pray they'll correct that "bug" (but it was intentionnal in my opinion because most of PGo moves don't exist in Let's Go), at least in gen8.
  11. Yeah that's sad, I'll just continue to search for Sludge Wave Gengar and Present Pikachu without cap for now. Just in case of for gen8 ... I really don't understand now what is the interest of transfering from Go to Let's Go except for Meltan and version exclusives. Edit According to the same guy in Twitter it could have been because some attacks were not implanted at all in the game! So to prevent some Pokemon to turn bad eggs or bugs they decided to remove all their moves? What a strange way to do, at least Poketransporter was a bit more clever.
  12. Ok bad news guys lv1 confirmed in GoPark. Lot of underleved (if not all) from gen1 to be useless now. Crap. Good news: interesting rare wild encounters, really (like a wild Arcanine).
  13. According to @Kaphotics moves are not retained during transfer (which is the first time in Pokemon History!), I think we're ***** mostly because they could add it later in gen8 and so on it'll be almost impossible to get them back or they could totally avoid that fact at all. My bet on the first scenario regarding all bad reactions they'll get to do that. Oh and Mewtwo cannot be transfered too!
  14. With the Sinnoh Stone out it's time to get Mud Slap Rhyperior guys! Edit: They removed almost all Exclusive moves of gen4 (but not all - not MimeJr).
  15. Actually we are still searching for Mud Shot Kingler and Present Pikachu without cap. Edit: Got the Beedrill, the Machamp and the Ekans.
  16. Actually I have clues for almost all of them except the Omanyte and the Cloyster, if you can search ^^ Edit: Got them thanks to @theSLAYER !
  17. Got the Arcanine and the Exeggutor too today. Edit: Got the Porygon and the Hypno. And as ex-movesets: Bug Bite Beedrill, Gunk Shot Ekans, Cross Chop Machamp, Mud Shot Kingler.
  18. Ok I cross-checked the level-up movesets and here another list of moves we'll have to search: -Bug Bite Beedrill -Bug Bite Butterfree(got by @Poke J) -Gunk Shot Ekans -Poison Fang Venomoth ((I got it) -Night Slash Kanto Persian (got by @Britty) -Cross Chop Primeape (I got it) -Mud Shot Poliwrath (I got it) -Cross Chop Machamp -Submission Machamp (got by @Poke J -Discharge Magneton (got by @Poke J) -Icy Wind Dewgong(got by @theSLAYER) -Psychock Hypno (I got it) -Mud Shot Kingler -Discharge Porygon (I got it) -Signal Beam Porygon (I got it) -Brine Omanyte Can you tell me if you have one before I start searching please?
  19. I forgot one: Dark Pulse Gengar But I'm pretty sure someone has it already? @theSLAYER or @Poke J or @Britty ?
  20. I forgot 3 Pokemon: -Signal Beam Voltorb Zen Headbutt Exeggutor (got it) Dark Pulse Gengar(lvl up move in the game) -Dragon Pulse Gyarados (the TM is in the game) Edit: @Britty will contribute the Voltorb. They will be hard to get.
  21. Ok thanks but in case it s not the case I list all old TM exclusive legacy Pokemon we'll have to search thanks to the TM LGPE Leaks: -Icy Wind Cloyster We already have: Stone Edge Machamp, Rock Slide Graveler, Steel Wing Scyther, Rock Slide Omastar, Rock Tomb Sandshrew, Dragon Claw Dragonite, Zen Headbutt Porygon, Heat Wave Flareon, Icy Wind Seaking, Rock Smash Hitmonchan, Rock Tomb Omanyte, Bulldoze Arcanine, -Iron Head Onix
  22. Finally got the Muk today during the Community Day. Now we are only missing the Pikachu (if we count the Gengar). Just at time for Let's Go release.
  23. I finally got the Stomp Kangaskhan today. If we count Sludge Wave Gengar we're only searching for Acid Muk and Present Pikachu now. Time to finish the quest with the upcoming Community Day.
  24. A Unown W from PGW event in France. Which is totally fine for me I have a lot and keep them for regional and legacy pokemon.
  25. We're looking for one because it's a legacy egg move and you didn't say to me that you had one. I'll get one tommorow in any way. I want a shiny Ponyta for me too ^^ Now we're just missing Acid Muk and Present Normal Pikachu. Which will take time. Shiny Alolan Marowak can also be a nightmare to get.
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