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  1. I don't think Shiny Magmar is avalaible. I mean there was an event with a lot of wild ones (shiny Plusle/Minum) and a quest to get it (4% shiny rate) and I never heard of people got it. So the only way is by evolving a Magby. For Grimer the highest chance is during special weather for Poison/Fairy/Fight type after the gen1 event. @Poke JI have no news about the guy with Body Slam Cleffa. I'm thinking of doing Wanted pictures for the few we're looking in different languages but I have no time with my new job and personnal emergencies.
  2. Despite giving actually my time to PGo exclusive moves quest I don't forget that thread, I mean I want to find the key of the mystery of Illusion Forest shinies for example. I recently found that which is very interesting: beta Gen1 Pokemon (including a weird Farfetch'd?), beta Rhydon riding concept (which will only occur in gen 6!).
  3. I updated the list with all new Event moves+ Mewtwo legacy ones. I went in the two recent Pokemon event days but didn't find any from the exclusive or rare ones. @Tuoko I made a list of deleted moves which includes 4 egg moves and @theSLAYER began one too. Hope you'll not forget us, it'll be harder to get the missing ones with times and events (lucky Pokemon made almost impossible to find the Gengar, shiny Grimer and ultra bonus event made them almost impossible to find, Porygon2 made Porygon hard to find especially from 2016 ...).
  4. Got the Body Slam Igglybuff today and failed to get the Cleffa one (he refused to trade it because of its max IVs). Good news apparently they both can be obtained with that attack until late January 2017. Hope you'll help us to get the missing ones (also if American members can trade with @ArtemiSerebii)
  5. As I previously said there is 2 options: -trade IRL with one of us (there is people in Australia, Canada, United States, France, Germany ...) -give an access of your PGO party to @theSLAYER when the game will be released and hacked. Also for all please help us to get the few missing ones we're close to the end of the collection.
  6. I think the problem is because the Hex Numbers of attacks changed from demo to final game and gen 1. It's really strange it occurs with a gen1 move. Check the page with all informations for Demo. Clearly it was not untentional unlike Sing Snubull or things like that.
  7. I began the other deleted moves section and I noticed some interesting ones such as: -Egg moves only: Lick Muk, Bug Buzz Scyther, Stomp Kangaskhan, DragonBreath Dragonite. -Move tutor only moves: Ice Punch Poliwrath, Icy Wind Cloyster, Iron Head Onix, Signal Beam Voltorb, Zen Headbutt Kanto Exeggutor, Icy Wind Seaking, Dragon Pulse Gyarados, Heat Wave Flareon, Zen Headbutt Porygon/Togepi/Togetic. -Both move tutor and Egg moves: Dragon Pulse Dragonite and Lapras, Bug Bite Parasect and Venomoth. Also tell me if I missed some. I hope we'll get again Sludge Wave Gengar during October 2018 community day but I think I hope too much.
  8. Really common nowadays in Paris during special weather days but was quite rare at game release, but Porygon was the rarest at the time. I'm surprised in fact that we still don't have Grimer/Muk and Gengar. Of course they were from 2016 but there was a huge amont of players at the time. Good luck for Eevee community day I caught 10 in 1H30.
  9. I don't know but now I don't care. Really hope @Poke J did better than me, plus if other people can help us I'll be gratefull. I want to return to my Unreleased Proto thread, PGO is a game based on the frustration of the players and that's why I don't like it. Also I'm adding the recent exclusive moves to the list, including Japan only Hurricane Articuno.
  10. People don't really care about attacks, especially because we don't know if they are kept during transfer and because they have no battle value. I guess the girl refuses to trade it to me because I can't trade it a legendary like that or even a shiny, but honestly for a baby Pokemon that has a Move Tutor move??? I should understand for the Gengar but that's all.
  11. Such a disapointing day, people were crazy because of shiny eevee and don't want to trade or talk at all. And I failed a Mewtwo raid. And I finally found someone with Body Slam Igglybuff but she refuses to trade it. Hope @Poke J did better. Will try tommorrow, if I can and if I can keep hope in community.
  12. Hope you'll get it, the exclusive moves are the hardest to find and with Mega Evolutions announced I'm quite worried for Gengar. I can add a new spread with past moves and temporary available like Surf Rhydon.
  13. Got the Kabutops today. Hope you are prepared for the Pokemon community day in order to get the missing ones.
  14. Finally got it. Now let's all focus on next Pokemon community day in order to ask to players for the missing ones.
  15. Yeah, the only one uncontributed is the Smack Done Tyranitar.
  16. First, take screencaps to prove the legitimity then 2 solutions: -trade with one of us IRL -give an access to your account when Let's Go will release. Which one do you have?
  17. Rock Smash Alolan Marowak was released today but only as a Raid Battle (too bad) so if anyone can get one it'll be great. Also with upcoming events (shiny Zapdos on sunday ...) please ask to other trainers for the missing ones (Acid Kanto Grimer/Muk, Quick Attack Porygon, Sludge Wave Gengar, Rock Throw Omastar, Body Slam Eevee/Cleffa/Igglybuff, Fury Cutter Kabutops).
  18. Added to the list Jeremy Gengar found by @HaxAras
  19. I read the french 'translation' but it could be better to get the original source (but I don't read Japanese unfortunately).
  20. Very interesting interview of Masuda where he spoke about working connectivity between Let's Go and Gen8 regreting the lake of compatibility between gen2 and gen3. I sent him a tweet about Pokemon Bank issues (VC Odd Eggs, Underleved ...) for that (in case of ^^) He also announced a way to get Alolan forms in Let's Go without Go (probably with gen7 connectivity like GBA cardrige in Gen4).
  21. In my opinion you should not set Exclusive when the move can be learn by a prior evolution, breeding ... it's confusing! And add pictures and make it clearer by dividing page 1 -lvl moves page 2 egg moves ... (for example).
  22. It's already done, like the Rattata in fact. And I have the Rhydon and the Marowak. Don't think they'll be hard to get, except the Kangaskhan of course!
  23. They can still be obtained nowadays so I hope you'll help us to get them! Here the list of all other deleted moves: Sucker Punch Gastly Lick/Shadow Ball Haunter Shadow Claw/Dark Pulse Gengar Rock Slide/Iron Head Onix Shadow Ball/Psychock Hypno Mud Shot Kingler Signal Beam Voltorb Tackle Electrode Confusion/Zen Headbutt Exeggutor Brick Break Hitmonlee Rock Smash/Brick Break Hitmonchan Power Whip Tangela Stomp/Brick Break Kangaskhan Blizzard Seadra Drill Run/Icy Wind Seaking Tackle Starmie Steel Wing/Bug Buzz Scyther Pound/Ice Punch Jynx Submission Pinsir Dragon Pulse/Twister Gyarados Ice Shard/Dragon Pulse Lapras Heat Wave Flareon Tackle/Zen Headbutt/Signal Beam/Discharge/Psybeam Porygon Brine/Rock Tomb Omanyte Rock Slide Omastar Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw/Dragon Pulse Dragonite Dragon Pulse Mew Psychic Cleffa Zen Headbutt Togepi/Togetic Steel Wing Togetic Frostbreath Smoochum Flamethrower Magby
  24. I don't even have a Switch ^^ But I guess you spoke about dumping the datas before the Pokemon is caught (like Dream World). We still need help to get the missing ones.
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