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  1. As exepected Kanto Geodude and Hitmonchan are every hard to find. Don't know if the level caps during trade are due to the new update. Didn't get any new since you don't already have. Will update the list.
  2. Never heard of it, is it really possible? I tried on my gold save on VBA it didn't work.
  3. @theSLAYER The list is updated. If only there could have nest of Hitmonchan I think it's the rarest we still have to find. Gengar and Golem can be hard to get too.
  4. I only got few: Jynx, Charmeleon, Charizard, Metapod, Butterfree, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Wartortle, Tortank, Pikachu, Hypno, Dragonair, Dragonite, Primeape, Alolan Raticate, Kanto Raticate, Kanto Persian, Machamp and Nidoking. For pokemon you got but didn't transfer yet I'd love to include the G inside O icon but can't find it for the moment and the spreasheet has crashed. Any idea for the icon?
  5. My bad will correct it and the spreadsheet.
  6. Got lv1 Nidoking today. One less to get. Actually, if I'm correct we're only looking for 8: -Nidoqueen -Wigglytuff -Vileplume -Poliwrath -Victreebel -Kanto Graveler -Kanto Golem -Gengar -Hitmonchan
  7. Got lv1 Machamp in the wild tonight, will upload the list with all new discoveries.
  8. Hope they will fix remaining attacks too, I have my Pichu ready for Present Pikachu returns in case of. And I'm studying right now Black Flute effects because of the storm outside, all I can see for the moment is that it increases the level of wild Pokemon from 1 to 4 levels but PokeNav already does it so it's pointless. But because it's almost undocumented we can expect more discoveries.
  9. Don't tell me that underleved will have no value if they don't fix that GoPark problem.
  10. It's better to obtain the pre-evo trade/stone and clone them to let people choose (if they evolve them or not). I've seen you got Clefable and forgot to tell you about. Hope you'll get an Alolan Grimer egg, can try Friday during a Deoxys raid for myself.
  11. I already did normally, except for the Alolan Persian, did I miss someone?
  12. Yeah, I noticed it too and in order to get Charizard and Dragonite at lv3 you need to have a chain of 10/11 pokemon caught and one will appear, it only took me 20 minutes each to get them whereas it took me 4 hours for the Pidgeot. Lures in fact is a shit it constantly rises the level of wild Pokemon. It's like Black Flute but in worst. Note for myself to study BlackFlute effects in ORAS.
  13. Nice, I have a lv1 Unown from PGW event and got a lv1 Meltan yesterday too. Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres can be found at lv3 in Let's Go however we'll need to understand how do they appear and how do RNG works to only hope getting them. It's not like lv1 Gyarados from Nature Preserve unfortunately.
  14. Nice, will try to get one but can be hard, Do you keep them in GO or Let's GO? Because if you keep them in Let's Go when it'll be easier to edit save it'll be usefull to get a copy of them without your ID/SID ... for the collection. Because with only 1 PC10 by day it'll take me months, Also got lv1 Kantonian Raticate yesterday
  15. Got a lv1 Kanto Persian today for my part.
  16. Technically Alolan Sandslash can be obtained at lv1 in Gen7 as it evolves with a Stone. But thanks to get it it for us. @CryHaddock I guess you won"t share them with us but thanks for the informations, the question I have is about Alolan Grimer, I don't think you can get it at lv1 for the moment, right?
  17. Yeah, in my opinion create a new account could be the fastest way (except for some Pokemon like Gyarados). For high account I noticed something interesting: when the weather changes Pokemon that appeared due to the old weather still appear for few minutes, if you click on them they will have low CP. That's how I got my lv1 Primeape today and a lv1 Growlithe too. I also got today a Alolan Raticate lv1. @SwagKey That's a kind of quest you can help easily for example.
  18. Got the lv1Butterfree today but I'm sadly surprised nobody wants to contribute or help us for this quest so I think I'll stop spamming you with that and keep them for me.
  19. Shadow Loudred picture finally The file is only half-coded but I got it guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loudred.xdpkm Need help to decrypt it, the Torkoal on the right is almost fine but the Carvanha on the left has the same problem (because they are shadow I guess). Chartor.xdpkm Carvanha.xdpkm Mysdibule.xdpkm Absol.xdpkm Draby.xdpkm Duskull.xdpkm Tarinor.xdpkm Chenipotte.xdpkm Spoink.xdpkm Nirondelle.xdpkm Trapinch.xdpkm Gulpin.xdpkm Makuhita.xdpkm Snorunt.xdpkm Dynavolt.xdpkm Shroomish.xdpkm Feebas.xdpkm So the 2 shadow have their moves missing: Shadow Blist and Shadow Hold + 2* 01 76. Don't know what's hiding behind the hex index I have stops at 01 75. Plus I can't know what normal moves are hiding Shadow Blist and Shadow Hold because Dolphin is a *** for RAM-editing and editing your save won't work unfortunately. Need help for that @StarsMmd too.
  20. Ok, will try to get back in business even if PGO quest is not over yet (still missing Present Pikachu without hat) and now we're also looking for all PC10 Kanto Pokemon for Underleved too. Seriously, I'm fed up of PGO and with that restrictive game that was Let's GO, GF should really work hard to make me hope again about gen8 and the future of the licence. But for now here on this thread here the upcoming projects: -Illusion Forest Legendary Beasts : it seems that the game generates them but we still don't know where. But if they can be shiny they should exist somewhere -USUM Punishment Murkrow: an unreleased egg move, dig on a way to legitly get it if possible -XD Munchlax (still waiting for @StarsMmd datas) And many others later if you're interested!
  21. Got lv1 Charizard, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Dragonair, Dragonite today during CD which confirms my theory. Hope you'll help us to contribute!
  22. We should make a list of all wanted devices/cardriges (probably in private in order to not make them rarer). And set a strategy to collect them.
  23. Finished Go Underleved listing. Actually there is 77 to collect! I only have 6. You can help us to collect them. I gave the best method to be sure they will be at lv1 but if PC<19 for almost all of them (except Pidgey, Magikarp, Rattata and few others) they have a chance too. Massive outbreak (Go Events) are the easiest way to find them for the rarest. As few have already their Switch hacked for the moment if you want to contribute post a screenshoot of the Pokemon for the moment in Let's Go. Edit: Some "cheating" app in smartphone can let you see if your Pokemon in GO is lvl1 or not. Edit2: Don't hunt weather boosted Pokemon, you won't find lv1.
  24. Random DVs? That means they can be shiny! Still pray we'll be able to find more cardriges in future, especially NY ones, old gen1/3, Event Hidden Grotto ...
  25. Also found: -lv3 Poliwhirl Route 22 Surf -lv11 Seaking Route 6 Surf -lv37 Muk Power Plant Let's Go Pikachu only I have noticed 2 things if someone wants to start Go underleved quest: Pokemon will be lv1 if PC is under 19 for most of them and it'll be easier with a new account. Nobody interested? Edit: Will update the spreadsheet soon. Edit 2: Updated for Let's GO underleved. Go Underleved will come later!
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