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  1. Even the 21st I checked ^^ It looks like Shadow Loudred is from the Demo.
  2. Searching for Shadow Loudred evidences in XD I found that card_meny.fsys in XD has 18 cards.bin inside. Does that mean E-cards for XD too? Also if you have any idea on how to force-load the Colosseum US 21st card you're welcome. And of course evidences on Shadow Loudred. I found the relivehall_menu.fsys but don't know where to search the tutorial mentionned in Bulbapedia/Glitchcity.
  3. I think Psybeam Chansey, Quick Attack Porygon, Rock Throw Omastar, DragonBreath Gyarados and Fury Cutter Kabutops will be the hardest ones to get.
  4. Bulbapedia mentions the existence of a cut Shadow Loudred in XD that you can see in Purify Chamber tuto. Did anyone see it?
  5. So @BlackShark tried to swap card 21 and 1 but it results in a failed scan. The game seems to know that the card doesn't belong to the data.
  6. Hi, I open this thread in order to discuss a bit about what will be the new meta of Let's GO. Of course it'll depend on many things we still don't know like if there is a pension or not, new moves added to Pokemon (like Double Kick Pikachu), if PGO retains their moves ... But still we can at last speculate. So here my tiers list. Uber: Mewtwo (too powerfull) A tier : Alakazam (apart Mewtwo, the best Pyschic type, few counters) Chansey (Even without Wish still an excelent healer) Clefable (The best fairy, good moveset and stats) Dragonite (The only viable dragon) Gengar (Counter of Clefable, few counters) Golem (the only viable Steath Rocker) Mew (versatile, maybe will be uber ?) Snorlax (very strong, few counters) Starmie (the best Rapid Spinner, Psychic resistance, best Water type too) Zapdos (the Best Electrick, immune to Earthquake, Roost ...) Alolan Muk (the best counter of Alakazam, 1 unique weakness, good movepool) Alolan Ninetales (A very interesting double type especially against Dragonite) Alolan Marowak (Can be interesting, one of the few Ghost type, few counters) B tier : Arcanine (strong, fast, depends of if it can have Morning Sun or not) Gyarados (can be very strong, but the lack of MegaStone and its wickness to SR is not a thing to forget) Jolteon (not as good as Zapdos, can be very usefull however with Volt Switch) Slowbro (the 2nd best staller after Chansey) Alolan Persian (can counter Alakazam, not a little thing) Blastoise (the 2nd viable rapid spinner, can even have recovery compared to Starmie) Cloyster(priority moves, ice moves, very strong defense) C tier : Haunter (the 3rd ghost type, immune to Ground thanks to Levitate) Onix (the 3rd Steath Rocker, can be usefull but not as much as Golem) Nidoqueen (Good double type, excellent movepool) Nidoking (Good double type, excellent movepool) Alolan Exeggutor (the 2nd dragon, nothing more to add) Alolan Raichu (psychic resistance, fast, can be usefull) Aerodactyl (fast, strong but weak to Steath Rock)
  7. Such a lucky guy ^^ For all readers please share this list with your friends and trade them the Pokemon if possible. Proofs like @Poke J did are requested.
  8. I'm actually translating the list in French. I can send the original document to people who wants to translate it in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Deutsch, Spanish or Chinese.
  9. Actually Seal cannot learn Water Gun since Red/Blue/Green/Yellow and we can suppose that Let's Go movesets will be based on USUM ones + few new additions like Double Kick Pikachu. And you're lucky to get it before the 23rd update nice!
  10. @theSLAYER I think we should translate that list in other languages if we really want to find them as most are from 2016 and limited time.
  11. We know it. However we explained how to get Present Pikachu without the hat and I added Mew in case of just for informations or if it'll be possible later.
  12. In gen3 the only I found was the unreleased Bite Shedinja. Pretty sure they'll fix it however before its release.
  13. Checked gen 2. Found: -Pichu Quick Attack Exclusive -Igglypuff Body Slam (FRLG move tutor) -Delibird Present Event Move in Go -Tyranitar Smack Down Event Move in Go So if you have any of them keep it for later! There must have more probably. Can anyone check? I'll do gen 3 later.
  14. It's a bit trivia but I remember unavaible MoonBlast and Hurricane Mew. I'm also checking Serebii to find new ones. Actually just found very rare ones : Fury Cutter Nidoking (Emerald PTHGSS Move Tutor), Ominous Wind Golbat (PTHGSS move tutor), Twister Spearow/Fearow (PTHGSS move tutor), Ancient Power Golem (PTHGSS move tutor), Air Cutter Dodrio (PTHGSS move tutor), Rock Smash Alolan Marowak (unavaible for the moment- can only learn it by transfering a Cubone with that move from previous gen), Fury Cutter Pinsir (Emerald PTHGSS move tutor), Dragon Breath Gyarados (GSC TM), Fury Cutter Kabutops (Emerald PTHGSS Move Tutor), Swift Doduo (gen 1 TM, FRLG move tutor), Body Slam Rattata (gen 1 TM, FRLG move tutor), Body Slam Meowth (gen 1 TM, FRLG move tutor), Water Gun Seel (gen 1 TM).
  15. 752-01 - Araquanid - 56A1F879B10E (Totem).pk7 284 - Masquerain - 1DC471404299 (Totem's Ally).pk7 354 - Banette - 526AC112A9AA (Totem's Ally).pk7 593 - Jellicent - 5F979766EDAA (Totem's Ally).pk7
  16. Like each year Americans VGC players got an exclusive event. This year it'll be Krookodile (based on the Japanese Champion?). Moves: Earthquake, Crunch, Taunt, Protect. Nature: Adamant. Held Item: Groundium Z. Ability: Intimidate. Source: @iceposs2000 I'm so excited to finally got an event on one of my 10 most wanted Event Pokemon (except legendaries/shinies).
  17. Yeah according to the encounter list I translated for french the only unreachable wild area was the Bulu forest 1. The Machop area is something weird too but can be accessed.
  18. I was trying to do it too. You tried Slowpoke Well, Ruins of Alph and Power Plant so? Well that's was not surprising but sad.
  19. Thanks to @Halfshadow I was able to ind the 3rd underleved of the game: lv19 Fearow. It knows Pursuit. Will add later to the list. 022 - オニドリル - 6CB5.pk2
  20. Ok, thank you I was able to find the 3rd underleved of the game thanks to your trick ^^ Will do some tests now.
  21. The dissassembly was already done this is how I knew for this place, I think yu should concentrate on your first goal. For Nurse Joy the problem is the script text and the healing one. Do you think your trick will also for hidden locations like the PowerPlant, the Wellpoke Cave or the Ruins of Alph?
  22. Thanks, will try as soon as possible, this is definitly a thing to add for upgraded fixed ips so ^^
  23. Can you send me the mod you mad as ips please? I think it didn't work because of the method I used ^^
  24. Here's what I got, the grass is with 04 and the sh with 18
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