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  1. Cross-checked Gen 1 found 3 new to get: -Ominous Wind Gastly (rare move) -Body Slam Eevee (rare move) -Sludge Wave Gengar (exclusive move, only by events in main game or Dream World) And in gen2: -Body Slam Cleffa (rare move)
  2. For Manaphy you have to receive the egg in a game and trade it in another check if shiny, if not trade in another ... For Jirachi you should use emulator and RNG calculator when you receive the datas in Ruby/Sapphire. Search in PPorg more details, it's really complicated.
  3. Got tonight from a hardcore player Quick Attack Pichu, however with it I discovered Serebii did many errors, I'll have to cross-check, I have already found a new event one (Shadow Claw Gengar) and I'm pretty sure there are more ...
  4. Got a bunch of new ones today at Squirtle event: -Acid Weezing -Fury Cutter Pinsir -Air Cutter Dodrio -Stomp Hitmonlee -Quick Attack Staryu -Dragon Breath Gyarados It's really the right method to collect them. Will update the list. I'm quite worried however for Omastar and Kabutops because of the rock event many people released their old ones.
  5. Got Acid Koffing. With PGO event tommorrow I hope I'll get more.
  6. A new Pokebal appeared in the new movie and I already hate its design!
  7. Got today by trade: -Body Slam Meowth -Swift Doduo Went to Japan Expo I was very angry. We got 4G but no geolocalisation because of the place I missed many Uknown! Think it's the right method to collect them all; except I can't spend so much money for those events. Speaking about I also saw Let's Go demo, nothing new except shinys have in-game special aura (like the red/blue ones but with stars). Quite disapointing. Ps: I also met shinyhunter master Armand. Spoke about Let's go shiny mechanics. He has Dragonbreath Gyarados but didn't want to trade it ...
  8. Got today by trade: -Quick attack/Psybeam Starmie -Rare attack Golbat Tommorow I'll be at Japan Expo in order to see Let's Go demo, get Event Unknown and do some other trades. If there is any french people who want to meet me just send me a PM.
  9. Because it happens every year. Some Pokemon weren't distributed since many years in Japan like Genesect or Diancie. And Jirachi got all attention it desserves already.
  10. Yeah another Japanese Jirachi event for Tanabata .. Source: @iceposs2000
  11. As you can see I soft reseted using Vba so I probably missed lots of shinies during this. Be sure to keep your shinies datas. I'm pretty sure (because of probability laws) the Leafeon I remember was from Battle debug menu and not PC reset. Same for proto-Sneasel. I got fun to transfer proto-Tangrowth, proto-Mime Jr and proto-Lickilicky to SMUSUM yesterday.
  12. I quickly tried but it's over my actual skills, I'm focusing on XD Muchlax for the moment then I'll surely take a look again on Illusion Forest Beasts.
  13. Good luck to find it, I will be very interested by these discoveries however ^^ I'm actually working on XD Munchlax and o god that's hard!
  14. Pension doesn't work (like a ton of other fonctions) so we'll never know but I guess MewtwoM and MewtwoF would give Mewtwo eggs and Ditto would give Ditto eggs too. In fact the only special case I've seen is Bulu (proto-Snubull 100%female). Also the fact proto-Sneasel, proto-Snubull, proto-Aipom, Togepi, Ho-oh and proto-Leafon almost never appear randomly in debug mode (but I remember I got one day a proto-Leafon and a proto-Sneasel) is something weird, quite illogical. I mean I've met 15 Mew in 300+ tries. If someome dumped proto-Leafon lv5 from random debug PC I'm in.
  15. Look like I solved another mystery by accident. In GS demo the no-gender doesn't exist. Which explains unused egg moves for Staryu in Gold/Silver.
  16. So method 2 is working (not thanks to Pkhex which corrupted many times my save) however I'm not satisfied with it. I though of a new method: bypass PalPark migration restrictions and then switch Pokemon ID like Method2. Will it change something for the final result? I don't know. I'm afraid of the Decamark corruptions too(type and pokemon ability). Maybe the 2nd method is the best at final? Edit: Munchlax is a nightmare in comparison to do. You'll need a HackRom that will generates one then do your self the initial swap without PkmGCSave for which this Pokemon should not exist (but it does). Maybe with @StarsMmd 's help?
  17. I wait for the source to answer me for Shadow Loudred. So I decided instead to begin Bonsly transfer. It'll not be as simple as just a species ID swap as I expected. For the moment I succeded to transfer again Bonsly to Pokemon Emerald and as expected this pokemon is not allowed to be transfered. However if during the trainer boxes preview the gen4 game is reading it with gen4 hex table it could be possible. Edit: No it's totally reading datas as of pk3 and then convert them! Another way is to swap datas of Bonsly with Sudowoodo for example before (in XD for example) than transfer it in gen4 and swaped it again. Think that it'll surely be the only way unfortunately.
  18. @theSLAYER I was spoking about Surf Pikachu for GF event politic. Hope that won't be the case for all exclusive/event moves.
  19. Added to the list: -Body Slam Snorlax (upcoming event) -Surf Pikachu issue according to Joe Merrick -Mew (in case of) Did I already tell you that GF event policy is problematic ?
  20. So I started a new game in XD and as expected no tutorial. Really think that this shadow (if it exists) comes from a prototype/demo version. For example the intro is longer in demo than in final game and even longer in japanese commercial.
  21. I think I found be accident the solution of the 21st card mystery. In fact the Japanese version also have this 21st placeholder which makes me think it's for the Promo E-card. Asked to @BlackShark to test it. Also a little recap on the still working projects if you want to help us: -Illusion Forest Entei/Raikou/Suicune found by a youtuber and @theSLAYER it looks like BW generates datas for a wild legendary beast. But we're still unable to dump them. -Gold/Silver demo @Halfshadow is still working on the patch that will allows you to save and heal your Pokemon -Event Hidden Grotto to recreate. By mimicing Noisy Funfiest mission recreate the missions that allows you to find Eveevolutions and others in Hidden Grotto. -Shadow Loudred in XD Find evidences on this cut Shadow Pokemon I also thought of a cool project that I can do after Shadow Loudred: -Transfer Bonsly/Munchlax from XD to Gen4. I have already tried legally but Bonsly became a Decamark and couldn't be Palparked. However using the same method I used in GS demo (with Mantine ...) and knowing the fact gen4 Pokemon can be hacked to appear in PalPark well that could be possible.
  22. I don't find it however, pray that I don't have to do new game just for that animation.
  23. From the same source: " The person doesn't grab it though and use it for the demonstration. (She picks up the Shadow Carvanha instead which is snaggable.) Still interesting regardless. " Is there another XD demo?
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