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  1. I got yesterday a shiny Grimer (that I can share) but didn't get any shiny Ponyta today ? whereas I got 3 shiny Cubone. Plus I have a clue for Stomp Kangaskhan I'll do the trade tommorrow.
  2. Nice, don't transfer it for the moment, we need data before catching. Plus, do you accept to let @theSLAYER have an access to your account to get that Gengar later?
  3. @ArtemiSerebii In fact it existed since gen5 (Dream World); but yeah it'll be exclusive to Go. The fact they patched Crunch Loudred and recently Bite Shedinja make me think they don't want anymore any exclusive moves to happen. I noticed something really interesting for Let's Go; during a gameplay from Newtiteuf we can see Brock's Onix with Headbutt (gen2 TM or gen 4 Move tutor) and a trainer's Jigglypuff with Bide (gen 1 TM). Could that mean we'll have all move tutors in that game? old TM and so one the recent ones will be rare and so we'll have to search them (like Dragon Claw Dragonite for example)? And I probably have a clue for Sludge Wave Gengar but it'll take a lot of time and it's at a very expensive price so I hope finding a better offer.
  4. Finally got today the Acid Grimer. Now we're only missing 4 Pokemon: Acid Muk (exclusive move), Sludge Wave Gengar (exclusive move), Stomp Kangaskhan (legacy egg move), Présent Pikachu (legacy event egg move). Here's my thoughts: -for the Muk @Poke J and I have a clue with a french guy that has it but we'll need a lot of time and money to get it -for the Pikachu we can pray it'll come back in Winter Holidays (if not we'll cry) -for the Kangaskhan if there is anyone from Australia or Oceania please help us to get it -for the Gengar I have no idea how to get it, it's so rare and with Lucky Pokemon people already traded it I also added the Gengar event in the list and the upcoming Typhlosion.
  5. With that said I decided to create a new category: unreleased moves! (I'm working on it). Edit: Done but I'm pretty sure there are more to find!
  6. Yeah they removed Bite and Struggle Bug for Shedinja in the last update (which is forced) like they did for the Loudred ! Proof: That sounds bad for Gen4 exclusive moves!
  7. Well, in that case we'll have do all that researches for nothing but we have to think the opposite because when the game will be release if moves are retained the exclusive moves will have a huge price (just thinking now how hard it is to find a Sludge Wave Gengar because of Lucky Pokemon). Can you help us to get Stomp Kangaskhan by trade please?
  8. Due to my stupid friend I won't be able to get the Shedinja with Bite tonight, so to all if you get one with that move before it is patched keep it with you. Hope @theSLAYER or@Poke J will save the day!
  9. Also got tonight the Lapras and the Scyther. Now we're just missing 3 exclusive moves (Acid Grimer/Muk, Sludge Wave Gengar), 1 event move (Present Pikachu without hat) and 1 legacy Egg move (Stomp Kangaskhan). The problem for the last one is because I live in Europe I won't be able to get it at all I hope @theSLAYER can help us for this one.
  10. Got the DragonBreath Dragonite today. One less to get! Edit: And the Parasect
  11. Got a BugBite Venomoth by trade today. Not a great one but still. So actually we're looking for: -3 exclusive moves (Acid Grimer, Acid Muk, Sludge Wave Gengar) -1 event move (normal Pikachu with Present) -1 legacy egg moves (Stomp Kangaskhan, Bug Bite Parasect, Bug Buzz Scyther, Dragon Pulse Lapras, DragonBreath Dragonite) Hope you'll help us to get them.
  12. Is there anyone with a spoofing account that has a Rayquaza in order to get the Dragonite with the 2 legacy egg moves? Thanks in advance
  13. Finally tested Let's Go Demo at PGW (even if I spent a lot of money and time) and I have mixed feelings about it: -first graphics are great, not as much as XY unfortunately -then the Pokeball used as a joycon, in fact if correctly configured (which was the case for me but not my neighbourhood) is really accurate (contrarly to what most people said) Of course because it was a demo a lot of unusual Pokemon appeared in the wild (Bulbasaur, Eevee ...) but what surprised me was a wild Pidgey with Mirror Move ( a move it cannot learn until very late) and the fact this move failed when it was used to imitate Sizzly Slide (like Dark Void or HyperSpace Fury in fact). The huge problem during the demo (and I think the game too by extension) was wild Pokemon harassement, I mean if you complained about wild Zubat in caves you didn't see anything. Seriously I had only 10 minutes to play and was attacked by 5 kamikaze Rattata. I spent all my time trying to escape trainers and wild Pokemon. Seriously GF you had the answer for trainers in GS demo and thinking a game where wild Pokemon are rare (maybe not like in XD) can make players thinking about ecosystem (you know the idea you started in Black/White) so why??? And if you were afraid of huge changes of the formula it's clearly not the case, yeah they changed catching method (except for legendaries where apparently you have to fight them first) but the other mechanics and ideas are present. And that's clearly a problem after Breath of the Wild revolution you can't do anymore a game so limited, it's frustrating and disappointing. Remember what I wanted the most for new games was a real exploration, not new dual types Pokemon (which was 2nd in my list). But if Let's Go is clearly not an amazing game it can be fun, at least waiting for the new generation. Oh and I asked about demo archives and they said to me that they were automatically destroyed after events so if there is a leak: it comes from an employee that kept one or GF itself.
  14. I have a touch on Acid Grimer (will get it in a month against a Unown P) and I spoke to a guy that has both the Gengar and the Pikachu we're looking for but I don't Know if he wants to trade them or not. I sent him a PM. Plus I pray Niantic won t fix Bite Shedinja I want it !
  15. Bad news everyone. Shadow Ball Mewtwo was again avalaible from 22:00 (GMT+1) to 22:30 (GMT+1) today due to a bug.
  16. Great can you upload a screenshot of your Pidgeot please ? (my bad didn t see it was pidgey) Will you let @theSLAYERget access to your account when Let s Go will release in order to share them ?
  17. I met a lot of people that had the Dragonbreath/Dragon Pulse Dragonite today they are not very rare compared to the Muk/Grimer/Gengar/Pikachu. @Poke J Got the Porygon!
  18. Hope you'll find another one and pray for the Grimer! And maybe the Muk/Gengar/Pikachu/Charizard? But just the two first one will be great.
  19. Finally got in my hand the Body Slam Cleffa, also got a Swift Buneary and a shiny Metagross with Meteor Mash. @Poke J Any news about Air Cutter Pidgeot or Acid Grimer? I'll try tonight to get Quick Attack Porygon. Here all missing: Acid Grimer/Muk, Sludge Wave Gengar, Blast Burn Charizard, Present normal Pikachu. It'll be great to also collect deleted egg moves like Bug Bite Parasect/Venomoth, Lick Muk(I got it), Stomp Kangaskhan, Bug Buzz Scyther, Dragon Pulse Lapras, DragonBreath Dragonite, Dragon Pulse Dragonite, Quick Attack/Ice Shard Delibird.
  20. With Gen4 released I added to the list: -8 New Exclusive moves (unreleased for the moment) -7 New Rare moves (including one you can already get: Swift Buneary) Also Crunch Loudred is a strange case, I need to know if it has even been obtainable or not. Edit: Seems not, move removed January 12th and Pokemon released January 28th. And I have a match for Quick Attack Porygon but I need to do 250km to get it.
  21. Yes, same for Charm Bulbasaur and some other Unused Egg moves. And recently I discovered many Crystal exclusive moves I finished the Demo Exclusive moves and discovered many interesting things such as Sacred Fire Arcanine (Legendary after all according to Pokedex/Anime), Pain Split Chansey/Blissey (Too broken!) ... will add the spreadsheet later. Speaking of exclusive moves GF decided to show them in Master Trainer trailer: we saw SolarBeam Lapras (gen 1 Exclu), Confusion Blastoise (gen 2 exclu) (or Extrasensory?), Thunderpunch Charizard, Rock Slide Pinsir, Giga Drain Kabutops, Outrage Venusaur and Thunderbolt Gyarados. Can we expect new exclusive moves or move tutors? Edit: Serebii listed Blastoise Master Move as Dark Pulse.
  22. What do you mean by version exclusives? Also I'm thinking about doing a list of all Demo-exclusive moves. I recently discovered new Crystal exclusive moves such as Submission Cyndaquil, Crunch Ekans, Reflect HA Mareep or the rarest one HA Horn Attack Piloswine (which can only legitimate be obtained via Stadium 2 Relearner).
  23. Updated the list with: -a new Exclusive move: Crunch Loudred -a new Rare Move: Air Cutter Pidgeot -bunch of other deleted moves including egg moves, a raid only one and an unreleased one Plus, with Crabbhammer coming Krabby/Kingler, Corpish/Crawdaunt will loose a move for that one which will be updated in the list (hope not Aqua Jet for the second ones).
  24. I remember that problem with nicknames because the datas weren't in the same place (add to correct that in Pkhex at the time). To correct it you have to find where nicknames data are stored in demo and send them in GS slots. Too bad PGO quest is at a dead point for the moment. Time plays against us. Plus I have good and bad news for underleved in Let's Go. Some new quests will be fun.
  25. I'm glad you worked on it. Did it correctly translate Pokemon ID of Skarmory for example from Demo to GSC? Same for some attack ID changes? A nice addition feature will be to translate Leafeon and other directly to pk7; it can be done but will be harder to implement.
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