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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Since there is currently no way to edit Pokémon Dash save files, I made some Action Replay codes to replay these old forgotten events! Official event cups recreations: - Poképark 4-Forms Deoxys Cup | OT: ポケパーク (Poképark) - World's Hobby Fair Munchlax Cup | OT: WHF - Nintendo World Store Munchlax Cup | OT: NWS Unused cups: - 4-Forms Deoxys Cup (English name) | OT: PPorg - Flying Pikachu Cup | OT: PPorg - Surfing Pikachu Cup | OT: PPorg - Egg Cup | OT: PPorg - "??" Cup | OT: PPorg In order to play these courses, you will have to move the cheat file to Desmume's cheats folder, rename the cheat file or the ROM to match their names, and choose the cup slot for each course. Note that you will need to have the Special Cups option in your save file. Only the European version is currently supported.
  2. Use HxD and press Ctrl + G and you will find it. 0x1EB4C is a location of the file, not an actual value.
  3. I would like to share some documentation I made last year regarding editing some obscure features of the Gen 5 games and I was able to succesfully edit the Unity Tower floors, the Geonet locations and all the results from the passerbies and surveys. I made a somewhat messy in-depth Excel file explaining everything I was able to find, but I will explain it briefly here. The Unity Tower Block (Block 29 in both BW and B2W2) stores data of the Unity Tower floors you have unlocked, the recent players's NPC you have encountered and all the Geonet locations you can view in the globe from any Pokémon Center. Your own country and subregion data is stored in the main trainer block. The most interesting thing about this is that there are 102 unreleased countries/sovereign states to choose in the Geonet that were unavailable, but works the same as the regular countries! These locations were previously documented by @suloku in his BW Tool program, in which you can edit the country location of the NPCs from the Join Avenue. They were unnoticed despite some of them being hilarious, like Vatican City or North Korea. The Passerby and Survey Block (Block 63 in BW and 61 in B2W2) saves the results of all the passerby answers and surveys. They can be edited to eassily achieve S+ Rank in the Passerby Anaylytics HQ from Castelia City. I will also submit my own edited blocks that everyone can import to their save files using the mentioned BW Tool. I hope the excel file is understandable enough, feel free to ask me if anyone has any doubt! This was the first time I tried to document something, so I apologice in advance if something is slightly wrong. B2W2 Documentation.xlsx B2W2 Block 61 (Passerby and Survey).bin BW Block 63 (Passerby and Survey).bin BW-B2W2 Block 29 (Unity Tower and Geonet).bin
  4. Open your save file in a Hex Editor and go to 0x1EB4C. You will see there the Pokédex number of the Pokémon you have in the volcano scene. For example, Metagross's number is 376 in decimal = 178 in hexadecimal using any hex calculator. If I wanted to write Metagross, I would overrwite the next 2 bytes with "78 01". I'm not sure what are the next 2 bytes (0x1EB4E-1EB4F), I think they are the gender/shiny form. If you want it to be shiny, you can write "03 00" there. Edit: Remember to open and save the save file in Pkhex to fix the checksums.
  5. The Pokémon's data shown in the credits are stored at 0x1EAF0. The game saves your EC and the Pokémon IDs for each event. You can also make them shiny/mega/alternate forms tweaking the ID.
  6. Without using any kind of external devices, the only way to re-activate the events is by doing glitches. Keep in mind the Pokémon won't be legitimate because you are not getting them in the intended way, but they will be legal, except if you catch Mew in a non-Japanese game. Here's a tutorial of how to unlock Deoxys and Mew events on a Spanish Emerald game, there's probably more guides on how to do it on other languages.
  7. Use the English version of PokeCGear. As long as you only use musical files hosted here, you shouldn't have any problem.
  8. I couldn't find any way to re-create a custom Battle Institute test, but I was able to edit a DLC test record! In B2W2, the Battle Institute records are stored in the block 0x23700 - 0x237A7.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This a Pokémon Dream Radar save file that can be used to directly transfer all the Legendary Pokémon, and some extra Pokémon and items to Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Available Pokémon and Items to transfer: -Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Ho-oh and Lugia -Riolu, Ralts, Togepi, Spiritomb, Porygon and Rotom -Sun Stone x10, Moon Stone x10, Fire Stone x10, Water Stone x10, Thunder Stone x10 and Leaf Stone x10 This save is also 100% cleared, so it can be used to catch any non-Legendary Pokémon and collect any item: -999999 Orbs -All Extensions Unlocked -All Upgrades Unlocked -Max Game Records Note: It is not needed to use Pokémon Dream Radar to transfer Pokémon and items to B2W2, thanks to the Gen 5 Save Tool. This save has also been edited using the Pokémon Dream Radar Save Editor, both tools made by Suloku. It's recommended to use JKSV or Checkpoint for importing 3DS save files.
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