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  1. When I compared two saves before and after the PC it was 55: 2->068: 390->410470: 8600->8730762: 2->3 Do flags 55 and 762 have no impact?
  2. You need No$GBA in order to emulate 10ANNIV distro ROMs to GBA cart. I use VBA-link 1.7.2 for general cable trading because VBA-M's trading is bugged but VBA-M for regular emulation and linking up with dolphin (I have successfully traded between dolphin and 3rd gen games and received the bonus jirachi/celebi)
  3. You do realise that that feature was a joke, right?
  4. Fiddler only operates at an HTTP level.
  5. I've seen people making RPGs online, but it's even more difficult learning HTML/Javascript and not all of the features can be duplicated (i.e. Live battling)
  6. All together in the one .zip (legitimacy doesn't matter, a complete collection of shiny PKMs also if possible.) I'm a little iffy about creating 600 PKMs manually, since I did about 200 with Platinum; it took me hours and I later lost the PKMs... Also, is there a way to insert every Pokemon into the box of the .sav file automatically? I'm trying to transition from Pokesav to Pokegen...
  7. Yep. Almost certainly, a Pokemon Grey version :3 I remember Red/Blue then Yellow Silver/Gold then Crystal Ruby/Sapphire then Emerald Diamond/Pearl then Platinum I've seen only remakes lack the 'inbetween' version ;3
  8. Larvesta. Arghhm Shiny hunts are evil ;___;
  9. Could you make a .deb legality checker for iDevices and put in on a repository for Cydia (i.e. for jailbroken iDevices. So the apps do not need to be approved by Apple)? Though it might be irritating having to update for every major new operating system that is released.
  10. IF you select it with Japanese, its still pretty much unreadable unless you know how to read it! Therefore, download D/P so you know what the buttons do. Edit pokemon there (it can still read HGSS save file, but not save) and save the PKM file and open in HGSS pokesav. It works like a charm ._. "This does nothing except change my name to ???? P.S: I'm using KazoWAR's english patch, does that effect it?" I'm using KazoWAR's patch. It doesn't affect it at all, and I've been using Pokesav a looongg time. DELETE the ??? and replace with your name!
  11. It has ???? marks all over the place. To figure out which buttons you need to press to make it work, download the DP (yes you heard me Diamond Pearl) POKESAV and open that to figure out which buttons to press to make what work. To modify pokemon, I would open the save with the DP pokesav, first, save the PKM file (after modding moves etc.) of your party pokemon and then open the save file with HGSS load PKMs into the Party slots. Bingo! Efficient way to deal with your Pokemon WITHOUT dealing with giberrish. Make sure you change your trainer/pokemon names with either Pokesav first and Make sure that original trainer name, OT gender, OT IDs (secret+regular) match.
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