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  1. Good Day, I pretty much have Pokemon creation down pact, but I would love a tutorial on how to use the Pokedex feature of PokeGen. My attempts at creating PokeDex entries for Pokemon that have not yet seen in game (Keldeo for example) have resulted in a cleared out PokeDex. Is there a way during the Pokemon creation process to ensure that the caught/seen information is also added to the PokeDex automatically? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. KingC1971
  2. Is there a tutorial on how to use the Pokedex editor on here? When I try to use it, my pokedex is completely erased.
  3. Hi, Regardless of whether or not I use the PID Finder, the bility of the Pokemon switched when it evolves. For example when my Lotad with swift swim evolved to Lombre the ability switches to rain dish. Anyt thoughts? Regards, CK1
  4. Hi, I recently trained a venonat created with Pokegen. When it evolved to Venomoth, it's ability changed from Tinted Lens to Shield Dust. When it was created a PID was not chosen as per previous instructions. I allowed PG to generate the PID when I save the pkm file. Any thoughts?
  5. Trying to generate a legitimate shiny electrike from diamond but the legality check keeps coming up hacked. Can anyone help me with this. Here is the pkm file. I don't manually create the PID. I let PokeGen generate it upon saving. Sinnoh PKMN.pkm
  6. Hi, What is the Hex Code for the Bell Tower where Ho-oh is captured? Thanks,
  7. I was working on editing a Pokemon and noticed that none of the HeartGold / SoulSilver Locations are listed, only Platinum locations. Is there another update to correct this?
  8. Hi, Can anyone give me the Secret ID# for the TRU Arceus? Thanks
  9. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone out there has the secret ID for TRU Arceus. Thanks,
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