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  1. Yes, except that Koreans games are a lot rarer that commons games...
  2. Nigoli I've a question about korean event, actually we got it on .pgf, so how can I get them on .pkm? (I know this question is everywhere, but I speak about korean pokemon), if you made the process on jap/us cart, you'll have a jap/US name, what do you use for korean name, to let them legal? Thanks.
  3. Sorry I've difficulties with english, how I can check my pokemon, just to have this: http://i55.tinypic.com/wvsgg1.png ? I obligatory need an account on your fake gts site and sent .pkm? Thx.
  4. I'm impatient to choose an eeveelution from this pre-evo.
  5. Yes, and it cost a lot much than 800yen if you import them, and you can get 2 times the same pokemon (or I don't understand how to choose). I've them but I promise to not upload/trade them, they"re not simply pokemon when you paid for it. Also I can't check your DW, because actually we don't have the right stuff to correctly check pokemon in 5G, and it's really easy to make a perfect-hack.
  6. Does it works in wifi? I don't think so. oO'
  7. Newbie question: Is it possible to see if a shiny pokemon was generated by pokesav/gen/AR? I assume they're badly hacked, without hexadecimal... Thanks by advance.
  8. I'm totally noob to this, I've some questions: 1) Isn't supposed to be 8 valids Jirachi? I don't know how, but 8x8192= your 65536 2) If you don't know Ivs/Pid, is it possible to see what nature are legit for shiny jirachi? I got only careful/docile for example. 3) What is the slot encounter for an egg, and for this jirachi? Thanks. ^^
  9. I don't think so... Because they aren't in the legal.exe database, it can't recognize them, but I don't know what verdict it needs, if a guy have them legit I can pass my french zigzagons for check. ^^'
  10. Hello, I've a question. I want to know if french berry glitch zigzagoon really exists? I got one of each with french name (zigzaton) and rubis/saphir, but one pass "hacked berry glitch" on legit, and the second is "unknow gba type". Wait... How I can check them now? x)
  11. Ok, thanks kaphotics for this information.
  12. Hello! I know trade in-game couldn't be shiny. But is it the same for egg gift? Ex: Riolu could be shiny from Riley? Thanks. ^^
  13. Wow, really nice tut, I'll try it when I've time and post results.
  14. My contribution, I will try female Croagunk tomorrow. Kangaskhan XenoX DW female.pkm
  15. Hello, I forget again one time, for a pokemon from emerald for exemple, the secret ID will be always '0' or it will be a correct secret ID? Also when does it will be 0, like for some events? Thx.
  16. I'm having a new question, never found response about this. You know pokemon are scripted, and individuals by their PID. My question is: Is it possible to change information with a replacement by a real PID? Exemple: You got a calm ratata lvl 3. You know the PID of one shiny adamant ratata. If you exchange their PID, the calm ratata could be a 'legit shiny adamant ratata'? Thx. ^^
  17. Sure, but here the trashbyte are invalide. Is it possible to get invalide trashbyte for an 'unknow gba', or is it oblivious an hack?
  18. Does the legality checker check the old wish gba? Is it normal to get this with an event, normally 'legit' ?
  19. I've only the .pgt file sorry. Little question about this: With a korean .pgt, does we need obliviously a korean game to download it legit? Or it will be in korean on my american heart gold? Thx.
  20. Nice tut Oxnite! I've a question: How do you insert sprite, example I want to create a new pokemon. I edited his text, weight etc... But where I can insert sprite in .png to see it ingame? Thx. ^^
  21. That's good it works. I didn't work because I loaded on my cheat database old codes, sorry I've never used cheat on acekard 2i. Thank you very much.
  22. Thx. But I tried it, and it doesn't work. Does it work at your home?
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