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  1. Use ram2sav to export ramsav.bin (check the sticky thread in this same forum), open it with PKHeX, import your WC6 file in the desired slot by editing the Card Album (Wondercard button found under the PC editing window), export your edited ramsav, import it back on your cartridge via ram2sav.
  2. Thanks for this awesome tool! =) could a version of this be used to export wondercards to the SD card? I have several Italian wondercards on my Y/OR cartridges but no means to export/contribute them to this forum at the moment =)
  3. The Legality Checker doesn't support Gen V Pokémon, and it's unlikely they'll be ever supported. After the shift to Gen V, any Gen IV Pokémon will keep its original PID. Gen V PID generation methods are only for Pokémon originated from B/W.
  4. The guide has been updated to the latest beta/recent Pokémon Events (Snarl Zoroark). Dr. Geek: All zeroes count as even . Hayate: That is quite strange. If you've set everything as you've described, it should work. Could you provide me with a *.pkm file, so I can check it?
  5. Could you please provide a *.pkm file, so I can check it? Shloopie: Thank you so much!
  6. To edit existing Pokèmon, just open a *.pkm file. It'll work even if you've already opened a save file. To edit a Pokémon already present in the save file, right click on the Pokémon's icon -> View. To apply changes, right click -> Set. PokéSav makes you edit your Trainer's data, money, and item, and I guess it's good for this basic edits. For more complex things (Pokémon and WonderCard importing/editing), I strongly suggest to use PokéGen and Grovyle91's PMGE, respectively.
  7. I've updated the guide describing how to make a Pokémon seem obtained from the Dream World, and I've expanded the part about Dream World Abilities as well. The guide is now updated to the latest PokéGen version. The Golux: If you're editing a Gen V *.pkm file, then yes, PID is only related to Ability, so you can freely edit its IVs and Nature. Of course you can edit all these values in PokéSav, but... Let me put it this way: using PokéSav is like insisting on cutting bread with an old, dull-bladed butcher knife without a proper handle, and refusing to use the shiny brand-new bread knife in front of you. PokéGen is that shiny new tool.
  8. Uhm, point your mouse over the 'Happiness' field in the 'Main' tab, and the tooltip will appear.
  9. If the issue lies in the 'Met' tab, check if you've set its Location as 'Guidance Chamber' -- it shouldn't be 'Mistralton Cave' like commonly found on resources like Bulbapedia, Serebii, etc.
  10. dlb: They're locations used while playing on Entralink. Use their 'standard' versions when generating Pokémon.
  11. JerkyGunner: My bad! I'll correct the guide now.
  12. It's been badly generated by someone who looked Cobalion's Met Location on Serebii, not knowing that it's imprecise. It shouldn't be 'Mistralton Cave', but 'Guidance Chamber' (which is a part of the Mistralton Cave). He shouldn't know Light Screen either, since that Move isn't even in his moveset. [insert user name here]: As far as Pokémon legality is concerned, there are no exceedingly good Pokémon. A Pokémon either is legal, or isn't.
  13. Susej: You must Right Click on the Pokémon's icon in the Box or Party -> Set to make changes permanent. ACKilla: It doesn't.
  14. Before saving or doing anything else, right click on your Pokémon's icon in the Box or Party -> Set. Otherwise any change will be reverted to the original data.
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