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  1. I am currently working on making mass changes to my Ultra Sun file in preparation for an Egglocke I am doing with my friend. I am rather new to this Batch Editor, so I am not sure if all the desired changes can be done at once or not. I will include a .text with desired changes (I did some research to make sure that the data values were at least correct) and the default .main file before changes. Here is a paste of the lines I want to implement: Basically, I want them all in an egg with random PID and Encryption Constant with Hatch Counter down to zero. No nicknames while they are all in pokeballs obtained at the default daycare in US. Trainer location is Louisiana, United States. Any suggestions on how to implement these changes would be appreciated. If I have to do multiple batch edits or even make some of the changes manually, that would be ok too. This would save me a LOT of time and patience if I could get the hang of batch editor. Thanks in advance! TeamRocketCollector's Egglocke_US.zip
  2. @Issei Takeru Got caught up with work and was tired after. Late of course, but here is a spare along with a delibird that happened to have a surprise infection with Pokerus in my Ultra Moon. It happened in game and I didn't realize it until I was done spamming the A button at the Pokemon Center so no proof. But if you pull it up in PKHeX it will come up as legal, so I guess that is best I can do with proof for now. Was the best surprise in Pokemon I had in a while. 225 - Delibird - 3FA50AFCEDCF.pk7 741-02 - Oricorio - D8CF9AF1EC52.pk7
  3. Sure i can hook you up. I will have it ready by tomorrow if you are willing to wait
  4. You are looking for recommended set or just a .pk7 file of one? @Issei Takeru
  5. Bugs are common in the dark and it doesn't affect their life? Best I can come up with. For example someone made a theory on the weaknesses of Psychic. Dark, bug, ghosts can cause fear, which affects our mind in a variety of ways, hence why they became weaknesses to Psychic. Dark does not affect bugs in any way, rather some even thrive in it. Seeing as Dark needed weaknesses, it comes to reason to see why that would be one of the more logical types to have as weakness.
  6. No problem, happy to help. Any other questions let me know.
  7. Sorry I posted wrong link @JISN[064]. This link is what i meant, which consists of discovered ball changes in inheritance. This other link shows more useful links on reddit. Sorry for confusion. I hope this helps
  8. You are welcome. Goes to show how long it has been since I visited here on regular basis. I had no idea SciresM had something like that or about the NTR dumps. Appreciate the heads up and happy collecting
  9. I had researched the ball shop in past and found out no way to buy the apricorn balls even at the ball shops via Festival Plaza. At most you can only ever get two of each in USUM. I am trying to get the ideal shop setup of items I cannot get anywhere else or that would be easier to get (example being bottle caps). Any items I can get already in game any time or that do things I can do for free at PokePelego, then I do not want them as we can only ever get seven facilities max. Also I am curious why get all these dye shops when we can just use berries? I am also unsure of the significance of what trainer is in charge of a facility unless it doesnt matter. Back on Join Avenue in gen 5 it did matter but may not now
  10. To be legal, you will need to do research. What pokemon amd what generation? What can it ACTUALLY learn as egg moves together? Is it a real egg move? Use resources such as bulbapedia or serebii to find out. It will constantly give you errors until you make them egg moves in relearn section they can actually have as egg moves. I noticed you did not specify which egg moves you are attempting, what pokemon or generation it belongs to. You need to research to see what is legal, as in what it can actually get as egg moves in game.
  11. I figured. Good to know, thanks. For future reference, did I provide the necessary files and info for it? This is my first attempt at contributing an event and wanted to be sure it was at least the correct way.
  12. Does anyone know the ideal festival plaza setup? Does it really matter what trainer is in what facility? I personally wish they would bring back PSS and think this is worse than Join Avenue in B2W2, but i want to make the most of it. Any help with this amd guides to get ideal setup that wont be useless would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Odd question. But what did you use for game screenshot and to show the pokemon data like you did in your post? There are some pokemon I would like to contribute and love the format you are using for your in-game contributions to appear like they do in-game.
  14. I got my hands on a code for Marshadow on Pokemon Moon via serial code passed out at Gamestop. I'm unsure what "TW Serial Event" means, but if this one I got in America is what you need, I can give you the required files. I did not take photos of me inputting the actual serial code, but I can provide the files for examination to confirm authenticity. I have a .sav with it as well before picking it up at the pokemon center. If this is something you have, then please disregard this. I'm quite new to these event contributions and hope I had understood enough to help out if I am able. Edit: please disregard as I now realize the dates do not match up, therefor obviously not correct event. Makes sense as the NA events would likely be first to be contributed. Please let me know if my post is done correctly so I may know for future contribution attempts. Card # 0626 - Mythical Marshadow!.wc7
  15. I had forgotten about the VC. They did and I can think of how great your videos would be. Someone knowledgeable about computers, tech, pkhex, coding, and more. There is limitless potential to what you can do now on youtube with what you know. Plus you can link to ProjectPokemon, which could bring in more members, though I doubt you guys are ever short (though I have no idea as I am just now getting back to being active). I can definitely say I would be a subscriber and look forward to new content. Only thing you may be pestered about is a number of people asking, as a wise Kaphotics says, "how to hack." But that shouldn't be a big deal. You might even make videos on how to build a good rig if that is something you are interested in. Like I said though, limitless potential. Guides/tutorials/feedback/etc on any tech, coding, or pokemon. It is up to you really.
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