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  1. In Find The Error, Hit & Give Legendary Pok'emon
  2. Magnets Will Take The Power From Things Electronically
  3. I'm not Exactly sure What Pok'efarm Is
  4. Banning Tbird Because He Is Cool & Listens To Rock music
  5. Friday Night Smackdown, Monday Night Raw
  6. 5H4D0W

    DS Stylus

    Never Really Lost Mine Because I Always Found It If I Missed Placed It
  7. this Has Been Something That I Have Been Waiting For Awesome Hand Held 3d
  8. Cyndaquil That's What I chose On Gold, Silver, Crystal & Fire Is My favorite
  9. Old Because That's Where It All Began & It Brings Back Memories Without The Old We Wouldn't Be Where We Are Today
  10. Blaine Because I Love Fire Types & Enjoy showing Him That His Are Incredibly Weak
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