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  1. Well, Kyurem being branded as the strongest dragon pokemon is a big claim(at least in the movie or just in Unova).... So I don't know how much there is more for Kyurem as of the moment. So back to the topic....Black/White Kyurem will slap Palkia and Dialga silly.......speculation(???)
  2. Hmhm...Interesting thread, interesting theories about my favorite Legendary pokemon in Unova.(Shpeal and Vanillite will spit on this Pokemon's face) Well well here it goes: -In the Black/White sequel(which I think is more likely to be on 3DS), Ghestis is out to find Kyurem and be a bu** kicking villain once again. -In the near future, Gamefreak will learn from their mistake(S) and have Kyurem learn Sheer cold, Frost breath and have Glaciate be like Blue Flare and Bolt Strike('coz it's super weak or if not possible, make it that it Freezes whenever it hits). Make it have storm warning for an ability instead of the really (dare I say) pressure. -Kyurem may be related to Reshiram and Zekrom, but is neither up to ideals and truths. Or maybe it has, just that it has a different point of view than the other two. I have a lot racing in my mind, I just have to wait till it's there. I had high hopes for Kyurem even a year ago. So I hope they make something so that Kyurem will be impressive like the other two. (I hope they don't name it Grey)
  3. Hmm.. the only part I think meowth messed up is the hind part. Maybe he got a bit lazy and just wanted to finish the colors. But over all I appreciate his style like the effects of light as seen in its bulb. I think he's more of a oil pastel guy(boy or what ever he/she is). Color pencil is very nice to color with. I usually have a heavy hand when writing, but I ease up when using colored pencils. My usual style is going at in diagonal strokes and it seem fine.
  4. Granted, but you were too happy owning evandixon in Halo Reach, a magical meteor crashed only on your xbox. I wish there was a paper plate on every household's doorstep.
  5. Let's see...in no particular favorite order. -Grand Theft Auto IV & San Andreas -Sims 2-3 with all expansions -Pokemon (main series games) -Diablo (all) -Naruto (i actually forgot their whole titles but they're for the ps2 and then ps3 respectively) -Wii sports
  6. Wow very nice drawing. My first pokemon drawing was eevee, and it's somewhat decent. I can draw other stuff but I'm not good at drawing person looking drawings. Hey can you draw meloetta too?
  7. Sunny day caught my attention(is that really what I'm doing right now?). What I meant to say was I only took a little less time...nah you know what is said. And reading Sunny day's (intentional) misinterpreting of my message. Well, yeah it's hard to keep up with the recent posts. But I'm thankful that PP's forums are much easier to use than others that I know(not that I want to say anything bad about it). And thinking and typing is something I'm also doing right now.
  8. Yep. Just like Sunny day(the person not far above). I recently recovered my password, though it only lasted a few minutes till I noticed. And still I missed the PP community and I will check on my account when I'm not busy. Right now I'm checking recent topics.
  9. i almost kinda feel sorry for the dragon/ice combination Kyuremu(i really liked it). compared to it's "brothers" Reshiram and Zekrom which which gamefreak gave 2 signatures moves each (Powerful!!...<echoes>). And poor kyuremu only gets one measly frozen world(Spheal will laugh at this guy). But maybe the infos are not yet complete so maybe kyuremu can still get a shot(or not) And im still kinda hoping for an anti arceus. i know we all feel that #649 Genosekuto is not really the final pokemon in the pokedex but a more powerful one. Anyway with the recent halt on pics of black and white i kinda forgot of how the others look.
  10. i was kinda hoping for a dragon/dark legendary but it's alright. and as expected there's another dragon legendary other than reshiram and zekrom. And i think my hopes for an arceus counter part are maybe done for good. Who says that no one was born with nothing on 'em. (#538, #539) #558= cousin of bastiodon
  11. Glad i can help. Ok so i just remembered that i traded to my legit HOO arceus to my friend. Just to try another theory if ever the real legitimate HoO arceus can send me to shinto ruins the third time. So I'll be barging in his house later to test that. till then i'm going try different theories so we can all go there 3 times.
  12. Ok, so i was really happy to see your post coz' it made me want to try out what can be than about this. So as of now i have gone to shinto ruins 2 times and managed to get Palkia and Dialga(coz i want to save Giratina for last). So i got the japanese Arceus(This Arceus made the Palkia) and i pokesaved an Arceus to make it look as if it were caught in hall of origin in Platinum coz' i cannot trade my hall of origin(HOO) Arceus in my Soulsilver coz it's kinda late here in my place so im kinda sleepy. Anyways im just not sure if the pokesaved arceus (just like i did) and the real HOO arceus and together with your movie arceus will be enough for you to make it there 3 times. Or if you manage to get another arceus from another event coz i think there were 4......the MICHINA(actually there's 2 of that), TRU and the japanese just like mine... i dunno if having different sources of arceus makes it count as another arceus that will send you to shinto ruins. Just to make it easy, the pokesaved arceus that i had which made me go back to shinto ruins was obviously the only one that was successful. I tried various things with the other arceus(OT, ID , Secret Id , place met or that thing just above when editing movesets.....ex.sinnoh platinum or johto soulsilver or anything) so don't bother to make another pokesaved arceus coz it will not work again. Anyways, during your first attempt to S.ruins with arceus, there will be person there in alphs and talk to you then your character follows the man to ruins of alphs then immediately you will be in the S.ruins. So cynthia is there and babbles about things (fastforward) then you chose your desired pokemon and went back to johto.(this is how i remember the 1st encounter and of course you have already done this bit) The second attempt would be like this; when you go to alphs with the HOO arceus(or in my case i used the pokesaved one), the man will not tell you anything about S.ruins. Instead go to down to where he took you or the main ruins of alphs. Once you go down you will be immediately transported again to S.ruins only this time cynthia is not around so go choose your legendary dragon in the respective circle sign thing there. once you have chosen your dragon you will again be back in johto again. So like i said i have only gone in S.ruins as of now but i'll try to test the remaining theories so anyone capable can access Shinto Ruins 3 times. I hope this post was helpful to you.
  13. So most of the time maybe people tend to like the region of their first pokemon game. just like me i like johto coz silver was my first game. so if i were to rank them it would be "Johto, Sinnoh, Kanto, Hoenn". well this doesn't mean i hate hoenn. and maybe there are people like me who are sentimental(nostalgic) maybe that's why they prefer the old generation's stuff/thingy. even gamefreak added the GB sounds for HGSS. well if hoenn was bigger maybe it will be all better. but i love it's mysteries too. it is because of the gen3 game that i sharpened my RPG gamer instincts. i mean not all of pokemaniacs around knew how to hunt the regis. oh.. just to share.. one time i played my FR on my ds and it is like WT*. it looked so lame in terms of graphics. technology sure is fast.
  14. you can also delete the SAV file when you open your sd card from your pc. i prefer that method coz sometimes my game just resets and not really deleting the game save. so anyone with the same problem can use this method as an alternative.
  15. ok if there is a possibility of another trio of dragons i'm still betting on Dragon/Dark. But if ever they make it just a Dragon type maybe it's fine. because previous combinations made dragons more prone to OHKO(dragon/flying dragon/ground) Psychc/Dark type is another choice. hope they make one. hey danika294 i was supposed to post first. but seriously gamefreak has to think about more moves that will be available to most pokemon to counter those wonder guard dark/ghost types of mean people. coz not everybody is prepared to counter them most of the time
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