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  1. As of right now, if one inserts a number higher than 255 for Pikachu's Friendship in Yellow, they have to close and re-open the Trainer Data Editor to see the change. It's a rather trivial thing really, but I just thought it would be more user-friendly if the value autoset to 255 if the user inserted a number higher than 255 without having to close and re-open the window just to see if it worked. As the TID, PokéDollars and Coins already do this, it would also be more consistent. EDIT: Also, if the user deletes all the digits in the box, it should be replaced with a 0.
  2. Minor Bug

    Really sorry for wasting your time. I saw this but didn't realise it fixed this bug.
  3. Minor Bug

    Minor bug, but Ctrl + Click on the Level Box doesn't do anything anymore. It should max out the Pokémon's Level.
  4. Pkhex error

  5. Pkhex error

    I believe I have the same error. I tried installing .NET Framework 4.7 but it didn't do jack, though that might be because I uninstalled .NET Framework 4.6.2 too. Please help ASAP.
  6. RBY Golbat and Screech

    Thanks for the fix.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, but I was genning a Spearow at Level 2 from Route 46 in Crystal, but it is marked as illegal and PKHeX gives me the title error. Not only that, I also checked with several early-game Pokémon and they were all marked as illegal with the title error. Here's the .pkm file. 021 - SPEAROW - B7D6.pk2
  8. Problems with pkhex help

    I'm going to take a guess and ask if you've installed .NET Framework 4.6, found here.
  9. Bug: RBY Screech has 0 PP (when maxed out to 3 PP Ups)

    UPDATE: I've found that the bug only occurs when I give the move 3 PP Ups. If I give it 2 or less PP Ups, it retains its PP when the file is re-opened.
  10. Another Screech issue, this time with PP. When I edit a Pokémon like say, Persian, and give it Screech, the move has 0 PP when I reopen the .pkm file. 053 - PERSIAN - 09A9.pk1
  11. RBY Golbat and Screech

    I thought so. RBY Golbat with Screech is not illegal, after all. This should be fixed in PKHeX.
  12. RBY Golbat and Screech

    A few days ago I posted this at the PKHeX GitHub errors page. I asked why Golbat with Screech is marked as illegal in PKHeX. I accepted the answer and thanked the responder. However, as Smogon recommends Screech on Golbat for its moveset here, I decided to look again at Golbat's RBY learnset on Bulbapedia as well as the Levels you can obtain him at in the Seafoam Islands, and I still don't think I understand. If Golbat can be caught at Level 27 in the wild—which is the lowest Level it can be caught in those games—it should have Screech, as well as Bite, Supersonic and Confuse Ray. PKHeX recommends Leech Life when I click on the box surrounding the moves, but according to Bulbapedia Leech Life comes before Screech on the learnset, meaning Leech Life should be overridden by Confuse Ray if you catch Golbat at Level 27 in the wild, not Screech. I'm confused.
  13. Any way to EV/Base Stat Train and have a Pokémon gain Exp. in PKHeX

    Sorry for the double-post again, but I've actually made a (admittedly extremely crude) Base Stat/EV Calculator in LibreOffice Calc, a free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Office Excel. It calculates Base Stats for the first two generations (in Gen II, Special Base Stats are calculated from the defeated Pokémon's Sp. Attack stat) and EVs for future generations. I can't figure out how to make an Exp. calculator as the formula is too complicated for my simple brain and changes with each generation. I have tried, but to no avail. So Metalkid and Psypoke it is. I have, however, sent a request to Metalkid in hopes for correcting the error with his Exp. Calculator. There! Now I feel like I've actually accomplished something. pokemon base stat-ev calculator.ods
  14. Any way to EV/Base Stat Train and have a Pokémon gain Exp. in PKHeX

    I apologize for this idea. I don't think I took into account just how complicated this would be. It seems this won't happen. Oh well. Game Over, I guess.