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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanna know if you can play pokemon home, which requires an internet connection, while banned? edit: Also, I’m not banned yet, but can I redownload the pokehome app that is on my homepage ready for download and be okay ban ish wise?
  2. Gotcha hopefully they see this soon and can fill me in on what they did to make it work
  3. Just got home from work, about to check my game while running CFW and see what the state of the save is in. Also I saw a thread where you helped a guy out who had a similar problem, if not the same problem, as I did, can you go into specifics as to what the solution was? There was talks of having this person reformat their SD and redo the hacking process over again but you told the person that would be the last option and I would definitely not want to have to redo the hacking process again if I don’t have to but I’ll post a link to the thread now
  4. Okay, this sucks lol, I’m at work rn but when I get home in a few hours I’ll try and run the game and see what happens, also is there any way to resync them? 1 last thing though, when I was in CFW last night trying to do this, I noticed a cloud symbol above my sword game and there is usually a cartridge is this an issue as well in anyway you think?
  5. Sorry about that slayer, I just made an account and am new to posting stuff in forums so bear with me please. However, yes I am trying to back up my OFW save in CFW checkpoint. Do I need to start up sword while in CFW, Save my game, go into checkpoint and back up the save that way?
  6. Question for any that can help, I can’t get checkpoint to backup the correct save on Sword. The save backs up but it isn’t the correct save, it’s like it backs up a save from a couple days ago or something. It doesn’t have the pokemon in the boxes like it does in game when I go to pkhex. Attached will be a photo of what i see in checkpoint
  7. Hi everyone I have a question for anyone that can help. Been using cfw pkhex on my 3ds and it's been working fine. However I am now trying to do it on my Switch and Checkpoint will back up my save properly but when I plug in my SD card into my Computer and load the save into PKHeX the save that loads is a save that was saved shortly before I tried to hex where I went into pokemon home and transferred some mon over to Sword and released some from my sword bank. I went into sword after homr and the mon were there so I saved and proceeded to do the hexing process and like I said checkpoint backs up my sword save with the mon that were released still in it and the transfer mon not there. I'm very lost and any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. idk if it matters but there is a cloud symbol where sword game is when I boot up cfw to load homebrew and stuff. It asks me to download "necessary data" but an error occurs when I try and download this data and an error occurs, idk if it"s because I'm in incognito mode and 90dns but when I boot to stock fw it shows the cartridge and I can play the game fine please help lol
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