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  1. I have got Pokémon sun is it enough to complete the Living dex as said I already have galar dex so Shuld I compusolrily get ultra ver
  2. Final got a deal for 3ds xl and bought a ultra sun will start work on them tommrow evening after collecting them. Thanks for all updates everyone
  3. Bulbasaur,wartortle,squirtle,ivysaur,charmeleo,troxtricity all square shiny noting modded please note pkhex is still showing illegal as the event started today and phhex is yet to be updated: sid,tid ,pid (rerolled,but note that I caught them as ultra shiny not rerolled for ultra),otname have been changed for privacy My first contribution any feedback is appreciated. (removed)
  4. thanks slayer anyways i am aganist piracy so will buy
  5. Ok thanks for all the response I will buy a used 3ds with ultra sun /ultra moon one more qq Shuld I buy both copies. Of the game or one is fine as I will be anyway but playing the game but just find out a save file with all mons
  6. I am new to Pokémon I have a living dex in swsh now when the home released my aim was to complete the National dex but some event/ mythical mond are not allowed to trade currently I have almost 700 unique mons .... but in order to get this mons I understood only way is to have an old game with legacy console play and move them via bank to home ER.. but I cannot do the playing part as I dnt have that kind of time so I have the following question for the best path to get this mons to home 1 , I see some people are selling the relavent cartridges with all mons + event mon
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