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The only legal multi-language Shiny Mew


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So, a few months ago was the Pokemon GO Kanto Tour event. For a single day, a ticket was able to be purchased that gave the special research "Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto" that when completed then unlocked the special research "All-in-One #151". Upon finishing the final page, the reward is a Shiny Mew. As I understand it, Mew is able to be transferred to Pokemon Home, which would make this the first (and only) Shiny Mew that can legally be obtained in any language for use in current-gen games. That, and it is the first Shiny Mew available since Gen 3.

All that said, the requirements in PoGO to get it are pretty big (such as completing the Kanto Dex and later reaching Lv. 40), let alone the fact that only those people who purchased the ticket on that day even have the ability to ever catch it.

Is there any intention to supply a base .pk8 file of this Shiny Mew, since while not a SwSh Event, it effectively an Event Pokemon (and fairly exclusive at that). I would submit mine... if I had caught mine already (I'm at only lv. 38/40 in PoGO) and had a way to extract the file once transferred (I can't say I'm willing to risk compromising my only Switch at this time).

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