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  1. ok thanks, I don't do those things, so I should be calm ... I give everyone 510 EVS but I have never had any problems and all the pokemon are marked as LEGAL (except toxtricity modest melody form that I have changed with mint legally in the game but which pkhex detects as not legal) but sorry, say I am being fooled into putting skills that I shouldn't or doing other fools, what risk?
  2. thanks for the excellent explanation. what do you mean by stupid save editing??? I don't have home and I will always do pokemon with track all 0 for my friends
  3. we know that nobody is an employee of game freak or Nintendo, but what kind of risk is there for using pkhex? removed online from account? (so if i have another internet account on the switch can i use it?) ban of the switch in general so goodbye online from this console? when you write the word "but ban" with pkhex, what do you mean?
  4. Penso che sia perché i pokemon nati da uova possono avere solo pokeball how did you get the ultra shiny?
  5. ah ok so I take the pokemon, I set it as I want, I put track 00000000000, import it in pkmn home and then bring it back on sword shield, but then I can have many copies all the same with the same tracking or will they be canceled because the track will be the same? so any pokemon, putting 0 as home tracking, becomes potentially "legal" and not bannable? can pokemon also play it competitive with 0 as tracking or ban for this???
  6. i no longer have the 3ds and i only have pokemon sword shield. for this reason I asked if it was possible to have multiple copies with pkhex of the same legendary lawyers that I could also give to my friends without incurring in unwanted ban or disappearances of the pokemon
  7. Hello to all I would like to inquire about the legendary new ones, I downloaded the file with all the legendaries from the site download. I would like to ask how to get them as legal as possible ... I speak of: Necrozma, Solgaleo, Lunala Marshadow Zeraora, Melmetal Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion, Celebi, Mewtwo Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem Keldeo As for incineroar, primarina and decidueye it was easy to make them 100% legal ... I made them lay eggs at the nursary and I have them 100% safe, Different is for the legendaries that I cannot reproduce them ... I b
  8. yes sorry, cheat legal. but does pk8 without bank or home have ban implications or not? perhaps, however, it is still unknown, better to wait I guess...
  9. to be cheat legit, does the pokemon necessarily have to go through the home/bank? if I imported it as .pk8 from the pc on my sword save without pass to the bank, wouldn't it be considered legit exchangeable and giftable to my friends?
  10. thanks a lot! so are all the pokemon in this folder legit? do not risk ban to put them in the switch and trade them to my friend? (is possible change the nick in game?) besides these pokemon is it possible to have others or are these all possible currently?
  11. Hello everyone, I will be direct and go to the point. I have a switch (modified with kosmos but for a while I only play original sysnand stock), in the sysnand stock I played pokemon sword and I go online quietly. I want to extract the save from the original switch to modify it with pkhax (I need the main file inside the save with encrypted code 000000000000f1). With the guide I used to move the save from emummc to sys (with biskeydump, memloader and hacdiskmount). I entered the save folder of the switch and through the extracting tool I arrived at the main file and modified it with pkhex,
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