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  1. well, im not into battleing, but i think it might be a good idea not necessarily for ladders, but the occasional tourny, maybe have one for the more dedicated battler and one for the casual/noob battler like myself. i dont have the first clue on how to raise a competitive poke. im one of those ppl who just play the game and try's to "catch em all" , but i would be interested in learning if there was a very easy to understand guide that was geared towards the noobs, detailing the intricatsies of raising and training. i dont even really know what IV's and EV's are. i mean i do but i dont quite understand them. i get the principal of it but i dunno, i just never took the time to learn.
  2. damio is right, pp is a general pokemon site. sabersite one of the mods is making pokemod, which will be better then pokesav. there will be forums and information about usage etc for pokemod, but the point of the site is not pokemod nor pokesav but as has been said just pokemon all around, the video games, tcg, anime, mange (i guess), movies, etc. as im not one of the mods i cant say for certain, but there may still be one board open for pokesav for those who will not change, but i hightly doubt it.
  3. pokemod will surpass and make obsolete pokesav upon its release. it will probably do it upon its alpha and beta release really. i forsee that as soon as a public beta is made available (if there is one) or a final release, pokesav will scramble to try and patch/add the features implemented into pokemod.
  4. what it was, was originally in japan they had red and green. when it came out in the US it was changed to red and blue and there were various tweaks and bug fixes, as well as improved sprites. japan later recived there blue, using the update game, the same as our blue. this is why the remakes are called fire red and leaf green, to go along with the original releases.
  5. sweet. this will be my first "legit" event. now i just have to remember to actually do it.
  6. good god man, use [.spoiler][./spoiler] tags. and why do you have two posts full of this same crap?
  7. another system that got left off Sega Saturn, if you had a setup to play imports, you had some of the best games out hands down, if you liked capcom fighters that is. tsk tsk. someone didnt really think about all the great systems. i think this poll needs to be remade with these great systems in it. oh yeah, turbographix 16. that was a pretty good system to, maybe not the best but it was fun. another forgotten relic of days past : 3DO.
  8. now see, something like what mr fuji said may actually get me interested to play this. that COULD be fun. i used to have allnighter on the DC with pso doing the same sorta thing. speakin of pso, cant wait for ps0 to get a stateside release, i didnt much like trying to play the japanese one.
  9. i actually am quite in love with the new site, BUT then again i was only one the old one for all of about a day before the change so i never really got a chance to fall in love with it. also i think this is way better since there are talented ppl here who are doing things to overshadow what pokesav is or will ever be.
  10. well if i ever get done or tired of playing platinum i may play this. i dont know if it will hold my attention tho. the last one i played for all of maybe 5 mins, probably not even that. and i didnt much play on the gamecube either.
  11. i dont hacking really has anything to do with being able to get into the tournament. they have to limit the amount of participants i would imagine and there has to be some way that they do that, either random drawings/lottery or something.
  12. drobb


    yeah im a lurker but for some reason, i havent been doing much lurking and more posting then normal. go figure.
  13. hi, im another noob as well. actually i was a member of the old forum for exactly 1 day before it got locked. lol
  14. i like this fact. i hate having to register for multiple things for the same site. altho i doubt much if i will post on the wiki, im pretty dumb really when it comes to writing up stuff like that but i might make a few posts on the forum.
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